The following are all known official references to Captain Charles Barham and his descendants in the Tidewater and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Compiled by William. H. Barham & Revised by Daniel Barham, Jr.

1653,December 1 - Charles BARHAM, Thos. Culmer, Sack Brewster witness to bond of And. Robinson and Dorothy Kew to Alex. Mabrick.

*Surry Book 1, p. 42

1661, May 24 - Vestry of Lawnes Creek Parish. Mr Arthur Allen, Lt. Col. Wm. Caulfield, Mr. Randall Holt, Mr. Austin Hunnicutt, Mr. Charles BARHAM, Mr. Edward Pettway, Mr. Andrew Robinson, Mr. Richard Drew, Mr. Jno. Clay.

*Surry Book 1, p. 168

1663/4, February 22 - Know all men by these presence that I, Thomas Smith, yeoman, of the Prish of Dorson in the County of Hereford in the Realme of England, Attorney of Richard James, yeoman and Margery, his wife of the Prish of Cossopin (?) In the ffore sd County and Richard Watkins, yeoman and Jane, his wife of the Prish of Dorson in the ffore sd County and John Meredith of the Prish in Whitton in the County of Radnor and Mary his wife, have given, granted, bargained, sould, assigned, consigned, inffeoft, alinated and sett over to Mr CHARLES BARHAM, Gent. Of the Prish of Lawnes Creek in the County of Surry in Virginia, one tract of devidend of land which were fformerly John Medmores of the ffore sd Prish of Lawnes Creek, deceased. Containing three hundred acres or there abouts given by will by the ffore sd Medmore unto the ffore sd Margery, Jane and Mary the naturall and surviving sisters of the ffore sd Medmore lying and being in Hog Island Maine and bounded as by the patten assigned by vertue of this deed will appear with all the houses, orchards or edifices thereon or there unto belonging that do properly belong the ffore sd sisters. And by these presents do give, grant, bargain, erly, sell, assign, consign, alinate, inffeoffe and sett over unto the ffore sd Mr. CHARLES BARHAM, his heirs, Excers; Asmers; or assigns ffor ever. And further I the ffore sd Tho: Smith doe by these presents bind my selfe, my heirs, Exces; Admres; and assigns that the sd Mr. BARHAM his heirs, Excex; Admes and assigns shall peacably and quitly posses and injoy have hould and occupy all the ffore sd tract of land with the appurtines andd stocke there to belonging or thereon, withoute the lett trouble mollestation or evicktion of him the sd Tho: or the fforenamed sisters or any other by his or theirs prcuremt. Always provided that the sd Mr. BARHAM shall prforme unto the tennent now upon the sd land his lease ffor itts ffull tearme to come. And ffurthermore I the ffore sd Tho: Smith upon the receipt of sixty three pds sterling ffor ech money and the sd BARHAM hath past bills of Exchange upon his brother Mr. RICH: BARHAM of London I therefore doe bind myselfe, execs, admres and assigns a ffull confirmation of this deed under the hands and seales of the ffore named sisters or the survivors of them and theire husbands. And alsoe that they shall impower an Attorney to acknowledge the same ffor them in Surry County Court the next return of shiping to Virginia. In Wittnes Whereof I the ffore sd Thomas Smith doe obleig my selfe to acknowledge in the next Courte held in Course ffor the County of Surry and ffor the prformance hereof I have here unto sett my hand and seale the twenty second day of ffefry; And the sixteenth yeare of the Reigne of our Sov Lord the King and in the yeare of our Lord 1663.

Subsigned, Sealed and Delivered Signett of Seale

Will Cockerham Thomas Smith Red wax

Signett of (Mark)

Andrew Robinson

David Williams

*Surry Book 1, p. 228

1663/4, February 25 - I, Thomas Smith, Atty, for the surviving sisters of John Medmore late of the Prish of Lawnes Creek in Surry County, Va. Have given Mr. CHARLES BARHAM possession of the house and land, 300 acres, given his sisters after the decease of his children, by his will doth appear.

Witnesses: Wm. Cockerham, Thos. Clary

*Surry Wills and Deeds Book 1, p. 229

1664, May 10 - CHARLES BARHAM on jury

*Surry W&D Book 1, p. 234

1664, August 8 - Power of attorney from Richard James, wife Mergery, Richard Watkins, wife Jane, John Meredith, wife Mary, to Thos. Smith to confirm sale of land unto Mr. CHARLES BARHAM.

*Surry Book 1, p. 254

1665, June 26 - Wm. Hare deeds Geo. Watkins and Edward Browne cattle at Mr. CHARLES BARHAM'S.

*Surry Book 1, p. 262

1665, November 1 - Indenture John Corker, Wm. Cockerham to Wm. Marriott a tract of land known as Wareneck.

Witnesses: CHARLES BARHAM, Randall Holt, Geo. Watkins, Wm. Corker.

*Surry Book 1, p. 274

1665/6, March 17 - Indenture of sale. Andrew Robinson, wife Anne, to Capt. Wm. Cockerham and CHARLES BARHAM, Gent. 350 acres patented by Andrew Robinson and Peleg Dunston July 20, 1663.

*Surry Book 1, p. 268

1666 - Capt, Wm. Cockerham and Mr. CHARLES BARHAM patent 850 acres Surry County SW of the 3rd swamp of the Blackwater. Transportation of 18 persons.

*VA. Land Patent Book 6, p. 650

1666, May14 - Indenture CHARLES BARHAM to Joseph Rogers. 850 acres all that dividend of land granted Wm. Cockerham, dec'd, with the said BARHAM.

Witnesses: Will Brown, Arthur Allen.

*Surry Book 1, p. 270

Note: Capt. William Cockerham and Mr. CHARLES (1) BARHAM, patented jointly, 850 acres of land in Surry County, Virginia. This raises the question as to why the land was purchased by the two of them. Capt. William Cockerham married Anne Spencer, the daughter of William Spencer and in 1656 he obtained a grant of 1250 acres in Surry County, 1100 acres of the said tract were due to the said Cockerham as marrying the daughter of Mr. Spencer, to whom it was originally granted.

*Adventures of Purse and Person, by Jester

William Cockerham may have been married prior to his marriage to Anne Spencer, but this has not been proven. He was the father of a daughter, who was married prior to 1669 to Charles Amry.

*Surry Co. Guardian Accounts, 1672-1750,p. 1.

He was also the father of two sons, William, Jr. (1659-1707) and Thomas (1665-1717)

*Adventures of Purse and Person, by Jester

It seems possible that Anne Spencer Cockerham died at the birth of this younger son.

*No Proof

Charles (1) BARHAM inherited land in England from his elder brother, Edward BARHAM, whose will was dated October 31, 1657 and was proved October 27, 1661. It is also noted that Katherine (Filmer) BARHAM was named as the Executrix of her sons will. It is here noted that just a year after that will was offered for probate, she made her will, dated November 1, 1662 and was proved December 19, 1662. She was living in the Parish of St. Andrew, High Holborn, London. Her younger son, Richard, who lived in London was named the Executor of her estate. The will was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London. Though it is known that she died testate, the Will has not been located. The foregoing data on the Barham family has been documented..

Bearing in mind the above notes on Capt. William COCKERHAM and Mr. CHARLES (1) BARHAM, it is here suggested that after the death of Charles (1) Barham's mother, that his sister, SUSAN (named in the Will of her brother, Edward) came to Virginia. She evidently paid her way or her brother, Charles (1) did so, as she was not given as a headright in any land transactions found in Virginia. She, it appears, by May 1666, had become the wife of Capt. Cockerham, whose wife Anne, had died abt. 1665. (No Proof). It has also been observed that the first mention of the wife of Charles (1) BARHAM was made in Surry records on February 2, 1666/67.(old and new calendars)

*Surry Co., Va. Book 1, p. 340

Note: Though the following item has not been proven, it looks as if Capt. Cockerham purchased the 850 acres of land jointly with Mr. BARHAM in right of Capt. Cockerham's wife, Susan (BARHAM) Cockerham. (???)

On the first of November, 1665, an indenture between John Corker, Gent., and Capt. William Cockerham stated that the latter was living in James City County.

*Surry Records, Book 1, p. 274

In ca 1669 (exact date not noted) Charles AMRY was made Guardian of the young sons of Capt. William Cockerham.

*Surry Co., Va. Book 1

Then on the 29th., 9br., 1672, the estate of Capt. Cockerham was presented by Charles (1) BARHAM and Robert Caulfield. "The Bill" being divided into three parts, there remains due the orphans - 13400. (Presumably tobacco or money)

*Surry Co. Book 2, p. 20

In 1680, Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM sold to Joseph Rogers the 850 acres of land, which had been patented jointly by Capt. Cockerham and Mr. Charles (1) BARHAM in May 1666.

*Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, Vol. 2, p. 562

In 1683, the patent was recorded, which stated that the land was the same as mentioned above and it was solely possessed by CAPTAIN BARHAM by survivorship.

*Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, Vol. 2, p. 256

Note: Knowing that Capt. Cockerham did have two living sons, the question arose as to why Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM was the sole owner of the land. The logical answer to this question is that the part of the land bought by Capt. Cockerham was in the right of his wife, who was possibly deceased prior to her brother, Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. It is well to remember that Capt. Cockerham had much land, which he had as marrying his first wife, and that land would have been heired by the sons.

1666/7, February 2 - This indenture made the 2 day of Feb. 1666. These present witnesseth that I, Dorothy Thorne, is to serve Chas. BARHAM and his wife til next Christmas some six years and the said BARHAM and his wife is to find her sufficient lodging and vittuals and not put her into the ground and the mortar, but to teach her to read and sew and to give her a cotton suite and a preneston (?) Suite and other things belonging to them and a heifer of two years old att the expiration of her time and ten barrells of Indian Corn as witness our hands this 2 day of Feb. 1666.

The mark of Dorothy Thorne O

The mark of Elizabeth BARHAM E

Teste the mark of Margret Cornish

Teste the mark of Christo. Smith

Teste the mark of Joane Goard

*Surry Book 1, p. 342

1667/8, January 2 - Indenture Wm. Butler, son of Wm. Butler, Deceased. To Richard Jarrett.

Witnesses: Wm. Marriott, Wm. Cockerham, Charles BARHAM

*Surry Book 1, p. 296

1667/8, January 4 - Wm. Porter (Portis?), wife Elizabeth of Isle of Wight County, acknowledge that 206 acres of land, ½ a patent of 432 acres dated August 23, 1667 belong to Phillip Hunniford. Land is located on 3rd swamp of the Blackwater and adjoins Mr. BARHAM'S land.

*Surry Book 1, p. 294

1668, June 10 - Tithe List

Mr. Charles BARHAM - 04 (Mr. Cockerham's list)

*Surry Book 1, p. 315

1668 - Charles BARHAM gives discharge to John Hey (from service?)

Witnesses: Henry Basse, Thos. Seate

*Surry Book 1, p. 405

1668, December 20 - Mr. Charles BARHAM appointed a Justice for Surry County.

* Surry Book 1, p. 338

1669, June 10 - Tithe List

Charles BARHAM - 04 (Tho. Warren's list)

*Surry Book 1, p. 347

1669, November 29 - Charles BARHAM on jury.

*Surry Book 1, p. 351

1670, June 10 - Tithe List

Mr. Charles BARHAM - 05 (Robt. Caulfield's List)

*Surry Book 1, p. 373

1671, September 27 - At the house of Capt. Geo. Watkins, Capt. Lawrence Baker, Mr. Charles BARHAM, Mr. Robt. Spenser being a Cort Affiliated did examine Jane alisa Jannet Davis, Servt. Unto sd Watkins supposed to be with child. One month before Christmas last one Joh: Clarke who lives at Mr. Newsum's came to her in killing or quartering house of Mr. Watkin's two or three howers at night and lye with her and enjoyed her by carnal knowing her body at least fower times since lain with her and said Joh: Clarke id father of ye child.

*Surry Book 1, p. 388

1671, October 19 - Will of William RIDLEY Probated in Isle of Wight County.

Will was Dated May 1, 1671 and names Mr CHARLES BARHAM full and sole Executor.

Legacies to:

My daughter-in-law (step-daughter) Jane TUKE, wife unto William TUKE of Surry Co., possessions, etc., which were her mother's. If she die to be equally divided among her children.

William Tuke of Surry Co., my two guns, stilliards, etc.

William Tuke's four children, 4 cows.

Mary Prime, daughter Edmund Prime, bed, etc.

Elizabeth Prime, daughter of Edmund Prime, household goods.

Edmund Primes five children, 5 cows.

Mary Crew, Daughter of John Crew, 1 heifer.

Thomas Harris and Thomas Tuke, overseers of Will.

Servant, John Gray to be with his father, Henry Gray until time is expired, upon payment of 500 lbs. Of tobacco each year to William Tuke, my wife's son-in-law.

My Plantation, I give unto Mr. BARHAM, my Executor, for as long as the lease last, to keep John Prime, son of Edmund Prime, and to breed him up.

To Mr. BARHAM, his daughter's Elizabeth and Priscilla BARHAM, one cow apiece.

Witnesses: George Bell, Robert Jones.

*Isle of Wight Book 1, p. 98

NOTE: John Prime made a deposition June 9, 1688 giving his age as 22. (IOW Book 2, p. 280) He apparantly was born in 1665/6 and was 5 or 6 years old when William Ridley's Will was made.

NOTE2: It has been suggested that William RIDLEY was the brother of Elizabeth, the wife of Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. So far as is known, his Will is the basis for this assumption, and even though no proof has been found, several genealogists have concluded that Elizabeth was the daughter of PETER RIDLEY and the sister of WILLIAM RIDLEY.

Charles Barham Jr., of Charlottesville, Virginia was searching for his ancestors and in 1958, made an abstract copy of all official records that he had found in his research. He was not completely convinced that Elizabeth's father was a RIDLEY.

Robert Young Barham published a book on his family heritage in 1963. He traces his family back to the youngest son of Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. He stated in that publication that Elizabeth was probably the daughter of PETER RIDLEY.

An abstract of the Will of William RIDLEY has been given. It tends to prove that there was a relationship between him and the family of Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM. Though he names Capt. BARHAM as the Executor of his estate and leaves bequests to the two daughters of Charles (1) BARHAM, he does not denote any relationship.

Though not named in the records along with Captain CHARLES (1) BARHAM, it is more than likely that there was a definite relationship between the TUKE family and the BARHAM family. William TUKE was the son of James TUKE, who came to Virginia in 1621 in the "GEORGE". James TUKE also had a son, Thomas TUKE, who was named as overseer of William RIDLEY'S Will. Charles (1) BARHAM'S great, great grandmother was Mary TUKE, before her marriage to Sir Reginald SCOTT. Mary TUKE was the daughter of Sir Bryan TUKE, secretary to Cardinal Wolsey.

