The Barham Siblings

The Children of
Daniel & Madolin Louis Reichenbach Barham

Barbara Barham Jones with husband, 
Richard, & daughter, Julie
  • Barbara Lee Barham Jones
  • Born: Apr 20, 1934
  • Married: William H. O'Day of Annapolis, Md, on Nov 14, 1953 (Divorced: Dec, 1953)
  • Child: Daniel Lee (Dee) O'Day born: Sept 28, 1954, died: Jun 25, 1972
  • Married: Richard Augustus Gerard Jones, Jr. of Annapolis, Md, on Dec 13, 1957
  • Child: Julia Ann Jones born: Jun 6, 1959

Barbara and her husband, Richard (Sonny), are long-time residents of Sylvan Shores, Riva, Md.

Her daughter Julia Ann (Julie) lives in the area with her husband, William (Billy) Michael Svolos, and their daughter, Stacie Ann, who was born on Sept 6, 1995.

Barbara's hobbies and pastimes are genealogy research, spending time with her grand-daughter Stacie, and shopping for almost anything that she can find. Sonny retired in late 2002 after working 49 years at Thomas Somerville Company.

In Memorium:

Barbara's beloved husband, Sonny Jones, passed away on October 28th., 2006. Services were held on November 1st. at the Davidsonville United Methodist Church followed by interment at Hillcrest Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland.

"And God will raise you up on the wings of eagles"

  • Daniel Barham, Jr.
  • Born: Sept 5, 1937
  • Married: Shirley Ann Bennett of Annapolis, Md, on Sept 27, 1959
  • Children:
    Daniel Barham, III born: Sept 12, 1960
    David Barham born: Sept 12, 1960 (stillborn)

Danny, Shirley, Sammy and I now reside in Conway, Arkansas, after spending most of our lives in the Washington, DC, - Baltimore, MD, corridor.

Shirley and I both spent much of our careers with major automotive companies in the Washington, DC, area, I as an Area Service Manager for Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors and Shirley as a Receptionist for Volkswagen of America. I finished my career as an Automotive Consultant and retired in 2000. Shirley was employed as the Administrative Assistant (Team Mom) for Women's Basketball at the United States Naval Academy. She loved her position there but, after struggling with the decision for several months, retired in December of 2003.

Daniel Barham, III, was born with Ataxia, a form of Cerebral Palsy. While Daniel resides with his parents he manages to maintain a reasonably normal lifestyle in spite of his handicap (Speech and hand coordination). In 2002 Daniel acquired a little Lhasa Apso puppy and named it Samson, soon to be "Sam" or Sammy". Sammy has won the hearts of the entire family and, essentially, runs the household.

My hobbies and pastimes are photography (now digital), writing short stories of fiction and non-fiction (although never published), gardening, bass fishing, genealogy, computers (digital imagery, etc.) and reading history and mystery novels. Shirley is also a genealogist and her database is outstanding.

Update: Our family moved to Conway, Arkansas, in June of 2005, looking for a retirement community that was less congested than the Washington - Baltimore corridor. Conway is a small college town of 50,000, nestled in central Arkansas, twenty miles north of Little Rock. By Christmas of that year we had settled into the slower, more relaxed lifestyle.

  • Bonita Lou Barham Marinelli
  • Born: Nov 20, 1938
  • Married: Robert Frederick White: date unknown (Divorced: date unknown)
  • Married: Maxie Joseph Marinelli, Jr. in Nov, 1965
  • Child: Lisa Ann Marinelli born: Mar 24, 1968

Bonnie and Maxie are long-time residents of Davidsonville, Md. Maxie sold his business and retired in 2002.Bonnie's hobbies and interests are shopping and her granddaughter. Maxie is interested in computers, digital cameras and almost anything mechanical.

  • Gail Elizabeth Barham Kirkland
  • Born: Apr 21, 1940
  • Married: Robert Lester Ross of Annapolis, Md, on Apr 20, 1958 (Divorced: date unknown)
  • Children: Robert Lester Ross, Jr born: Oct 21, 1958
    Cheryl Ann Ross born: Feb 3, 1963
    Kelly Ann Ross born: Feb 10, 1964
    Tracy Lynn Ross born: December 17, 1968
    Christina Louise Ross born: Jun 20, 1971
  • Married: Anthony Kirkland of Clearwater, Fl, in 1988

Gail and Anthony reside in Clearwater, Fl. Gail's children reside relatively nearby and she enjoys spending as much time as possible with them and her grandchildren.

Gail's hobbies are genealogy, art, collecting (various things), computers and, of course, her grand-children. She maintains several websites relating to her many interests.

  • William Hayward Barham
  • Born: Mar 18, 1948
  • Married: Nancy Lee Tyler of Edgewater, Md, on Sept 14, 1974

Billy is a career employee with the U.S. Post Office and is contemplating retirement after thirty years of service. Nancy has been employed for many years at a local veteranary clinic. He and Nancy have resided in Edgewater on the South River for their entire married life. They both enjoy sitting by their pool, reading and relaxing. Their "children" are their two golden retrievers, Sandy and Buddy, and their two Siamese cats, Rocky and "The Coco Lee".

Bill's hobbies are genealogy, reading history and mystery novels, dog training and bass fishing.

  • Donald Richard Barham
  • Born: Mar 20, 1952
  • Married: Donna Rae Dean of Northeast, Md, on Mar 1, 1981 (Divorced: date unknown)
  • Child: Brandy Rae Barham born: Mar 13, 1982
  • Married: Leanne Rodriguez about 1992 (wife died in auto accident about 1995)
  • Child: Kelly Ann Barham born: about 1993

Donnie and his daughter Kelly Ann reside in Florida, having moved there from Chicago after the tragic death of his wife in an automobile accident.

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