The following very briefly covers our genealogy before Charles Barham came to Virginia in 1653. It covers the period from the twelth century and Richard Fitz-Urse, whose brother Reginald was one of the assassins of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to Charles in the mid-seventeenth century.

First Generation

Second Generation


    Robert de Bereham of Kent and Sussex, England. Son of Richard Fitz-Urse. It is here that the family surname comes into use. It is evident that there was little, if any, punishment of the Fitz-Urse family over of the Becket assassination. Their lands remained in the family.

    Children: 3

    I: Richard de Bereham

Third Generation

Fourth Generation


    Children 5

    I. John Bereham

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation


    Henry Bereham was born in Sissinghurst Castle. He married Elizabeth Colepepper, the daughter of Richard Colepepper, Esquire.

    Children 7

    I. Thomas Berham
Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation


    The first record of Richard is dated February 20, 1452, and in 1454 he is appointed by the King as "Propositus" or Reeve of Bivelham Manor. His wives name was Anne Busses.

    Children 9

    I. Nicholas Barham

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation


    John Barham was born late in the fifteenth century. He was an Iron-Master of Woodlands and Buttes in Wadhurst and was one of the first and most successful of the Sussex iron-masters. His assessments in 1541 indicate that he was one of the wealthiest inhabitants of Wadhurst at the time. His Will is recorded in London, dated June 19, 1553. His wife was Thomasyne and she is named in the Will along with John's brother Richard and Richard's wife, Alice. He purchased Barkley Mill on December 21, 1536. Settled reversion of Bengrede and other lands on his son, John, in 1547.

    Children 12

    I. John Barham

Eleventh Generation

Twelfth Generation


    Will Proved September 26, 1595. Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury. Thomas Barham of Boughton-Monchelsea, Co. Kent, to whom his father devised lands in Pembury and Tunbridge. His wife Mildred was the daughter of Thomas Frankleyn of East Sutton, co. Kent (whose will dated December 4, 1572, was proved December 18, 1573 in the Consistory Court of Canterbury). She was the widow of George Roberts of Benchley (whose will dated December 19, 1562 was proved February 25 following - P.C.C., ADmon October 11, 1597, Archdeacondry Court of Canterbury).

    Children: ?

    I. Robert Barham, Sr.

      A small village in Kent about four miles south of Maidstone. Thomas Barham, third son of John Barham, the iron maker from Wadhurst, married (1562 - 1572) Mildred Frankelyn, of East Sutton, Kent., and established himself at East Hall, an Elizabethan Farmhouse typical of the red brick manor houses of the period. The well preserved dwelling is presently occupied and the lands comprising the old manor are being cultivated for the production of hops.

    Thirteenth Generation

    Fourteenth Generation


      Robert Barham, Jr. was born in 1598 in co. Kent. He was baptized August 27, 1598, in Boughton-Monchelsea. Robert attended Balliol College, Oxford, and married Katherine Filmer, daughter of Sir Edward Filmer and Dame Elizabeth Argall, August 1, 1620. He died about 1648 in London.

      Robert Barham and Katherine Filmer were the parents of Charles Barham, the progenitor of the Barham family in the Virginia Colony, who arrived in Virginia in 1653 after sailing from Gravesend, England, on the John and Ambrose.

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