1671/2, January 3 - Charles BARHAM, Stephen Allen witness indenture of lease, Wm. Hare, wife Mary, late wife of Geo. Carter, dec'd., to Wm. Alderson.

*Surry Book 2, p. 10

1672, November 29 - Estate of Capt. Cockerham presented by Charles BARHAM and Robt, Caufield. The bill being divided into three parts there remains due to the two orphans 134000.

*Surry Book 2. P. 20

1673, April 27 - Inquisition before CAPTAIN CHARLES BARHAM, High Sheriff, to determine value of land formerly in possession of Rich. Blunt.

*Surry Book 2, p. 25

1673, - Capt. Charles BARHAM sworn as Sheriff

*Surry Book 2, p. 27

1673, May 26 - Inquisition on plantation now in possession of Mathew Swann sworn before Captain CHARLES BARHAM, High Sheriff, to determine value.

*Surry Book 2, p. 27

1673, June 10 - Tithe List

Charles BARHAM - 02 (Capt. Baker's list)

*Surry Order Book 1671/90, p.36

Note: No tithe list recorded in 1671 and 1672

1673, September 2 - Charles BARHAM, Wm. Thompson, Wm. Harwood witness indenture Wm. Hare, wife Mary, to Wm. Oldis.

*Surry Book 2, p. 31

1673, - Following is a copy of the Will of Captain GEORGE WATKINS of Surry County, Va.As he used many abbreviations, some of the Will was difficult to decipher. As this is so, the words that could not be made out are denoted as ............ Where the words were more or less clear, they have been transcribed as they were thought to be.

In the NAME of GOD, AMEN - I, George WATKINS, of the Parish of Lawnes Creek in the County of Surry in Virginia, being at present sick and weak in body, but of sound and perfect mind and memory, all laud and praise be given to GOD for ye same, and considering of my self and frailty of mankind.............-............ Of death and ye uncertainty of ye time .......... I do therefore make this my last Will and Testament in manner following. First and principally above all earthly things, I commit my soul to GOD, who gave it and to his son, JESUS CHRIST, my only SAVIOR, REDEEMER by whose bitter death and passion, I hope to steadfastly believe to be saved and to have full pardon and remission of all my sins of Commission. My body I commit to ye earth from whom it came, to be buried in ye Chancel of ye Church of Lawnes Creek as my predecessors have been in the Chancel of ye Parish Church, where they dwelt and as for such worldly goods, substance of which it hath pleased GOD ALMIGHTY to endow me, I give ye same as followeth - that is to say - I give to my well beloved wife, ELIZABETH, the bed with the furniture to it belonging on which I lye and a mare filly about twelve months old to her, my said wife, her heirs and assigns forever. Item: I give to Elizabeth SPENSER, my God-daughter, daughter of my well beloved friend, Capt, Robert Spenser, three ewes and a ram out of my flock to be sheared for her use immediately after my decease. TO MY COUSIN, CHARLES BARHAM, SON OF MY LOVING UNCLE, CAPTAIN CHARLES BARHAM, five ewes and a ram out of my flock, for his use, immediately after my decease. And after my just debts and legacies are paid, I do ordain and appoint all my household goods, chattels, cattle and other movables be equally divided between my dear wife and my loving cousin, CHRISTOPHER WATKINS of White Hart Court in Long Lane, London. My wife having first choice, her heirs and assigns, but if it happens that my wife be with child or children, it is my will that my land and plantation on which I live and what other land I have and not disposed of by this my Will, shall be enjoyed by my wife during her life and after her decease to come to such child or children and his or her heirs forever, but if it please GOD and my wife shall not be with child by me, then my Will is that she shall enjoy ye particular land, so long to me belonging during her natural life and after her decease, I wish and appoint all my real estate and said land be as soon as can with conveniences, sold at outcry for tobacco or money, if possible and the same be sent to my loving cousin, his heirs and assigns after .......... of my personal estate if my said wife have not a child, by ye produce thereof, sent to him, his heirs or assigns. Item: I give to JOHN PRICE, his heirs and assigns forever three hundred acres of land formerly surveyed for PETER GROOME and situate in Lawnes Creek Parish, which 300 acres to lye most to Sunken Marsh Mill - I give to him my best suit of wearing apparel, viz. Vest and britches and ye coat of ye suit, I give to William Newsom. Lastly I hereby wholly make void all former other ............ wills or legacies by me heretofore made or given and for ............Establish this to be my LAST WILL and TESTAMENT and I do hereby nominate, order and appoint my loving wife, ELIZABETH and my loving uncle, CAPTAIN CHARLES BARHAM full Executrix and Executor of this, my last Will ........... and charging them as they shall answer it at ye great day of Judgement, that they see this my Will performed according as it before directed.Item: I give to my loving friend, WILL SHERWOOD, twenty shillings to buy him a ring to wear in remembrance of me.In witness whereof, I have to this last Will and Testament set my hand and seal ye seventeenth day of September, A.D. 1673.


Signed and Sealed Proved in Court ye October 1673 by the oaths of the

by ye testator as his Witnesses and recorded - 24th.

L.W. & T. In ye

presence of William Signed:William E. Seward, C.Cur.

Sherwood, Jennett

*Surry County Book 2, Part 1, 1671 - 1684, p. 35 - 36

A concerted study of Surry County records did not reveal the names of the parents of Capt. George Watkins. Though there were those of the same surname, it does not necessarily follow that he was a son of the same. If he belonged to the family of JOHN WATKINS, who died in 1652, it would seem that he would have included his brothers in his Will. Instead the Will names his well beloved cousin, CHRISTOPHER WATKINS of London. This points to the fact that GEORGE WATKINS may have been related through ELIZABETH, the wife of CAPTAIN CHARLES BARHAM.

Speculative Diagram

Brother: Sister: Sister:

William Ridley Elizabeth Ridley ________Ridley

married married

Charles (1) Barham Edmund Prime

had issue: had issue:

Elizabeth Barham Mary Prime

Priscilla Barham _____Prime

Charles (2) Barham Elizabeth Prime m. Geo.Watkins

Robert (2) Barham ______Prime

John Prime

Elizabeth Ridley may have been an Aunt of Elizabeth Prime. Charles (2) Barham was called cousin to Geo. Watkins.

It is possible that the relationship between Capt. Charles (1) BARHAM and Capt. George WATKINS was by marriage. It is known that William RIDLEY left the lease on his land in Isle of Wight County to Capt. BARHAM for the term of the lease. Capt. BARHAM was to raise John PRIME, the son of Edmund PRIME. It is also probable that Elizabeth PRIME was living in the home of her Aunt and Uncle at the time of her marriage to George.

1673 - Charles (2) BARHAM, the son of Captain Charles BARHAM and his wife, Elizabeth, was born prior to 1673 in Surry County, Virginia

He was named a cousin in the Will of Captain George Watkins, which was dated September 17, 1673 and proved September 20, 1673. Captain Charles BARHAM, the father of Charles (2) BARHAM was designated as "my loving uncle" in the Will. Captain Watkins left a bequest of 5 ewes and one ram to his cousin and 1000 pounds of tobacco to his uncle. He named his wife as executrix and his uncle as co-executor of his estate.

As far as has been found, Charles (2) BARHAM was not mentioned in any further official records in the counties south of the James River.

In 1680, his parents moved to James City County, where his father acquired land in Martin's Hundred. Captain BARHAM made his Will on July 5, 1682 and died in late 1683. A copy of the portion of Captain BARHAM'S Will, which dealt with his land in James City County which he bequeathed to his eldest son, Charles (2) BARHAM, as an entailed estate, was found in the Public Records Office in London, England.

The records in London stated that Charles (2) BARHAM entered the land, then sold it. Evidently, as he had sons of his own, he was of the opinion that the entail was no longer valid. The 1704 Quit Rent roll for James City County listed no land in the name of any BARHAM. It is not known when Charles (2) BARHAM died or where. Also there appear to be no records to show whom he was married, or if she survived him. It is known that Charles (3) BARHAM was his eldest son and heir, which indicates that there were other sons and possibly daughters.

By 1732, Charles (3) BARHAM had recovered the land in Martin's Hundred, James City County, which his father, Charles (2) BARHAM had heired as an entailed estate of his father, Captain Charles (1) BARHAM. At this time Charles (3) BARHAM was interested in having a Bill passed by the House of Burgesses to enable him to sell part of the said tract and buy other land in lieu of the land which he had inherited as the eldest son and heir of his father. He stated at the time that the woods and timber had been cut from the tract and that it had lost it's value. He also stated that he had an opportunity to buy other land in the same vicinity from which the timber had not been cut and which contained much woodland. He also said the entail, which had been part of the inheritance would be placed on the new land, which he proposed to purchase.

A record in the Public Records Office in London gave an account of the proposal of Charles (3) BARHAM. In 1732, the petition to the House of Burgesses in Virginia was admitted for consideration. The Bill was presented by Mr. William Harwood on Thursday, June 8, 1732. An Account, which appeared in "The Laws of Virginia" being a supplement to Hening's Statutes at Large 1700 - 1750, compiled by Waverly R. Winfrey, published in 1971, gives the description of the land which Charles (3) BARHAM intended to buy in lieu of the land he wished to sell.

Note: There is a Bible record in the Virginia State Archives in which it is shown that a John Smith was married to a NANCY BARROM. This raises the question as whether she was a BARHAM, whose name was given as an alternate spelling. The Will of John Smyth (Smith) left his land in new Kent, 500 acres to be divided between his two sons, John and Henry. No dates were given in the Bible Record for either John Smith or his wife, Nancy. However, the records show that they had a son, Lewis Smith, who was the father of John Smith, born October 15, 1757 and a son, Lewis born April 14, 1759. This would appear to have placed the date of birth in approximately the same generation as the other children of Charles (2) BARHAM of James City County, Virginia.

1674, April 7 - Probate granted Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins, Relict, and Capt. Charles BARHAM on Will of Capt. George Watkins.

*Surry W&D Book 1, p. 51

1674, June 10 - Tithe List

Charles BARHAM - 04

Note: Charles Barham's list

*Surry W&D Book 2, p. 63

1674, June 10 - David Williams presents Capt. Charles BARHAM and Robert Caufield (as) securities for estate of William Harris, orphan.

*Guardian Account Book 1, p. 5

1674, June 10 - Upon petition of Eliz. Watkins, Widow, it is ordered that James Hugate, orphan, remain to her until he becomes 21 years of age. She having presented Capt. BARHAM security for performances of same condition.

*Surry Guardian Accounts Book 1, p. 6.

1674, July 4 - Judgement granted Capt. Charles BARHAM and Mrs. Elizabeth Watkins, Exec of Capt. Geo. Watkins against John Kindred for 440 lbs. Of tobacco.

*Surry Order Book 1671/90

1674, September 1 - Depositions of Thos. Lane, aged 39, and John Price, summoned to appraise the estate of Thomas Taylor, sworn before Capt. Charles BARHAM.

*Surry Book 2, p. 60

1674, September 4 - Wm. Newsum presenting an account of the estate of Thos. Hart. Capt. Charles BARHAM and Robt. Spenser, Gents, bind themselves as security.

*Surry Order Book 1671/90, p. 75

1675, April 5 - Richard West of Boston in New England appoints friend Mr. Charles BARHAM his attorney to see after his bonds and interests.

Witnesses: Sam'l Swann, Francis Taylor

*Surry Book 2, p. 112

1675, June 10 - Tithe List

Charles BARHAM - 03

Note: Charles Barham's List

Surry Book 2, p. 94

1675, September 7 - Accounts current estate of Geo. Watkins, presented by Robt. Ruffin who married ye Relict.

*Surry Book 2, p. 46

1675, September 8 - Deed of gift David Andrews, wife Elizabeth to their only son, David Andrews.

Witnesses: Charles BARHAM, Wm. Sherwood

*Surry Book 2, p. 87

1676, April 17 - Martha Williams, Widow, testimony before Surry Justices concerning Capt. Charles BARHAM and Robt. Caulfield. (Concerning her husband's estate?)

*Surry Book 2, p. 112

1676, April 25 - Inventory Estate of Thomas Amry by Ruth Amry, sworn before Capt. Charles BARHAM.

*Surry Book 2, p. 115

1676, August 24 - All tithables below Wareneck are ordered to carry their possessions to the houses of Capt. Charles BARHAM and Mr. Francis Mason.

Note: Maybe because of Bacon's Rebellion?

*Surry Order Book 1671/90, p. 132

1677 - Margery Chambers delivers to Charles Jarrett, son of Richard Jarrett, his inheritance.

Witnesses: Margery Chambers, Charles BARHAM, Wm. Gray

*Surry Book 2, p. 126

1677, June 10 - Tithe List

Charles BARHAM - 03

Note: Charles Barham's List

No list recorded in 1676

*Surry Book 2, p. 146

1677, July 4 - Jeremiah Ellis, aged 34, testifies about a horse of Capt. Barham's

Note: Used in Bacon's Rebellion

*Surry W&D Book 2, p. 131

1677, November 5 - Justices for Surry County appointed by Governor Herbert Jeffries. Lt. Col. Geo. Jordan, Capt. Lawrence Baker, Maj. Wm. Browne, Mr. Robt. Caufield, Mr. Arthur Allen, Capt. Samuel Swann, Capt. Charles BARHAM, Capt. Robt. Spenser, Mr. Benj. Harrison, Mr. Nicholas Meriweather, Mr. Francis Mason.

*Surry Book 2, p. 58

1677, November 19 - Acc't of arms sold by Charles BARHAM

Pair of pistols, holster and a sword to Geo. Proctor (and himself)

Pistols and holsters sold to Sion Hill. Swords sold to Robt, Ruffin, Wm. Edwards, Wm. Newsum, John White and John Price.

*Surry Orders Book 1, p. 181-2

Note: this was immediately following Bacon's Rebellion and Capt. Barham was being reimbursed for weapons sold the people who remained loyal.

1677/8, March 1 - Indenture Thomas Drew to Rich. Drew

Witnesses: Charles BARHAM. Ar. Allen, Robt. Ruffin

*Surry Book 2, p. 213

1678, June 10 - Tithe List

Charles BARHAM, Jno. Griffin, Andaro Right, Peg, a negro - 04

Note: Charles Barham's List

* Surry Book 2, p. 189

1678/9, March 4 - Margaret Powell, serv't to Wm. Gray, having during the time she served Capt. Barham run away severall times and now appearing in Cort and being willing to serve six months, it is ordered that she serve ye six months.

*Surry Order Book 1, 1671/90, p. 246

1678/9, March 4 - The difference between Wm. Edwards, Gdn., to Elizabeth Carter, and Charles BARHAM referred to next Cort.

*Surry Order Book 1, p. 241

1679, April 26 - Jury viewed the body of a drowned man and swore verdict before Capt. Charles BARHAM

*Surry Order Book 1, p. 206

1679, May 6 - Judgement is granted Wm. Edwards, gdn. To Eliz. Carter, orphan of Geo. Carter, dec'd, against Capt. Charles BARHAM for present delivery of three cows, two calves of two years old, one hog of the same age, a yearling steare, a yearling heifer, a mare filly, with costs.

Surry Order Book 1, p. 247

1679, June 10 - Tithe List

Chas. BARHAM, Geo. Prince, Andaro Right, a negro womas - 04

Note: Charles Barhan's List)

* Surry Book 2, p. 227

1680, - Account of sale of goods sold for the Estate of Nich. Hoskins. "BARHAM, I horse about 4 years old."

*Surry Book 2

1680, June 10 - Tithe List

Chas. BARHAM, Tho. Ward, 3 negroes - 05

Note: Charles Barham's List

Last year Charles Barham appears as a tithable

*Surry Book 2, p. 268

1680, August 30 - Indenture Charles BARHAM of Lawnes Creek Parish, Gent. To Joseph Rogers. Consideration 8,000 lbs. Of tobacco. All my interest in 850 acres of land granted to Wm. Cockerham and Capt. BARHAM 14 May 1666. Land is known as Pocotinck and located on E. Side of 3rd swamp of the Blackwater.

*Surry W&D Book 2, p. 271

1680, November 3 - Bond of John Case to pay Edward, orphan of Edward Browne, dec'd, his part of his father's estate. Securities Charles BARHAM, Wm. Seward

Witnesses: John Rutherford, Will Foreman.

*Surry Book 2, p. 6 in back of book

1683, September - Estate of Samuel Cornell paid rent to Capt. Charles BARHAM and Robt. Caufield for the account of Thos. Cockerham.

*Surry Book 2, p. 333

1683/4, January 1 - Upon request of Mrs. Elizabeth BARHAM, Executrix. Of Capt. Charles BARHAM, it is ordered that Edward Tanner, Mr. Wm. Hancock and Jno. Rutherford appraise the estate of Charles BARHAM

*Surry Order Book 1671/90, p. 428

1685/6, January 4 - Indenture Wm. Cockeram (Cockerham) to Wm. Harris, 150 acres in Hog Island Maine granted to Wm. Spenser late of the County, Deceased, 1 February, 1637/8.

Beginning at a marked white oak very neare a saw pitt in the line twixt said Cockeram and Robt. BARHAM, orphan, to the edge of the marsh of Hog Island Creek, East by a line dividing Cockeram and Wm. Sewards land, S. & SE by Jno. Case's cartpath. (Note: this land deeded by Harris Taylor, grandson of Wm. Harris, to John Holt, February 20, 1738/9)

1691, June 2 - Will of John Barnes Dated March 2, 1690/91 and Probated June 2, 1691

What is due me from my kinsman, Robert BARHAM, the son of Charles BARHAM late of Marchth Hundred, deceased be well and justly paid.

My son John Tuke, my gun

Rest of my estate to loving wife Jane and two daughters Sarah and Susannah

Wife to be Exec.

Witnesses: Sam Newton, AR. Allen, Tho. Binns

*Surry W&D Book 1687/94, p. 202

**Note: Will of Wm. Tooke probated January 25, 1675/6. Wife, Jeane; Son, John; Daughter, Rebecca. James Piland wrote Will said Wm. Ezell to bring up Tooke's children.

*Surry W&D Book 2, p. 104

Thomas Bowman Est. November 3, 1699. Jane Bowman, Admx. Of Thomas Bowman (a Quaker) declares inventory to be true. Signed Wm. Chambers, Thos. Waller, Mathew Swann

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 186

Jeane Bowman's Will, dated October 5, 1702 and probated March 4, 1706/7

Son, John Tooke

Daughter, Jean Newby - Granddaughter Sarah Newby

Daughter, Elizabeth Ezell - Son-in-law Michael Ezell, his son, William

Grandson, William Tooke

Daughter Sarah Cornell - Grandsons Isaak and Samuel Cornell

Daughter Susannah Barnes

Executrix Daughter Susannah Barnes

Witnesses: Wm. Price, Susannah Price, John Mills

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 358

Note: (Jane) (Jeane) married 1st., William Tooke, Will p. 1675/6; 2nd. John Barnes, Will p. 1690/91; 3rd. Thomas Bowman, Est. Returned 1699.

William Tooke's 4 children left bequests in Will of William Ridley, p. 1671, of which Charles BARHAM was Exec., and his two daughters left inheritances.

1695, June 10 -Tithe List

Robert Hart, Robert BARHAM, Wm. Williams - 03

Note: List taken by ?

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 59

1695, July 3 - Robert BARHAM, orphan of Capt, Charles BARHAM, being now in Court and having noe settled place to live is being gone from Mr. Thomas Binns, with whom he lately dwelt, and the said Binns refusing to take him again, at his request he is placed with Robert HART, who in Court promiseth to give him two months schooling each year and shall continue with him, and otherwise provide for his education, maintenance, etc.

*Surry Order Book 1691/1713, p. 105

Note: Did Robert HART marry Priscilla BARHAM, daughter of Capt. Charles BARHAM and sister to Robert? Robert HART became a tithable in 1683, so was born in 1666/7. Priscilla BARHAM was mentioned in Will of Wm. Ridley, dated 1671. Robert Hart's Will, probated in 1720, makes bequests to wife, Priscilla. Did Elizabeth BARHAM, daughter of Capt. Charles BARHAM, and sister to Priscilla and Robert, marry Thomas Binns? Thomas Binns became a tithable in 1675, born, then in 1658/9 - died without a Will in 1699.

1696, June 10 - Tithe List

Robert Hart, Robert BARHAM - 02

Note: List taken by ?

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 108

1697/8, January 4 - Robert BARHAM petitions the Court saying he is very near of full age and desires the benefit of his labour. Robert Hart with whom Barham was placed, present and consenting.

*Surry Order Book 1691/1713, p. 188

1698, June 10 - Tithe List

Thomas Holt, Robert BARHAM, Will and Isbell - 04

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709

Note: Thomas Holt's first wife was Frances Mason, daughter of Francis Mason and wife, Elizabeth. Francis Mason's Will calls Thomas Holt, "Son-in-law" (Book 1694/1709, p. 116)

Elizabeth Mason, wife to Francis, and mother to Thos. Holt was the widow of Thomas Binns, Sr., who died in 1669 without a Will. As Mrs. Elizabeth Binns she patented 777 acres on October 18, 1669. (Pat. Book 6, p. 281) On May 6, 1701., as Elizabeth Mason, she deeded 388 ½ acres to Grandson, Francis Holt, and 388 ½ acres to Grandson, Francis Mason - "if he dies, to Grandson, Charles Binns." (Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 225) Thus, Frances Mason Holt, first wife of Thomas Holt, was ½ sister to Thomas Binns (Jr). It seems significant that Robert BARHAM lived successively with Thomas Binns, Robert Hart and Thomas Holt.

1699, June 10 - Tithe List

John Hancock, Robert BARHAM - 02

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 192

Note: John Hancock married Jane Holt, daughter of Randall and Elizabeth Holt and sister of Thomas Holt.

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 411 Will of Elizabeth Holt

1700, June 11 - Tithe List

Robert BARHAM, Joseph Lane - 02

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 207

1701, June 10 - Tithe List

Robert BARHAM - 01

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 232

1702, June 10 - Tithe List

Robert BARHAM, Wm. Smith - 02

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p.

1703, June 10 - Tithe List

Robert BARHAM, Wm. Smith - 02

Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 228

Note: This is the last tithe list recorded for Surry County

1703, May 4 - Will of William Seward Probated - Dated March 16, 1702/3

Daughter, Mary Bruton

Daughter, Elizabeth Holt

Wife, Ann - for life, plantation I live on, on Banford's Creek, to White Marsh, to Wm. Harrison's, to my Grandson Wm. Seward's line. At her death, to son.

Son, William Seward, if he has no heirs to

Son, Benjamin Seward

Son, James Seward, land from White Marsh Swamp to Robert BARHAM'S woods. If he has no heirs, to

Son, Joseph Seward.

Rest of my estate to wife and her 5 children-in-law in consideration of her dowery- Wm. Seward, James Seward, Joseph Seward, Benjamin Seward and Ann Seward.

Witnesses: Edward Barrow, Eliza. Barrow, Wm. Gray

Note: Wm. Seward's first wife was a sister of Robert Caufield who's Will, probated in January 1691/2 makes bequests to niece Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Holt and niece Mary, wife of James Bruton - Book 1687/94, p. 240. His second wife was Widow of Christopher Clinch who died in 1679, mentioning wife, Ann, daughter, Elizabeth Clinch and an unborn child. His Will appointed William Seward and William Hancock as Overseers. Book 2, p. 210. Mrs. (Clinch) Seward died in 1714 mentioning in her Will children Christopher Clinch, William, James, Joseph, Benjamin and Ann Seward. Book 1709/15, p. 126. Wm. Seward was a Quaker. Order Book 1671/90, p. 597

Wm. Seward also had another son, John, who predeceased him, dying without a Will in 1699. His estate was returned December 21, 1699 by Mary Seward, Admx. Book 1694/1709, p. 188. Her Securities were Wm. Newsum and Mrs.

Elizabeth Ruffin. Order Book 1691/1713, p. 194. (Mrs. Ruffin was widow of Geo. Watkins - see 1673 & 1675. Mary Seward, Widow, next married William Gray, Will probated June 16, 1736. Sons William, Robert, Joseph, Thomas, Edmund, Charles, James, Daughter, Lucy Briggs, wife of Howell Briggs. Brother Gilbert Gray. Dated March 10, 1731 and Probated June 16, 1736

Witnesses: Timothy Thorpe, Sampson Wilson, Nath'l Gibbs.

*Surry W&D Book 1734/38, p. 604

Note: Mary (Seward) Gray died in 1757 mentioning in her Will, Daughter Lucy Briggs, wife of Howell Briggs. Granddaughter Elizabeth Rose, Sons, EM., Edmund, James, Robert, Joseph and Thomas Gray and son, William Seward.

Witnesses: Gray Briggs, Susannah Gray, William Thorpe.

*Surry Wills Book 1754/68, p. 113

1704, - Surry Quit Rent Rolls - Robert BARHAM, 650 acres

*Virginia Magazine of History & Biog., Vol. 29, p 18/28

1704, November 17 - Indenture Thomas Holt, Atty., for Charles Goring, late of Elizabeth City County, now in parts beyond the seas, to John Joseph Jackman........432 acres left Goring by LW&T of Col. Jno. Lear, dec'd, adjacent to Phil. Hunniford on 3rd. Swamp of Blackwater upon Mr. Cockerham and Mr. BARHAM'S line.

*Surry W&D Book 1694/1709, p. 324

1711, July 9 - Frances BARHAM, daughter of Thomas by Sarah, born. Baptized August 8, 1773

*Charles Parish, York County, Virginia., History and Register, 1648 - 1789

1712, May 21 - Jury to determine boundaries of land of Robt. Flake.

Robert BARHAM, Thomas Lane, Wm. Hart, Wm. Ruffin, James Bruton, Edward Brown, Wm. Little, Jno. Sugar, Joseph Cobb, Arthur Davis, John Phillips, Hustis Grimes.

*Surry W&D Book 1709/15, p. 105

1714, May 11 - Will of John Clarke Probated

Item: I will that my daughter and her husband keep the Plantation they now live on during their naturall life and after their decease I give it to my grandson, John BARHAM and the heirs of his body forever and for want of such heirs I give it to my granddaughter, Elizabeth BARHAM and the heirs of her body.

Item:: I will that my grandson, Robert BARHAM, have my Plantation and all the land belonging to it which I bought of James Briggs for him and the heirs of his body forever and for want of such heirs to my granddaughter Mary and the heirs of her body forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my grandson Charles BARHAM my gun.

Item: I give to my daughter Elizabeth BARHAM, my gray horse, Turk.

Item: I give to Edward Harris my Simeter and belt.

Item: I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my personall Estate to Mary, my well beloved wife and do appoint her whole and sole Executor of this, my last Will and Testament and I doe hereby revoak, disanul and make void all form and Wills by me made heretofore. In witness whereof I hereunto sett my hand and seal the 2nd day of October, 1711.

Test: Tho. Lane John Clark Sealed with a

Wm. Holt Segum Wafer

At a Court held at Southwark for the County of Surry, May 15, 1717 the within mentioned Will of John Clark, dec'd, was presented in Court by Mary Clark, Exec. Thereof who made oath thereto and being proved by the oath of Thos. Lane and William Holt, witnesses thereto the same ordered be recorded and is recorded by; Jno. Allen, CL. CT.

Note: John Clarke, whose daughter Elizabeth married Robert BARHAM was born in 1652. He was son of Richard Clarke and wife ............ . On May 6, 1673, John Clarke receipted Wm. Newsum for the estate left him by his father, Richard Clarke. *Surry Book 2, p. 26.

The Tithe lists for 1700/01/02 list him between Robert BARHAM and Wm. Holt. In his excellent article on the "Newsom Family", Va. Magazine of History Vol. XLVII, and succeeding issues, Dr. B.C. Holtzclaw, the author, states that "John Clark's wife, Mary, was probably identical with Mary Flake, etc." This is an error in that Mary Flake married another John Clark. This latter John Clark leased land from Dorothy Meddows, Widow, in 1663.

*Surry Book 1, p. 278.

On September 4, 1666, in a deposition stating that he was at the house of Thos. Gwaltny two days before he died, this John Clark gave his age as "30 od years", showing that he was born, ca 1636.

1717/18, March 16 - Indenture Thomas Binns, wife Jane, of Southwark Parish to Henry Hart of Lawnes Creek Parish. 18L - 300 acres in Lawnes Creek Parish on SE side of Green Swamp beginning near Robert BARHAM'S land, adjacent to Thomas Johnson. Part of a patent for 974 acres granted Thomas Binns May 30, 1679. (Being formerly Jno. Gorings and lost for want of seating)

Witnesses: James Seward, John Judkins

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 99

1717/18, March 16 - Indenture Thomas Binns, wife Jane, to Thomas Waller. 200 acres, part of same patent, SW side of Green Swamp, adjacent to Wm. Williams' and crossing said land towards Pidgeon Swamp.

Witnesses: James Seward, John Judkins

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 99

1717/18, March 16 - Indenture Thomas Binns, wife Jane, to James Seward. 200 acres, part of same patent, SE side Green Swamp, near Wm. Edward's line, running toward Thomas Johnson.

Witnesses: Thos. Waller, John Judkins

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 99

1717/18, March 16 - Indenture Thomas Binns, wife Jane, to John Judkins. 200 acres, part of same patent, SW side of Green Swamp near Mr. Auborns (Ogburns?) Line toward Pidgeon Swamp.

Witnesses: Henry Hart, Thomas Waller, James Seward.

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 99

1720, December 10 - Indenture Thomas Waller to Thomas Dance. Land Waller bought of Thomas Binns.

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 293

1724/5, Indenture Thomas Adams, wife Anne, to Leonard Ony. 100 acres beginning on a br. Side along line of marked tree formerly Mrs. William Gray's but now Wm. Holt, NE to a line of marked trees called Owens' Line, along Owens Line to a pine on the Green Swamp and down Green SW to a Gum marked for a corner tree.

Witnesses: Wm. Gray, Jr.. John DeBerry

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 561

1726, June 11 - Estate of William Holt appraised by Robert BARHAM, John Ruffin, Cater Crafford.

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 645

1725, September 28 - Date of William Holts Will

Son, William

Son, Thomas - land on S side of Nottoway River where he lives.

Daughter, Tephens

Daughter, Elizabeth

Daughter, Ann

Daughter, Mary

Son, Charles

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 637

Note: Will of Elizabeth Holt, probated September 21, 1737. Daughter, Tapphenas Newsum, Daughters Ann and Mary Holt. So, Charles Holt. Dated June 13, 1737. Witnesses: Wm. Edwards, Mary Piland.

Elizabeth Holt was daughter of Wm. Seward, called niece in Will of Robert Caufield, probated 1691, and daughter in Will of William Seward, probated 1703. Wm. Holt was son of Randall, Will 1679, and Elizabeth, Will 1709

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 729

1727, April 9 - Will of James Seward Probated

Son, John Seward, ½ of land purchased of Thos. Binns to be laid off near Henry Hart's line.

Loving wife, rest of land purchased of Thomas Binns, for her life, then to

Son, James Seward.

Wife to have my negro girl Jeanny until Son John is 18.

Child my wife is now big with, 10L.

Wife to be Exec.

Dated August 15, 1726

Witnesses: Wm. Gray, Thos. Taylor, Sarah Thorpe.

*Surry W*D Book 1715/30, p. 687

1727, - Inventory of William Thorpe, by Timothy Thorpe, Exec.

Signed William Seward, Charles BARHAM, Thomas Edwards.

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 750

Will of William Thorpe, My Mother, Mary Thorpe, Brother, Joseph Thorpe (-21), Sisters, Elizabeth Essell (Ezell), Sarah Thorpe, Olive Thorpe, Margaret Thorpe, Hannah Thorpe. Father, Timothy Thorpe, Exec.

Dated February 1726/7. Witnesses: Wm. Seward, James ...........?, Samson Wilson.

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 708

1727/8, February 1 - "At a General Assembly of the House of Burgesses held at the capital in the city of Williamsburg, February 1, 1727 and continued to June 14, 1732, an act to enable Charles (3) BARHAM to sell certain entailed lands and to purchase other lands."

Whereas Charles (1) BARHAM, late of Martins's Hundred, James City County, Virginia, deceased was in his lifetime seised in fee simple of 463 acres in Martin's Hundred and by his last Will and Testament dated 5 July 1682, devised the same to his son, Charles (2) BARHAM and for want of heirs to his two daughters, ELIZABETH and PRISCILLA and if all of theses should die, to his son, Robert (2) BARHAM. After his death, Charles (2) BARHAM entered and was thereof seised and sold the same and died leaving issue, Charles (3) BARHAM, his eldest son and heir. After his death, Charles (3) BARHAM, the grandson, recovered the said land and is now seised thereof and WHEREAS the said land is all cleared and for want of wood and timber is of little value to the said Charles (3) BARHAM, after the said Charles (3) BARHAM had the opportunity to purchase land in Martin's Hundred containing 250 acres, the greatest part of which is woodland, WHEREAS GRAVES PACKE, Mariner, lately died seised, which he purchased in his lifetime of one John Holden, and to enable him to make purchase hath applied to this General Assembly for an ACT to be pressed to impower him to sell part of the said entailed lands."

*Public Records Office, London, Documents C-O-5 1389fs 54 & 55

Charles (3) BARHAM'S petition to sell entailed land. (Continued)

1732, June 7 - Charles (3) BARHAM'S petition to the House of Burgesses was presented this day. That leave may be granted to enable him to sell a parcel of entailed land therein mentioned and to purchase other land therein also mentioned of more value and convenience to the petitioner, to be settled to the same uses.. Ordered, that leave be given to bring in a Bill, according to the Prayer of the said Petitioner, and that Mr. William HARWOOD, Mr. EATON, Mr. POWER and Mr. ROSCOE do prepare and bring in the same.

*Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1727 - 1734, p. 138

1732, June 8 - Mr. William HARWOOD presented to the House (according to order) a Bill to enable Mr. Charles (3) BARHAM to sell certain entailed lands therein mentioned and to purchase other lands therein mentioned to be settled in lieu thereof, to the same uses and the said Bill was favorably received and read the first time.

*Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1727 - 1734, p. 139 - 140

1732, June 9 - A Bill to enable Charles (3) BARHAM to sell certain entailed lands therein mentioned and to purchase other lands therein also mentioned, to be settled in lieu thereof to the same uses, was read for the second time.

*Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1727 - 1734, p. 143

1732, June 13 - A Bill entitled, An Act to enable Charles (3) BARHAM to sell certain entailed lands therein mentioned and to purchase other lands therein also mentioned in lieu thereof to the same uses was read a third time. RESOLVED that the Bill do pass.

*Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1727 - 1734, p. 145

1732, June 14 - As yesterday, a message from the Burgesses by Mr. LEE and others that the House had passed the following Bill. An ACT to enable Charles (3) BARHAM to sell certain entailed lands therein mentioned and to purchase other lands therein also mentioned in lieu thereof to the same uses.

*Journal of the House of Burgesses, 1727 - 1734, p. 798

1728, August 20 - Indenture Thomas Dance to Edward Slate of James City County

Land Dance bought of Thomas Waller. (Note: Waller bought from Binns in 1717/18......was adjacent to Robert BARHAM)

*Surry W&D Book 1715/30, p. 852

1729, September 14 - Accounts current Estate of John Clark, Dec'd.

To John Johnson 3-0-7 ½ By Sarah Clark 4-5-10

To Mary Margarity 1-1-9 By Wm. Williams 8-6

Sheriff's file 2-0-9 By Walter White 1-11-6

6-3-1/2 By Robert BARHAM 2-14-6

To Bal. Due 34-11-10 ½ By James Judkins 1-13-6

40-15-0 By Leonard Oney 1-2-6

By Francis Sharp 5-0-6

By Henry Foster 2-0-6

By John Barnes 2-2-6

By John Johnson 1-13

By Wm. Warren 1-15

By Wm. Brown, Jr &

Sam'l Thompson 6-10

By Robt. Warren -15

By Wm. Merriott 2-16

By Wm. Francis 1-11

By Wm. Thompson 1-11

By Wm. Fitchett 3-0-0

By Henry Sikes 0-15-0


Thos. Edmunds, EX of Howell Edmunds, Sherif dec'd

R. Sept. 17, 1729

* Page 970 Surry Book 1715/30

1730, April 14 - Indenture John Berryman, wife Elizabeth, to Samuel JUDKINS. !/2 of a tract on Gray's Creek; belonged to Robert Judkins, who Willed it to a son, William Judkins, from whom it descended to two daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah. Bounding on land Henry Hart sold Robert Pettway, and on Samuel Judkin's land.

Witnesses: Robert BARHAM, Jr., William Edwards

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p.8

1730/31, March 17 - Will of Thomas Holt Probated

Daughter, Elizabeth Cocke, wife of Nicholas Cocke

Daughter Mary, wife of Wm. Hansford - Granddaughter Martha Hansford

Daughter, Katherine, wife of Thomas Cocke

Daughter, Martha, wife of John Newsum

Daughter Lucy Holt

Son, Thomas

Son, Henry

Son, James

Dated ----------------?

Witnesses: Timothy Thorpe, Charles BARHAM, Samuel Wilson

Will presented by wife, Mary Holt

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p.86

Note: Thomas Holt's first wife was Frances Mason, Will of Francis Mason, probated 1696/7 calls Thos. Holt "son-in-law'. Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Martha, Lucy, Thomas and Francis Holt in Will of Mary White, probated 1721 (Book 1715/30, p. 343). These were probably children by Thos. Holts first wife. Henry and James by second wife, Mary. Chas. Binns was appointed guardian to Henry in 1741. (Order Book 1741/44, p. 387). On January 16, 1744.45, Nicholas Cocke, John Steele, wife Mary, Thos. Cocke, wife Katherine, John Newsum, wife Martha, Thos. Holt and Lucy Holt, spinster, sued James Baker, Executor of John Allen. (Order 1744/49, p. 190) Mary Holt, Widow, signed a marriage contract with Francis Price, October 20, 1736.

1732/33, January 15 - Will of Joseph Buck, Proved by witnesses. Dated December 26, 1732

Nephew, Joseph Buck - son of my brother, Mathhew Buck

Nephew, John Buck

Nephew, Charles Buck

Niece, Martha Buck - daughter of my brother Mathew Buck

Niece, Elizabeth Buck - daughter of my brother Benjamin Buck

Friend, Frances Harmon of New Kent

Niece, Elizabeth BARHAM - 1 three year old heifer, 1 pewter dish and 6 pewter plate

(Elizabeth appears to be Elizabeth Kerby, daughter of Mary Buck and Mundeford Kerby, Jr. She married William BARHAM, son of Charles (2) BARHAM who was the son of Capt. Charles BARHAM. Mary Buck was Joseph's sister)

William Barber, Gent. And his wife, Anna Marie

Friend, Thomas Hanley

Brother, Nathaniel Buck

Executors: Loving brother, Nathaniel Buck and good friend, Robert Crawley.

Witnesses: John Burnham, Robert R. Roberts

*York County Wills and Inventories, Book 18, part 1 (1732-1740), p. 10

1734, July 20 - Indenture Sam'l Sands, wife Sarah, South Warke Park to Richard Piland - 170 acres beginning at a white oak in Ogburne's line which was a corner tree between Edw. Pettway and Sands; thence up dividing line on N. Side of Green Swamp to the head of the Piney Slash on Sunken Marsh; thence along said line to George Piland on S. Branch of Crouche's Creek to Wm. Holt - to Leonard Oneys. Part of a tract conveyed to Sam'l Sands by Wm. And Robert Pettway 18 July 1731.

Witnesses: Wm. Edwards, John BARHAM

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 427

1734, September 17 - Indenture Leonard Oney, Isle of Wight, to Sam'l Sands. - 100 acres South Warke Parish beginning at a great pine on Wm. Holt being a corner tree between said Sands and Leonard Oney. Thence along Sand's line to the Green Swamp as ye water course directs to his corner tree on Robert BARHAM'S line, thence along the said BARHAM'S line to a corner tree on the aforesaid Holt's line, thence along Holt's line to a great pine first begun at.

Witnesses: Joseph Hart, Nich. Thompson

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 419

1736, - Accounts current Estate Capt. Thomas Holt

Items - paid Thomas Edwards - 13-5

Paid Charles BARHAM - 7-6

To a Negro girl called Jenny given to Lucy Holt, bed and furniture, a legacy left her by Mrs. Mason.

Signed Mary Holt, Exec.

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 633

1736, no month or day (recorded December 15, 1736)

Edward Pettway, South Warke Parish to Rich. Pyland - 170 acres beginning at Ogburne's line, a corner tree between Pettway and Sam'l Sands. N. Side of Green Swamp - Sunken Marsh Road - Piney Slash - Geo. Piland - Southernmost Branch of Crouch's Creek - Wm. Holt. The same being a tract of land conveyed to Sam'l Sands by Wm. And Robert Pettway 18 July 1731

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 642

Note: How did Edward Pettway get this land? Did Pettway marry Sand's Widow?

1736, June 16 - Sam'l Sands Estate by Leonard Oney, Adm.

Appointed by Geo. Piland, Wm. Holt, Joseph Hart

*Surry W*D Book 1730/38, p. 617

1736, September 28 - Will of John FOSTER probated

Eldest Son, Christopher, Son, John

Land adjoining Charles BARHAM and Thomas Phillips

Son, Arthur

Wife, Mary

Daughters, Elizabeth, Faith, Mary, Lucy, Sarah

Executors: Wife and brother Christopher Foster

Dated February 23, 1735/36

Witnesses: Richard Griffith, Christopher Foster, Faith Emry, Fortune Foster

*Isle of Wight W&D Book 4, p. 141

Note: John Foster's estate appraised by Thomas Holt, Charles BARHAM, Thomas Phillips, Dec. 27, 1736, p. 152

1737, July 15 - Indenture Elias George to John Porter (Portia?) - 100 acres beginning at a corner tree of Wm. Holt, Mill Swamp - to mouth of BARHAM'S Spring Brach to a pine tree - To Robert BARHAM'S line.

Witnesses: John Kae, Lewis Williams

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 724

1737/38, March 15 - Allen Warren's Will (probated January 16, 1744/45)

Son, Benjamin - plantation I live on and all land - 100 acres

Son, Benjamin - Executor

Witnesses: Thomas Warren, John Warren, Thomas BARHAM

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 488

Note; Allen Warren, wife Elizabeth acknowledged deed to Allen Warren, Jr. October 20, 1714. OB, p. 42

1737, April 9 - Indenture Simon OGBURN to Stephen BELL - 240 acres beginning at a corner tree of Robt. BARHAM'S land on the head of Green Swamp, along Edw. Pettway's line to a white oak, thence along Clement's line to a pine, a corner tree, thence along Allen Warren's line over a branch at foot of Branch's Bridge Road to a dividing line between said Ogburns and Mary Ogburns, down dividing line to an arm of the Bay Tree Branch to the Green Swamp, up Green Swamp to 1st station.

Witnesses: Geo. Piland, Thomas Piland, Eliz. Piland.

*Surry W&D Bool 1730/38, p. 717

1737, November 16 - Estate of Samuel Sands. "By the sale of his estate to the several persons as under wrighten"

Thos. Lane, Robert BARHAM, Wm. Drew, John BARHAM, Joseph Hart, Capt. Wm. Edwards, John Cox, Robert BARHAM. Jr., Sarah Sands, Geo. Piland, Rich. Piland, Sam'l Thompson, Nath'l Edwards.

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 759

1738, July 4 - Thomas Holt, Jr. of Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry Co., to Charles BARHAM of Nottoway Parish, Isle of Wight Co. - consideration of 30L, 150 acres where Charles BARHAM now dwelleth SW side of Nottoway River adjacent to John Foster and Josiah Barker.

Witnesses: ?

*Isle of Wight Deed Book 5, p. 243

1738, November 14 - Indenture Thomas Drew to Thomas BARHAM

Consideration of 6L, 100 acres in Lawnes Creek Parish beginning at a pine on the head of Cross Branch on North side of Sunken Marsh and joining William Holt.......to the head of Fall Run on Holt's line.

Witnesses: Chas. Binns, William Williams

*Surry W&D Book 1730/38, p. 916

1738/39, February 20 - Indenture Harris Taylor, Isle of Wight, to John Holt

150 acres, land which my grandfather Wm. Harris bought of Wm. Cockerham (Cockerham) and willed to me. Beginning at a marked white oak very near saw pitt in line between said Taylor and Holt's land which he bought of Robert BARHAM, to edge of marsh of Hogg Is. Creek to a line of marked trees between said Taylor and Wm. Seward.

Witnesses: Charles Binns, Thomas Binns, John Berryman, Wm. Waller.

*Surry Book 1738/54, p. 1

1739 - John Holt refused bounds between his land and marsh belonging to Wm. Seward. Court ordered a Jury of Ancient Freeholders to procession - Rich. Cocke, surveyor, Wm. Edwards, Jr., Thos. Davidson, Thos. Addison, John Thompson, Augustine Hunnicutt, Jogn Edwards, Nicholas Faulcon, John Portis, Wm. Merriott, Newel Edwards, Joseph Handcocke, Wm. Newsum.

*Surry Book 1738/54, p. 149, map 150.

1740 - Indenture Thomas BARHAM, Isle of Wight County, to his brother Robert BARHAM of Surry.

6L, 100 acres in Southwarke Parish, Surry County, that he bought of Thomas Drew. Beginning at Cross Branch on William Holt's line. Thos, Drew's other land.

Witnesses: John Ruffin, R. Hamlin, Ben Ruffin

*Surry Book 1738/54, p. 283

1742, September 5 - Court ordered Joseph Hart, Thos. Lane, Nicholas Thompson and Jno. BARROM, or any three of them, to appraise the estate of William Batts.

*Surry Order Book 1741/44, p.

Elizabeth; grandsons Wm. Batts, Wm. Lain

Dated 31 December 1741. Witnesses Charles Binns, Henry Holt, David Drew.

Probated 17 November 1742

*Surry WBook 1738/54, p. 419

1743, May 27 - Due from Thomas BARHAM to Solomon Newsum for 190 acres.

*Isle of Wight Book 6, p. 7 insert.

1743/44, March 30 - Thomas BARHAM patented 190 acres in Isle of Wight County, on the N side of the three Creeks, up the Flatt br.; adjacent Thomas Newsom, Edward Robertson, Henry Manery, Bagley Greve and John Smith. L1.

*Isle of Wight Patent Book 20, p. 489

1743 - Indenture William Jones, Isle of Wight County, to Benjamin BARHAM of Surry. 200 acres in Nottoway Parish, Isle of Wight County. 100 acres granted Wm. Jones by patent dated March 30, 1743; other 100 acres granted Joseph Regan on July 9, 1743.

*Isle of Wight Book 6, p. 341

1744, November 21 - Indenture John Portis, Isle of Wight, to John Judkins, Jr., of Surry - 100 acres bounded by William Holt to run of Mill Swamp to the mouth of BARHAM spring branch to a corner tree of Robert BARHAM'S.

Witnesses: Thomas Williams, John Tyler.

Surry Deed Book 1738/54, p. 249

1745, June 19 - Moses Johnson and James Chappel, Churchwardens of Albemarle Parish vs. Mary BARHAM, defendant, for debt. At April Court, 1746, this action dismissed, plaintiffs failing to prosecute. Albemarle Parish became Sussex County.

*Surry Order Book 1744/49, p. 47

1745, June 22 - Indenture Moses Newsum to Thomas BARHAM, .......... acres given Moses by his brother, Thomas Newsum.

*Isle of Wight Bool 6, p. 7

1745/46, January 27 - Will of Thomas Newsum Probated - Dated October 14, 1745

Son, Nathan

Son, Benjamin

Son, Jacob

Son, David

Son, Thomas BARHAM

Daughter, Sarah BARHAM

Wife, Elizabeth

Executors: Wife and son, Jacob.

Witnesses: Nathaniel Ridley, Jesse Browne

*Isle of Wight Book 5, p. 5

Note: Thomas Newsum, born in Surry County in 1685/86, married about 1705 Elizabeth CRAFFORD, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Carter) CRAFFORD. His brother, John NEWSUM married Sarah CRAFFORD, a sister. Thomas received land grants in Isle of Wight totaling some 1000 acres, the first in 1714. This land fell in Southampton County when it was cut off from Isle of Wight in 1749. Thomas and John Newsum were sons of William NEWSUM, born in Surry County in 1648 and dying there in 1691, and his wife, Mrs. Anne Sheppard Hart, daughter of Robert Sheppard, and widow of Thomas Hart. Other children of William and Anne NEWSUM were William (1672/73 - 1751) Robert (1681/82 - 1757), Elizabeth, Anne. After William NEWSUM'S death in 1691, Mrs. Anne Sheppard (HART) NEWSUM married George Foster. She made her Will as Anne Foster making bequests to sons Robert and Thomas NEWSUM and daughters Elizabeth and Anne. As wife to Thomas HART she had sons Henry (1662 - 1739), Thomas (1664/65 - 1708/09), and Robert (1666/67

1720). *from the NEWSUM FAMILY by Dr. B.C. Holtzclaw, Va. Magazine of History, Vol. XLVII.

NOTE: It was Robert HART with whom Robert BARHAM lived in 1695/96/97. He is presumed to have married Priscilla BARHAM.

1745/46, February 2 - Indenture Stephen Bell to William Piland - 240 acres on Green Swamp adjacent to Rich. Piland, Edward Pettway, John Harris, Benjamin Warren, John Davis - Bay Tree Br.

Witnesses: Samuel Thompson, William Clements, James price p. 412

1746, April 20 - Indenture John Drew, Isle of Wight County, to John Ruffin. 200 acres next to David Alexander's land that he bought of John Drew, Holly Swamp to Sunken Marsh Road and up the road to Robert BARHAM'S corner tree on South side of road. Along BARHAM'S line to a corner tree of Thomas Lane. Along Lane's line to John Coxes. Along Coxes' line to Holly Swamp to the mouth of Sassafras Branch. Including land Cox rented of said Drew's father.

Witnesses: Thomas Cocke, Jr., John Hunnicutt, Willot Roberts.

Surry Deed Book 1741/46, p. 443

1746, June 5 - Charles BARHAM patented 180 acres, Isle of Wight County, on the S side of Nottoway River and up the Run of the Cabbin Br.; Adjacent William Watkins, Thomas Philips, John Tann (John Kiquotan?), Arthur Foster, his own old Line, Christopher Foster junr. And Christopher Foster Senr.

*Isle of Wight Book 25, p. 131

1746, July 25 - Charles BARHAM, 320 acres, Isle of Wight County on the S side of Nottoway River, up the Racoon Swamp.; beginning at a corner of Christopher Foster the Younger, the said Barham's own old Line, John Fort and Thomas Holt.

*Isle of Wight Patent Book 25, p. 312

** Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 5, 1741-1749, p. 203

1746 - Indenture Charles BARHAM, Isle of Wight County, to John FORT, 100 acres, part of a larger grant to Charles BARHAM, dated July 25, 1746, adjacent to Thomas Holt and Christopher Foster, Sr.

*Isle of Wight Book 6 p.

1746, July 25 - Holladay Fort, patented 385 acres Isle of Wight County, on the S side of Nottoway River, up the Hornet Swamp, by the Co. Line [N 60deg.E]; adjacent his own old Line, Thomas Grantham, Henry Mannery, Charles BARHAM, and Bagley Greeves. L1. 185 acres part formerly granted Thomas Johnson by Patent, 18 February 1722/23 [PB 11, p. 173] and by said Thomas Johnson sold and conveyed to the said Holladay Fort and 200 acres the residue never before granted.

*Isle of Wight Book 25

**Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 5, 1741-1749, p. 205

1746, August 28 - Charles BARHAM patented 250 acres, Isle of Wight County on the S side Nottoway River and down the Racoon Swamp adjacent Joseph Holt. L1..5

*Isle of Wight Book 25, p. 212

1746/47, March 12 - Will of William PAGE probated. Dated October 16, 1746

Granddaughter, Mary PAGE

Wife, Anne and at her decease to Betty Fort. If no heirs to Joshua Fort.

Executors: John and Rebecca Fort

Witnesses: John Land, Robert Land

*Isle of Wight Book 5, p. 49

1746, December 30 - Indenture Edward Slate to Thomas Johnson. Land bought of Thomas Dance.

*Surry Book 1746/49, p. 1

Note: Binns to Waller 1717/18; Waller to Dance 1720; Dance to Slate 1728

1747, March - Thomas BARHAM attended the sale of the Estate of Samuel Cosby, dec'd, at which he made purchases totaling L1..2..6. (All of the official records of York County apparently do not include a York County resident by the name of Thomas BARHAM. This tend to show that Thomas BARHAM lived in an adjoining county, which was close enough for him to attend the sale. Also it shows that he was an adult.) (See Thomas BARHAM, November 20, 1752)

1748 - Indenture Stephen Vaughan to Benjamin BARHAM, 150 acres?

Witnesses: Thomas BARHAM, Jacob Newsum, Charles BARHAM

Isle of Wight Book 8, p. 78

1748, June 9 - Estate of William Page, by John Fort. Appraised by Charles BARHAM, Thomas Holt, Peter Butts.

*Isle of Wight Book 5, p. 118

1748/49, January 17 - Action of trespass Benjamin BARRUM vs. Edmund Barrow.

*Surry Order Book 1744/49, p. 524

1749, September 5 - Christopher Foster patented 120 acres Isle of Wight County, on the S side of Nottoway River adjacent Charles BARHAM and Christopher Foster Senior. 15 shillings

*Isle of Wight Book 28, p. 647

1749, December 14 - Will of John Simmons probated. Dated June 25, 1746

Wife, Mary

Son, William, my land in Surry

Son, Benjamin, land bought off Nottoway Indians adjoining his own land.

Son, Charles, all my land in low grounds not already sold to Charles Brown and John Arrington, and 180 acres on which I live, being part of William Cocke's patent.

Daughter, Ann Ruffin and her husband Edmund Ruffin

Daughter Lucy Ruffin and her husband Benjamin Ruffin

Daughter Elizabeth Jones and her husband Elberton Jones (Albridgeton Jones?)

Son, Henry Simmons

Witnesses: Robert S. Woodbank, Howell Edmunds, Peter Butts, William Little.

*Southampton Book 1, p. 6

1750 - Ordered Benjamin Clements, Peter Butts, Thomas Westbrook and Charles BARHAM to appraise the Estate of John Simmons.

*Southampton Order Book 1, p. 22

1750 - Benjamin BARHAM appointed Overseer of Road

*Southampton Order Book 1

1751, March 14 - Will if Timothy THORPE probated. Dated December 2, 1750

Daughter, Margaret, wife of James Bruce - negro girl Gilley

Daughter, Mary, wife of Owen Mirick, 1 shilling

Granddaughters, Mary Harris, Ann Harris - 8L

Granddaughter, Mary BARHAM - 10L

Son, John

Son, Timothy

Son, Joseph

Daughter, Olive Atkinson

Land to be sold and divided between three and two daughters, John, Timothy and Joseph Thorpe, Olive Atkinson and Margaret Bruse.

Witnesses: Edward Harris, Francis Hilliard, Thomas Amon.

*Southampton Book 1, p. 37

Note: Timothy THORPE a tithable in 1690 - Born 1673/74

1751, August 12 - Thomas Briggs, wife Francis, of Surry County., to James BARHAM - 89L-14S, 245 acres, NW side three creeks - a patent granted James Sammon February 21, 1720 and August 20, 1745 adjacent to John Holt.

Witnesses: James Ridley, Joseph Jones, Drewry Parker

*Southampton Deed Book 1, p. 248

1752, September 26 - Ordered Nicholas Thompson, John Judkins, John BARRUM and Thomas Lane to appraise the Estate of James Bennett.

*Surry Order Book 1751/52, p. 192

1752, October 17 - Will of James Bennett probated. Dated October 1745

Son, William - land bought of Charles Binns

Son, James

Son, John

Daughters, Ann, Martha, Mary, Sarah, Bridgett

Son, Samuel

Grandson, Thomas, son of William

Executor: Son, Samuel

Witnesses: Charles Binns, William Goodwyn, William Batts, William Clark

*Surry WBK 1738/54, p. 804

1752, November 20 - Thomas BARHAM came to York County to serve as a witness for Edward Digges, Esq. Against Andrew Crookshanks in Court. Edward Digges was ordered to pay Thomas BARHAM 46 pounds of tobacco for 1 days attendance and coming and going 6 miles. (See Thomas BARHAM, March 1747) This tends to show that Thomas BARHAM lived in a nearby county, possibly Martin's Hundred, James City County.

1753, March 8 - Will of John Fort probated. Dated January 10, 1753

Son, Elias

Son, John

Son, Henry

Son, Joshua

Son, Arthur

Grandson, Henry Thomas

Daughter, Lucy Grisard

Daughter, Betty

Wife, Rebecca

Witnesses: Peter Butts, John Forster, Arthur Forster, David Newsum.

*Southampton Book 1, p. 105

1753 - Estate of John Fort appraised by Benjamin BARHAM, Charles BARHAM, Thomas Westbrook.

*Southampton Book 1, p. 122

1739/40, March - Will of Elias Fort probated. Dated September 20, 1732

Son, John - land on which he lives

Son, Holiday

Grandson, John Fort - land on Shehawhen Swamp where William Fitchett lives.

Daughters, Phyllis Pennington, Mary Foster, Alice Foster, Faith King.

Wife, Sarah Fort

Witnesses: John Chapman, Jno. Bynum, Joseph Andrews

*Surry Book 1738/54, p. 135

1753 - On motion of Charles BARHAM as witness for Christopher Foster in suit against Nathan Newsum, Foster is ordered to pay BARHAM 50 lbs. Of tobacco for two days attendance.

*Southampton Order Book 1, p.

1753 - Charles BARHAM appointed Surveyor of Highway

*Southampton Order Book 1

1753, May 14 - Indenture John Ruffin, wife Martha, to Roger Delk

50L, 200 acres whereon Thomas Thorne dwells, West side of Holly Swamp at a place called the Codd to the mouth of Sassafras Branch--up Sassafrs Branch to the Middle Pocoson to Sunken Marsh road -- up Sunken Marsh road to Robert BARHAM'S line, along BARHAM'S line to Thomas LANE'S - - John Cocks. Includes all land John Ruffin bought of John Drew, Jr.

Witnesses: Robert Ruffin, Thomas Warren, James Newsum.

*Surry DBK 1749/53, p. 652

Note: Estate of William Thorpe returned by Thomas Thornton and Mary Thornton, Administrators., November 17, 1731

1754, April 16 - Indenture Benjamin Holt, wife Elizabeth, to Robert BARHAM. 100 acres in Southwarke Parish, Surry County, being part of the land he now lives on. Bounded by Benjamin Phillips, to a corner tree of the land that was Thomas BARHAM'S; Roger Delks land and William Newsum.

*Surry DBK 1753/57, p. 134

Note: Will of William Holt, probated June 19, 1753 - leaves 20 shillings to son, Benjamin.

1754, April 23 - John HOLT (Surry) and Thomas HOLT (James City Co.) (1 part) to James BARHAM. 30L, 100 acres S. Side Nottoway River, N. Side 3 creeks adjacent to James Sammon, a patent granted by Robert Carter, sold to John Holt June 16, 1727.

Witnesses: John Judkins, Benjamin Judkins, Samuel Judkins.

*Southampton DBK 2, p. 37

1754, May 22 - Benjamin Clark granted Administration of Estate of John Clark, dec'd. Benjamin Phillips and James price, Securities.

Ordered John Newsum, Nicholas Faulcon, William Edwards, Jr. and Robert BARHAM to appraise.

*Surry Order Book 1753/57, p. 26

Note: This John Clark seems to have been son of Henry Clark, Will probated 1721 - Sons, Henry, John, William, Benjamin.

*Surry 1715/30, p. 349

1754, November 5 - William Watkins to James BARHAM

15L - 120 acres S. Side Nottoway River, a patent granted Christopher Foster, Jr., September 5, 1749, conveyed to Watkins July 9, 1752.

Witnesses: Peter Butts, Arthur Foster, John Foster, Charles BARHAM

*Southampton DBK 2, p. 51

1755, May 20 - Grand Jury includes Robert BARHAM, John BARHAM

*Surry Order Book 1753/57, p. 209

1755, August 14 - Will of Elizabeth NEWSUM probated. Dated September 18, 1751

Son, Jacob - negro girl Tille

Son, Thomas - 1 shilling

Son, Moses - 1 shilling

Son, Sampson - 1 shilling

Son, Solomon - 1 shilling

Son, Nathan - 1 shilling

Son, Amos - 1 shilling

Daughter, Ann HOLT - Wearing apparel

Daughter, Sarah BARHAM - Side saddle

Son, Davis - Balance estate , negro wench (?) Frank

Son David to be Executor

Witnesses: Peter Butts, Charles BARHAM. James BARHAM

*Southampton Book 1, p. 175 (see Will of Thomas Newsum, 1745/46)

Note: Elizabeth NEWSUM'S Estate signed by James BARHAM, Charles BARHAM, Benjamin BARHAM. April 9, 1756

1756 - Charles BARHAM a witness for Benjamin Hale vs. Holiday Fort

*Southampton Order Book 1

1757, February 10 - Arthur Foster to James BARHAM

35L - 150 acres S, side Nottoway River adjacent to John Foster and said James BARHAM. Part of a larger tract purchased by John Foster of Joseph Holt, September 23, 1728. Devised by John Foster to Arthur Foster.

No Witnesses

*Southampton DBK 2, p. 156

1757, April 5 - Thomas BARHAM - 350 acres N. Side of Round Hill Swamp adjacent Benjamin Edwards, Leonard Oney.

Patent Book 29, p. 349

1757, July 14 - David Newsum to Benjamin BARHAM 5L - 10 acres S. Side Nottoway. Part of a larger tract granted Thomas Newsum, January 12, 1746 adjacent to Benjamin BARHAM, Jacob Newsum.

Witnesses: Ben Simmons, Henry Westbrook.

*Southampton DBK 2, p. 171

1757, September 8 - Estate of John Turner Smith appraised by Charles BARHAM, Jacob Newsum, David Newsum.

*Southampton Book 1, p. 231

John Turner Smith Will, probated December 9, 1756. Dated October 31, 1756

David Edloe Disto

James Hook with reversion to Newit Harris and Newit Foster

Wife, Sarah Smith

Executor: David Edloe Disto

Witnesses: Christopher Foster, Alse Foster, Amy Foster

*Southampton Book K, p. 208

John Turner Smith Estate audited by Benjamin Simmons, Benjamin Lewis, Charles BARHAM, May 11, 1758

*Southampton Book 1, p. 253

1758, February 7 - Marriage Bond. Joshua Fort - Mary Celia Thorpe, daughter of Joseph Thorpe. Joshua is of Southampton County., and is Ward of Arthur Foster.

Surety: Major Tiller

Witnesses: John Tiller, James Milner, Benjamin BARHAM, Cornelius Mabry.

*Sussex County

1758, May 16 - John BARHAM appointed Overseer of Road in room of Edward Pettway.

*Surry Order Book 1757/63, p. 88

1759, January 25 - Benjamin BARHAM serves on a Jury in the York County Court, and it is seen that he served on the Jury many times from that date until 1763. It also shows that he was an adult in 1759.

*York County Records

1759, January 16 - Accounts current Estate of Richard Piland, signed by William Harris, Carter Crafford.

Item: Paid John BARHAM - 0-3-3

*Surry WBK 1754/68, p. 180

1757, May 17 - Will of Richard Piland probated. Dated November 12, 1756

Wife, Mary

Sons, George, Robert, Nicholas, Benjamin

Daughters, Elizabeth JUDKINS, Mary and Martha Piland

Witnesses: Samuel Judkins, Benjamin Harrison

*Surry WBK 1754/68, p. 94

1759 - A William BARHAM in York County. Frances KERBY, born May 13, 1733 married ......... BARHAM. Issue includes Thomas BARHAM and John BARHAM.

*William and Mary Quarterly 14, #3, p. 156

Note: From various other sources it has been discerned that the BARHAM married to Frances KERBY was Robert BARHAM, son of William BARHAM, grandson of Charles (2) BARHAM and great-grandson of Capt. Charles (1) BARHAM.

1759 - William BARHAM, plaintiff brought suit against Matthew Hubbard, Deft. By agreement of the parties, this suit is dismissed and it is ordered that the Deft. Pay unto the Pltf., his cost.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders 1759-1763, p. 7

1760 - Pate Harwood presented the Will of his mother, Susan (Pate?) Harwood-BARHAM to the Warwick County Court. He was named executor in the Will. Suit was brought by Charles BARHAM as heir.

*Warwick Co., Va. Order Book, p. 600 & 676/678

1760, May 8 - Joshua Pretlow to Benjamin BARHAM - 140L, 300 acres S. Side Nottoway River. Land Joshua Pretlow bought of Chiefmen of the Nottoway Indians in January, 1749.

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 2, p. 341

1760, January 10 - Will of Robert Booth probated. Dated October 6, 1757

Son, Arthur, Land bought of Robert BARHAM

Son, Robert

Grandsons, John, James, Beverly Booth

Son, Shelly, land bought of James Drew

Son, Moses

Daughters, Sarah, Faith

Granddaughters, Sarah and Patience Booth

Executor: Son, Moses

Witnesses: Mary Hase, Barnaby Bailey

*Southampton Book 1, p. 318

1760, May 8 - Benjamin BARHAM to Nathan Newsum, 80L

Where Benjamin now lives, 210 acres purchased by Benjamin of Stephen Vaughan May 2, 1748; 50 acres other part purchased of Thomas BARHAM May 14, 1748; 100 acres other part purchased of Thomas BARHAM September 4, 1748; 10 acres other part purchased of David Newsum. Witnesses: William Taylor, Thomas Storrs, Pryde Williams

*Southampton Book 2, p. 343

Note: is he conveying 370 or 210 acres?

1760, May 8 - Thomas BARHAM to Solomon Deloach, 80L - 190 acres S. Side Nottoway River and on S. Side Spring Swamp, bounded as by a patent to Christopher Robertson, March 30, 1743

No Witnesses

*Southampton DBK 2, p. 342

1760, May 12 - Will of John JUDKINS probated. Dated December 12, 1758

Son, Nicholas

Son, William - Plantation where he lives

Son, Joseph - Part of land purchased of Benjamin Cocke

Son, Samuel - Balance of land purchased of Benjamin Cocke

Son, Jesse - Land bought of William Edwards

Son, Charles - Plantation where I live

Son, John

Daughter, Mary BARHAM - negro girl Jenny for life, then to her heirs

Daughter, Ann Mouring

Daughter, Sarah BARHAM - negro girl Cate for life, then to her children

Charles BARHAM - 1 iron pot

Grandson, Robert BARHAM - 1 cow

William Thompson - 1 iron pot

Four grandchildren - Philip, Frederick, Rebecca, Pattie Thompson

Wife, Martha

Witnesses: Joseph Newsum, James Davis, Samuel Judkins, John Warren

Executor: ?

*Surry Book 1754/68, p. 225

1760, August 14 - Will of Robert BARHAM probated. Dated January 18, 1748

I, Robert BARHAM, of Southwarke Parish, in the County of Surry

Son, Charles - negro man George

Son, Robert - negro girl Nan

Son, John - negro girl Joan

Daughter, Martha - negro boy Jack

Son, Thomas - negro girl Sew

Son, Benjamin - negro boy Dick

Daughter, Elizabeth - negro girl Amy

Daughter, Mary - negro boy Sampson

Daughter, Sarah - negro girl Abigail

5 sons and 4 daughters to keep what they already have of my estate.

Executors: Son, Charles and Daughter, Elizabeth

Proved by oath of Henry Hart and by solemn affirmation of Benjamin Bailey, one of the people called Quakers.

Presented by Charles BARHAM

*Southampton Book 1, p. 331

1761, February 12 - Inventory of Robert BARHAM by Charles BARHAM, Executor.

9 slaves, 1 bed and furniture, 1 chest and wearing apparel.

No Signers (p. 357)

1760, September 10 - Timothy Thorpe, 40 acres W. Side of 3 creeks adjacent John Mirick, James BARHAM.

*Southampton Patent Book 29, p. 905

1760, July - Estate of William Hansford

Item: received of Mr. Charles BARHAM

*York County Book 1760/77, p. 10

Note: Will of Thomas Holt, probated March 17, 1730/31 - "Daughter Mary, wife of William Hansford. Granddaughter Martha Hansford." Charles BARHAM and Timothy Thorpe were witnesses to this Will. William Hansford was dead by January, 1744/45, when Thomas Holt's Children deeded land and Mary was then wife of John Steele.

1760, September 10 - Indenture Samuel Harwood, wife Agnis, Albemarle Parish, Sussex, to Thomas BARHAM, Parish of Nottoway, Southampton County. 110L - 200 acres in Sussex on S. Side of Nottoway River on N. Side of Poplar Swamp bounded by Cockes Branch, land formerly Samuel Harwood but now Henry Tyler's, William Knight.

Witnesses: Gregory Rawlings, Charles Knight, William Knight

*Sussex DBK B, p. 161

1761, November 16 - Benjamin BARHAM was appointed Constable, and he took the Oath of Office February 15, 1762, when he replaced John Lester.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders, 1759-1763 (see Benjamin BARHAM, 1763)

1761, December 25 - Timothy Thorpe to Benjamin BARHAM, 20L - 20 acres E. Side of White Oak Meadow joining land Benjamin BARHAM now lives on.

Witnesses: George Little, Peter Hay, D. Fisher

*Southampton DBK 3, p. 120

1761, February 12 - Estate of Elias Foster appraised by Charles BARHAM, Solomon DeLoach, David Newsum

*Southampton Book 1, p. 358

Note: No Will on record for Elias Foster, but Will of Christopher Foster makes bequests to Grandson Richard Foster, son of Elias Foster. Others mentioned - son John, son Moses, Daughter Amy, Wife Alice, son Newit. Sons Newit and Moses, Executors. Witnesses: Arthur Foster, John Fort, John Westbrook. Dated November 17, 1766 and probated March 12, 1767

*Southampton Book 2, p. 191

1762 - On or about this date, William BARHAM died in York County, Virginia. (b. Unknown) Son of Charles (2) BARHAM and ?... Married Elizabeth (Kerby?) Prior to 1732 and had issue: Benjamin BARHAM, Robert BARHAM and William BARHAM.

1732, Dec. 26 - The Will of Joseph Buck, dec'd, names his niece, Elizabeth BARHAM as a legatee.

*York Co. W&I 18, p. 10)

1763 - Mrs. Elizabeth BARHAM charged with three tithables in Yorkhampton Parish. List made by the Rev. John Camm.

*Tyler's Quarterly, Vol 7, p. 179-185.

1762, January 7 - A writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Sarah BARHAM was produced in Court by Pate Harwood, the Executor therein named and proved by John Harwood and Wood Perkins, witnesses. Charles BARHAM, heir-at-law is allowed til next Court to contest the said Will if he sees cause. Ordered John Lewelling, Richard Winn, Wood Perkins and William Burt to appraise.

*Warwick County Minute Book 1748/62, p. 367

1762, March 11 - Estate of Walter Gilliam appraised by John Gilliam, Thomas Holt and Charles BARHAM.

*Southampton Book 1, p. 422

1758, August 10 - Will of Walter Gilliam probated. Dated April 28, 1758

Son, Arthur

Sons, Drury and Ephraim - Plantation bought of Abel Mabry

Wife, Sarah and makes her Executrix

Witnesses: Burrell Gilliam, William Hutchings, Arthur Foster

(Will of Hinshea Gilliam, probated 1734 in Surry , son, Walter)

*Southampton Book 1, p. 261

1762, May 18 - Will of Thomas Edwards probated. Dated January 25, 1761

Thomas Edwards of Upper Southwarke in Surry County

Daughter Elizabeth BARHAM, 70 lbs. Current money of Virginia to be paid by my son William out of my estate.

Daughter, Lucy Clark, 70 lbs. Current money of Virginia to be paid by my son, William out of my estate.

Grandson, Thomas Edwards, my gun and silver shoe buckells

Son, William Edwards, my lands, negroes Ned, Jeffrey, Moll and Hannah

Son, William, Executor

Witnesses: Thomas Binns, Thomas Edwards, Nicholas Faulcon, Jr.

Proved by Thomas Binns and Nicholas Faulcon, Jr.

*Surry Book 1754/68, p. 212

1762, July 19 - William BARHAM among those chosen for Jurors.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders, 1759-1763, p. 399

1762, November 15 - Benjamin BARAM - 340 pound of tobacco for his services as Constable of York County.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders 1759-1763, p. 450

1762, November 24 - Two claims of William BARHAM and Anthony Robinson taking up runaways therein mentioned, were presented to the House of Burgesses and read and referred for the consideration of the Committee of Claims.

*Journals of the House of Burgesses, 1761-1765, p. 11

1763, January 4 - Patty (Martha) BARHAM, daughter of Thomas and Sarah BARHAM, born.

Sponsors: Charles Knight, Elizabeth Knight, Anne Wren

*Albemarle Parish Register

1763, January 17 - On a motion of Robert BARHAM, who made oath and together with Arthur Dickson, Jr., his security, entered into and acknowledged bond as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the Estate of William BARHAM, dec'd, in due form.

(On this same day it was ordered that Thomas Wade, Whitehead Lester, Charles BARHAM and henry Chisman or any three of them being first sworn before a Justice of James City County, appraise the Estate including slaves and personal property in current money and return the said appraisement to this Court.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders 1759-1763, p. 458

1763, February 21 - Appraisal of the estate of William BARHAM, dec'd, returned to York County Court this day by Henry Chisman, Thomas Wade and Whitehead Lester, the appraisers, by order of the York County Court of 17th January 1763.

Estate appraised at L 242..5..6

William BARHAM

Note: the first six items L 1..

were illegible 9..





to a pair of steelyard 15

to a bedstead, table and frying pan 15

to a saddle and bridle 1..5

to a negro fellow 90..

to a negro wench 80..

to a negro wench 40..

to a gun and pocket book 2..9..6

to 10 barrells of corn at ....5.

York County 17th day of January 1763 L 242..5..6

Recorded 21st February 1763

*York Co., Va. Wills and Inventories 1760-1771 Book 21, p. 132/133

1763 - Benjamin BARHAM - 3 tithables - York-Hampton Parish, York County

*Tyler's Quarterly 7, p. 179

1763, January 10 / July 18 - Deed of Nathaniel Buck of York County to Mary Buck of said County for natural love and affection, a parcel of land containing 200 acres, improvements and slaves. Dated January 10th and proved July 18th. Benjamin BARHAM was a witness.

*York Co., DBK 6, 1755 - 1763, p. 529

1763 - In addition to Elizabeth BARHAM (see Will of Joseph Buck, 1732) there appears one other female BARHAM. She was shown with tithables in Yorkhampton Parish in 1763. This is the only time that her name was mentioned. It is thought, but not proven, that she was the wife of Thomas BARHAM who was found in the York County Records in March 1747 and November 1752. The two items in the York County Records infer that Thomas BARHAM was not a resident of York County. Martin's Hundred became a part of Yorkhampton Parish in 1712. By the 1782 land tax list for James City County as well as York County, neither Thomas or Jemima BARHAM were listed, which indicates they were deceased.

Note: There was also one Thomas BARHAM, who was a witness to the Will of Bennett Kerby in 1780. It has not been established who his parents were. There is a Thomas BARHAM, grandson to Bennett Kerby, but he appears to have been too young to have been a legal witness.

1763 - Benjamin BARHAM - died in 1763, intestate. However, his wife, Catherine (Moody) and his son, Moody BARHAM, and three daughters, Catherine, Elizabeth and Mary BARHAM have been proven by the Will of his father-in-law, Josiah Moody. Josiah Moody qualified to administer the estate of Benjamin BARHAM.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders, 1763-1765, p. 177

1764, March 19 - William BARHAM on Jury (see William Barham, 1796/97)

* York Co., Va. Judgements & Orders 1763-1765, p. 170/72

1764, March 19 - On the motion of Josiah Moody, who made oath and together with William Moody, his security, entered into and acknowledged Bond as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration on the Estate of Benjamin BARHAM, dec'd, in due form.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders, 1763-65, p. 177

1764, March 19 - Benjamin BARHAM'S Estate Appraisal

1 negro man, James L 40..

1 negro girl, Dinah 50

1 negro boy, Roger 50

5 cows and 2 young calves 15

4 heifers and 1 young steer 7..10

2 sows and 4 shoats 3

a bed and furniture, etc 9..10

A parcel of pewter, 4 butter pots and mugs 7..10

10 bottles, 1 gun, a cartridge box 2

a spinning wheel, 6 chairs, chests 7..01..7

A pair of flat irons, lumber .....6

2 pots, a frying pan, skillet and pails 12..6

1 pair oyster tongs, books, candlestick 5..3

I glasses, 1 case, a basket, a sifter ....5


Signed: Samuel Kelby, John Chapman, Charles Hansford

returned to York County Court May 21, 1764 and ordered to be recorded

*York Co., Wills and Inventories 1760-1771, Book 21, p. 200

1764, March 20 - Ordered Carter Crafford, William Newsum, Robert Hunnicutt and Robert BARHAM to appraise the Estate of John Drew.

*Surry Order Book 1764/67, p. 9

Will Of John Drew dated January 4, 1764 and probated March 20, 1764

Wife, Land I live on for life then to be sold

Daughter, Faithy and all her children

Daughter, Betty and all her children

Daughter, Martha if she has children

Executrix: Wife,

Witnesses: John Newsum, Edmund Waller Wil (Salter)

*Surry WBK 1754/68, p. 355

1764, April 16 - Rebekah, Daughter of Charles and Mary BARHAM, born

sponsors - Charles Knight, Sarah Knight, Amy Harwood

*Albemarle Parish Register

1764, May 21 - Inventory and Appraisal of the Estate of Benjamin BARHAM (son of William BARHAM and Elizabeth Kerby) by Samuel Kelby, John Chapman and Charles Hansford.

*York Co., Wills and Inventories, 1760-1771, p. 200

1764, August 21 - Benjamin Phillips ordered to pay James Price and John BARHAM as witnesses against George Pyland.

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. 55

1765, February 20 - Indenture Samuel Stokes, wife Mary, of Sussex, to Charles BARHAM of Sussex.

11L - 75 acres S. Side of Cocke's Branch lower part of a patent granted Thomas Felts for 180 acres January 12, 1746.

Witnesses: Gregory Rawlings, Thomas Moore

*Sussex DBK C, p. 130

1765, March 6 - Thomas BARHAM'S Estate

Estate of Thomas BARHAM, signed Robert Hunnicutt, William Newsum, Edmund Waller (returned May 19, 1765)

*Surry Book 1754/68, p. 463

1765, April 15 - Lucy BARHAM granted Administration on Estate of Thomas BARHAM. Robert Hunnicutt, William Newsum, Edmund Waller and George Pyland ordered to appraise.

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. 55

Estate of Thomas BARHAM, dec'd, Lucy BARHAM, Administrator. Elizabeth BARHAM the orphan. Cash paid for copy of John Clark's Will.

*Surry Book 1754/68, p. 463

1770, October 3 / 15 - Will of Josiah Moody, dec'd, of York County names his daughter, Catherine (Moody) BARHAM as a legatee.

"I lend to my daughter, Catherine BARHAM, the house she lives in James City County, together with as much land as one hand can work, to be laid off the main road, York side, between Persommin Pond and Col. Burwell's line the aid road, with the liberty of getting fencing off my other lands to enclose said ground during her life. Likewise, I lend to my daughter, CATHERINE, during her life, my negro man, Will."

*York Co., Wills and Inventories # 21 1760-1771, p. 514

1771, April 21 - Mary BARHAM, Orphan of Benjamin BARHAM, dec'd, made choice of John Dickeson for her guardian and he, with William Moody his security, entered into and acknowledged Bond for securing the said Orphans Estate.

York County, Judgements and Orders 1770-72, p. 251

1771, August 20 - Thomas BARHAM'S accounts current, signed John Pettway, Elizabeth BARHAM the orphan. SURRY

1772/73 - Elizabeth BARHAM, Orphan of Thomas BARHAM - Thomas Holt, Guardian

*Orphan's Account Book 1762/83, p. 247

1765, March 14 - Benjamin BARHAM to Henry Taylor - 17L, 10 Shillings - 35 acres N. Side Cabin Branch. Part of a larger tract Benjamin purchased of Joshua Prettow.

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 3, p. 55

1765, March 9 - Will of Thomas MOORE dated and probated August 15, 176?

Wife, Sarah - 100 acres between Double Branch and Raccoon Swamp

Son, Thomas - 180 acres where he now lives. One negro, Peter

Son, John - Negro woman, Amy. 10L

Son, William - 185 acres where I now live. Negro woman, Tenor

Son, BARRUM Moore - Remainder of land. Negroes Ben and Moses

Daughter, Elizabeth Johnson - Negro woman Patt

Daughter, Ann Renn (Wren?) - Negro woman Frank

Daughter, Susannah Moore - Negro girl Anah

Daughter, Martha Moore - Negro girl Lucy

Daughter, Rebecca Moore - Negro boy Jesse

Daughter, Sarah Moore - Negro girl Phebe

Daughters, Martha, Rebecca and Sarah to have Estates at 16. Wife to bring them up. Son, BARROM, to go for himself when 18.

Executors: Son, Thomas and Joseph Renn (Wren?)

Witnesses: Silvanus Stokes, William Ezell, Nathaniel Newsum

1766, July 14 - Accounts Current Estates of Robert and Mary Warren, returned by Peter Warren.

Items: (dated 1754) "By cash of Robert BARHAM 0-10-5 ½"

"By cash of John BARHAM 0-4-7"

*Surry WBK 1754/68, p. 419

1752, July 21 - Will of Robert Warren probated. Dated April 9, 1751

Son, Joseph - land and plantation

Wife, Mary - slaves Tom, Sue, Ned, Abraham, Lydia and Farthy

Eldest Daughter, Elizabeth

2nd Daughter, Mary

3rd Daughter, Martha

4th Daughter, Sarah

(youngest daughter is an infant, not named yet)

Executrix: Wife, Mary

Witnesses: Peter Warren, Thomas Warren

*Surry WBK 1738/54, p. 782

1767, February 16 - William BARHAM, witness to B. & S. Of Anthony Robinson and Seymour Powell, both of Yorktown, proved by BARHAM'S path.

*York Co., Va. DBK 7, p. 253

1768 - Sheriff's Tax Book - James City County

Robert BARHAM - 6 tithes 148 acres

Charles BARHAM - 6 tithes 550 acres

*Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 1, Pp. 18 - 22

1768, May 2 - Lucy, Daughter of Thomas and Sarah BARHAM, born.

Sponsors - Nathaniel Newsum, Lucy Fort, Elizabeth Adams

*Albemarle Parish Register

1768, June 14 - Charlotte, daughter of Charles and Mary BARHAM, born.

Sponsors - Samuel Harwood, Alice Newsom, Mildred Newsom

*Albemarle Parish Register

1768, July 14 - Will of Davis Newsum probated. Dated November 22, 1767

Wife, Mary (Barham, daughter of Charles and Barham and Sarah Judkins)

Son, Randolph

Son, Joel


Son, William

Daughter, Lucy

Son, James

Executors: Wife Mary and friend James BARHAM

Witnesses: Henry Taylor, Temperance Taylor, James Taylor, John Pearce

(Southampton OBK 1768/72, p. 244

1768, August 1 - John BARHAM, born in James City County, Virginia. Son of Robert BARHAM and Frances Kerby. Married, ? ... John Died 1812/13 in James City County and the Executor of his Will was Bennett Kerby BARHAM.

Issue: Rebecca BARHAM, Ann B. BARHAM, Sarah Ann BARHAM, Mary BARHAM, Frances BARHAM.

*Charles Parish Register

1768, August 11 - Charles BARHAM as witness for Thomas Day and Wife vs. The Executors of John Browne, dec'd. Ordered Thomas Day to pay him 150 lbs. Of tobacco for 6 days attendance at Court.

*Southampton OBK 1768/72, p. 89

1768, August 16 - Accounts Current Estate of George Cryer

Item: Robert BARHAM - 0-6-3

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 11

1768, December 8 - Indenture James Speed, wife Ellener, to James BARHAM, Planter. 100L - 280 acres N. Side of 3 creeks. Part granted to John Watkins by his father, William Watkins October 16, 1747; 75 acres bought by John Watkins of John Harper, September 4, 1762; Balance of 20 acres bought by James Speed of John Sands, March 10, 1768.

No Witnesses

*Southampton DBK 4, p. 128

1769, January 15 - Indenture Charles BARHAM, wife Mary, Albemarle Parish, Sussex, to Thomas BARHAM. 15L - 75 acres in Sussex on N. Side of Poplar Swamp, S. Side of Cock's Branch adjacent to Samuel Stokes. Lower part of a tract granted Francis felts for 180 acres on January 12, 1746.

No Witnesses (acknowledged in Court)

Sussex DBK D, (1767-72), p. 103

1769, January 19 - Indenture Thomas BARHAM, Albemarle Parish, Sussex County., to Son, Charles BARHAM, for love and affection - 200 acres S. Side of Nottoway River above the mouth of Cocke's Branch, a corner line of land formerly Samuel Harwoods but now Henry Tyler's, adjacent to Mary Knight.

Witnesses: Benjamin Adams, Philip Harwood, Daniel Harwood.

*Sussex DBK C (1768-72), p. 48

1769, April 18 - Indenture John Judkins, Sr., to Samuel Judkins, Sr. - 100 acres adjacent to Nicholas Faulcon (formerly Wm. Holt). Mill Swamp to the mouth of BARHAM'S spring branch, and up said branch to a corner tree and by a line of marked trees joining one John BARHAM (formerly Robert BARHAM), to 1st station.

*Surry DBK 1760/69, p. 422

1769, - May 11 - Will of Benjamin Jarrell probated. Dated February 25, 1769

Wife, Mary

Daughters, Elizabeth and Ann

Son, William Jarrell

Witnesses: Henry Thomas, Richard Ricks, Benjamin BARHAM

*Southampton WBK 2, p. 276

Note: Marriage Bond - Benjamin Jarrell - Mary Jones, Daughter of Albridgeton, 1764. Security - Charles Simmons

1753 - Will of Thomas Jarrell probated

Sons, Thomas, John, Benjamin

Daughters, Ann Ricks, Elizabeth

Grandson, Thomas Jarrell

Executors: Wife, Martha Son, Thomas and Richard Ricks

*Southampton Book 1, p. 130

1755 Marriage Bond, Martha Jarrell, Widow - Henry Thomas

1770, September 13 - Estate of Benjamin Jarrell appraised by Henry Taylor, Benjamin BARHAM, Robert Jones

Additional appraisal Estate. Benjamin Jarrell by: Benjamin BARHAM, Robert Jones, Peterson Thorpe.

Signed: Albridgeton Jones.

*Southampton Book 2, p. 338

1769, June 19 - William BARHAM is appointed Constable in room of Joseph Freeman, etc...

*York. County Judgements & orders 1768-1770, p. 274

1769, August 10 - Estate of Christopher Foster appraised by Charles BARHAM. Joshua Fort, James BARHAM.

*Southampton BK 2, p. 294

1767, March 12 - Will of Christopher Foster probated. Dated November 17, 1766

Sons, John, Moses, Newit

Daughter, Amy

Grandson, Richard, son of Elias Foster

Wife, Alice

Resigns Guardianship of John Westbrook's Orphans

Executors: Sons, Newit and Moses

Witnesses: Arthur Foster, John Fort, John Westbrook.

*Southampton Order Book 1764/74, p. 191

1769, October 17 - Jesse BARHAM appointed Overseer of Road in room of George Gardner

*Surry Order Book 1764.74, p. 199

1769, November 4 - To Secretary Of Accounts

Due William BARHAM, Constable 372 pounds of tobacco

Due William BARHAM, do. 180 pounds of tobacco

*York Co., VA. Judgements & Orders 176801770

1770, March 17 - Indenture Thomas BARHAM to Charles BARHAM, both of Sussex County. Negro girl Abigal, age about 13.

Witnesses: Benjamin Adams, William Newsum, Daniel Harwood.

*Sussex DBK D (1768-71), p. 210

1770, March 20 - James Baird, Administrator of Estate of Philip King vs. Peter Barom and James Carroll.

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. 2-7

1770, July 17 - Will of Robert BARHAM probated. Dated March 27, 1770

Son, William - all lands - negroes Lucy, Amy, Dick, Harry and Pat

Granddaughter, Elizabeth (not of age) 20 shillings

Executor: -----------------

Witnesses: John BARHAM, Edmund Waller, William Ruffin

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 98

1770, August 9 - Estate of William Jelks appraised by James BARHAM, Drewry Parker, Jacob Newsum.

*Southampton Book 2, p. 334

1770, April 12 - Will of William Jelks Dated. Probated October 9, 1776

Wife, Ann

Sons, Lemuel, William

Daughters, Mary, Tabby, Betty

Executors: Wife, Ann - Son, Lemuel

Witnesses: Gregory Rawlings, River Barker

*Southampton Book 2, p. 319

Note: Will of Richard Jelks probated 1695 in Surry

Son, William (-21)

Executor: Francis Mason

**Will of Francis Mason "desires that William, orphan of Richard Jelks, remain with my son-in-law, Thomas Holt, until 21."


1770, November 11 - Will of Benjamin Holt probated. Dated ?

Daughter, Lucy BARHAM

Daughter, Ann Bell

Son, Joseph

Son, Michael

Son, Phillip

Executor: Joseph Holt

Witnesses: Charles Ricks, William Ward

(Nicholas Faulcon qualified as Executor)

*Surry Book 1769/78, p.

Note: Benjamin Holt's Estate appraised by George Pyland, Edmund Waller, Ethelred Lane. P. 116

Note: Joseph Holt married Mary Salter - Will of William Salter, probated March 1779, Daughter, Mary and her husband Joseph Holt. (No children at time of Will). Sons, William and John Salter. Daughter, Sarah.

*Surry Book 1778/83, p. 61

Estate of Benjamin Holt - Nicholas Faulcon, Administrator

Item: Paid Lucy BARHAM, 4-19, returned December 22, 1772 (P. 262)

1770, September 18 - Joseph Holt appointed Guardian to Elizabeth BARHAM, Orphan of Thomas BARHAM.

*Surry Book 1769/78, p. 226

1770, October 3 - 15th, - Elizabeth BARHAM, daughter of Benjamin BARHAM and his wife, nee Catherine Moody, was named in the Will of her maternal grandfather, Josiah Moody.

"I likewise lend to my daughter, Catherine BARHAM, during her life my negro man, Will, and after the decease of my daughter, to be equally divided between my granddaughters, Elizabeth and Catherine BARHAM."

*York County Wills and Inventories 1760-1771, # 21, p. 514

1770, October 3 - 15th - The Will of Josiah Moody, dec'd, of York Co., Va., names his grandson, Moody BARHAM as a legatee. "After my said wife's decease, I give and bequeath to my grandson, Moody BARHAM---------------before lent to her, to him and his heirs, forever, with my great Bible and prayer book and --------------. Also that small quantity of land, I first lent to my daughter, Catherine, at her decease, I likewise give to my said grandson, Moody BARHAM and his heirs forever".

*York County Wills and Inventories 21 1760-1771, p. 514

Note: Moody BARHAM, son of Benjamin BARHAM and Catherine Moody, married Lucy Brooks. No issue.

Name: Warrant Acres Rank Department Term Date of Warrant

BARHAM, Moody 1861 100 Private Va. Cont. Line 3 years Nov. 6, 1783

*Revolutionary Soldiers and sailors of the Commonwealth of Virginia to whom LAND BOUNTY WARRANTS were granted by Virginia Military services in the War for Independence. Compiled by Samuel M. Wilson, 1953.

BARHAM, Moody - Virginia Militia in the Revolution. Index of the Revolutionary records in the Virginia State Archives compiled by Dr. H.J. Eckenrode in 1912-1914 and Virginia Register of Virginians in the Revolution by John H. Gwathmey.

1770, November 17 - William BARHAM, Constable 372 pounds of tobacco

William BARHAM, by Account 63 pounds of tobacco

*York Co., Va. Judgements & Orders 1779-1772

1770, November 20 - Indenture Peter Knight, Edgecomb Province, North Carolina, to Thomas Moore of Sussex County, Virginia - 270 acres S. Side of Nottoway River - Lee's Branch. Richard Avis, Jordan Knight.

Witnesses: Joseph Renn, John Knight, Jordan Knight

*Sussex DBK 1768/72, p. 355

1770, December 7 - Lavinia BARHAM, daughter of Ann and ------------?

Sponsors: Charles BARHAM, Fanny Nessum, Rebekah Longbottom

*Albemarle Parish Register

1771, February 13 - John BARHAM, son of Benjamin and Sarah BARHAM

Sponsors - Frederick Fort, William Knight and Sarah BARHAM

*Albemarle Parish Register

1771, February 14 - Estate of Charles Webb audited by Thomas Holt and Charles BARHAM.

Signed, Elizabeth Webb

*Southampton Book 2, p. 366

Will of Charles Webb probated April 13, 1758 and dated February 21, 1758

Sons, Charles, John, Micajah

Daughter, Elizabeth

Wife, Elizabeth

Witnesses: Benjamin Clements, Thomas Caple, Arthur Gilliam

*Southampton Book 1, p. 246

1771, February 21 - Will of Henry Thomas

Wife, Martha - negroes Tom and Peeas (?)

Son, William - Land, Negroes Will and Judy

Daughter, Ann, wife of James Exum, Negores Moll and Patience

Daughter, Elizabeth - Negores Harry and Annica

Daughter, Mary - Negores Bill and Janey

Daughter, Sarah - Negores Lucy and Patt

Executor: Son, William

*Southampton Book 2, p. 460

(Marriage Bond - November 12, 1772 - William BARHAM - Sarah Thomas)

(Marriage Bond - September 13, 1759 - James Exum - Ann Thomas)

(Marriage Bond - May 16, 1772- William Exum - Mary Thomas)

(Marriage Bond - November 14, 1755 - Henry Thomas - Martha Jarrell, Widow)

1771, April 16 - Richard Baker vs. Peter BARHAM. Debt awarded 4-14-5

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. 253

1771, April 21 - Mary BARHAM, orphan of Benjamin BARHAM, dec'd, chose John Dickeson for her guardian and he with William Moody, his security, entered into and acknowledged Bond for securing said orphan's Estate.

*York County Judgements and orders 1770-1772, p. 251

1771, July 16 - Will of John BARHAM probated. Dated September 29, 1770

Son, Jesse - negro boy Tom

Son, John - negro man Squire; bed and furniture

Son, Joseph - negro man Jimmy; bed and furniture

Son, Benjamin - negro boy Sampson; bed and furniture

Daughter, Mary Judkins, widow of Benjamin Judkins - negro woman Hannah

Daughter, Ann BARHAM - negro woman Joan and negro girl Edy; bed and furniture; chest lock and key

Daughter, Elizabeth - negro woman Sarah (was Elizabeth married?)

Daughter, Martha BARHAM - negro girl Amy

Rest of my estate to be sold and money divided between John, Joseph, and Benjamin.

Executors to be sons, Jesse, John and Joseph

Witnesses: Samuel Judkins, Sr., William BARHAM

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 153

1772, May 19 - John BARHAM"S Estate appraised, L 537, by Edmund Waller, John Davis , John Judkins, Ethelred Lane. P. 212 - Surry

1771, September 16 - Mathew Gibbs is appointed Constable in room of William BARHAM who is discharged from that office, etc..

*York Co., Va. Judgements & Orders 1770-1772, p. 421

1771, November 19 - Benjamin BARHAM, Orphan of John BARHAM, made choice of Charles Judkins for Guardian.

Surry Orders Book 1763/74, p. 270

(Estate of Benjamin Judkins appraised by John Davis, James Seward, John Cock's, May 22, 1771.

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 149

1771, August 20 - Accounts Current Thomas BARHAM

Cash paid for a copy of John Clark's Will. Elizabeth BARHAM the orphan.

Signed: John Pettway

Examined by William Heath, John Stewart

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 156

1771, September 12 - Nathaniel Newsum, wife Susannah, od Sussex County., to Benjamin BARHAM, 60L - 210 acres in Sussex and Southampton bd as by deed from Joel Cornet to Nathaniel March 5, 1771

Witnesses: David Mason, Arthur Waller, Edw. Reese

*Southampton DBK 4, p. 390

1771, November 14 - Marriage Bond - Howell Harris - Mary Newsum, Widow

Surety: James Jones

Witness: Samuel Kello

*Southampton (see Will of David Newsum - 1768)

1771, November 19 - Will of Elizabeth Edwards Probated. Dated September 21, 1771

Daughter, Mary Edmunds - wife of Nicholas Edmunds, mourning ring, about 20 shillings value.

Son, James Seward - 1 cow

Daughter, Mildred Williams - wife of Lewis Williams, bed and furniture, side saddle, earthenware, clothes.

Grandson, Jesse BARHAM - 5 shillings

Granddaughter, Fanny Clarke - 5 shillings

Son, Benjamin Edwards - rest of Estate

Executors: Friends James Price and Joel Thompson

Witnesses: Richard Rowell, Lewis Williams

Will presented by Joel Thompson, Executor

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 168

Inventory of Elizabeth Edwards, signed by Richard Rowell, John Cox, Ethelred Lane - December 22, 1772. (P. 264)

(Marriage Bond - January 13, 1775 - Mary Nicholson, Widow - Nicholas Edmunds, Sussex

1754, May 21 - Robert Nicholson, Robert Nicholson, Henry Nicholson, Executors of John Nicholson vs. Nathaniel Sebrell and Thomas Davidson.

Surry Order Book 1753/57, p. 89

Will of Nathaniel Bennett (in camp at Portsmouth) Dated, September 28, 1776 and Probated November 24, 1778.

Mother, Mildred Williams

Brother, William - 90 acres near Bennett's Bridge

Sister, Elizabeth Bennett

*Surry WBK 1768/79, p. 511

See Will of Thomas Edwards, Probated May 18, 1762

1751, November 19 - Will of William Newsum Probated. Dated October 23, 1747

Daughter, Elizabeth - wife of Thomas Edwards

Daughter, Mary - wife of William Holt

Sons, John Newsum, William Newsum

Grandsons, John Newsum, William Newsum

Witnesses: John Ruffin, Robert Ruffin

*Surry Book 1738/54, p. 730

Will of James Seward, Probated April 19, 1727 and Dated August 4, 1726

Sons, John, James

Child my wife is big with.

Witnesses: William Gray, Thomas Taylor, Sarah Thorpe.

Will presented by Elizabeth Seward, Executrix.

James Sewards Estate by Thomas Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards, Executors

August 21, 1728 - Legacy to daughter, Martha, unborn at time of his death.

*Surry Book 1715/30, p. 835

1771, November 19 - Benjamin (Taylor) BARHAM, Orphan of John BARHAM, made choice of Charles Judkins for Guardian.

*Surry Orphan's Account Book 1766/82, p. 270

Note: Account continues into 1773 - Will of Martha Judkins - 1772

Will of John BARHAM, Probated July 16, 1771 Son, Charles

Daughter, Mary Judkins - Widow of Benjamin Will of Jesse Judkins - 1781

Will of John Judkins, 1760 - Surry Brother, Charles

Son, Charles - Plantation where I live

1771 - Judgement granted Robert Tyne vs. Peter BARHAM for debt

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. ??

1772, February - George Ezell of Hartford County, N.C. to Jacob Newsum of Southampton County, Virginia. 160 acres in Sussex County., Poplar Swamp - Part of land Timothy Ezell, dec'd, Willed to son, George.

Witnesses: Moses Foster, James BARHAM, Gilliam Newsum, John King.

*Sussex DBK 1768/72, p. 469

1772, January - Indenture Joseph Cornet, Sussex, to Benjamin BARHAM, Southampton County - 38L - 133 acres Beginning at Jonas Cornet's line to Hornet Swamp, Benjamin Newsum.

Witnesses: Henry Taylor, Alexander Murray, Peter Hay, Arthur Foster.

*Sussex DBK 1768/71, p. 433

1772, February 18 - Indenture Thomas Hargrove to Daniel Pond, Jr.

Witnesses: John BARHAM, Joseph Hargrove, Kinchen Atkinson.

*Southampton Book 5, p. 77

1772, February 21 - Indenture Charles BARHAM to Robert BARHAM, consideration of love and affection for son, Robert, 250 acres where Robert now lives granted by patent to Charles (no date given)., also slaves, Dick, Peter, Sam and Dinah.

*Southampton Bool 5, p. 82

1772, February 21 - Indenture Charles BARHAM, St. Luke's Parish, to James BARHAM, consideration of love and affection for son, James, 470 acres according to ANCIENT bounds where Charles resides and is to remain until after his death., also slaves, Frank, Comfy, Abram, Harry, Mingo, York, Cain, Judah, Venus, Amy, Lyd, Ben, Doll, Frank, and Judah.

Witnesses: R. Kello, Sam Kello, R. Kello

*Southampton Book 4, p. 425

1772, February 25 - Marriage Bond, Charles BARHAM - Ann Arrington, Widow

Security: James BARHAM

Witness: Richard Kello


Note: Apparently the above two Indentures had to do with Charles getting married again and he wanted to "safeguard" his land before he did so by giving it to his sons.

1772, May 19 - On motion of Joseph Holt he is granted Administration on Estate of William BARHAM. Court ordered Randolph Price, John Cox, Edmund Waller and Ethelred Lane to appraise.

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. 296

1772, June 10 - Estate of William BARHAM appraised by John Cocke, Randolph Price, Edmund Waller.

Slaves: Lucy, Harry, Dick, Sall, Amy, Patt

BK 1768/79, p. 258

1774, January 22 - Accounts current Estate of William BARHAM, with Joseph Holt - Administrator

Paid: Ethelred Lane, Joseph BARHAM, Mrs. Mary Slade, Edmund Waller, John Newsum, William Newsum, John Judkins, Richard Rowell.. Sale of negro, Sall L 53-1

*Surry p. 331

1772, September 22 - Accounts Current Estate of Benjamin Judkins, signed William Bailey, Jr., John Judkins, Jr.

Items: Paid Phillip Holt, Jesse BARHAM. Elizabeth Adams, Joel Thompson.

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 247

Note: Wife of Benjamin Judkins was daughter of John BARHAM. See Will of John BARHAM, 1771.

1772, November 12 - Marriage Bond - William BARHAM - Sarah Thomas, daughter of Henry Thomas, dec'd, consent of Martha Thomas.

Surety: John Thomas Blow

Witnesses: Rich. Kello, Thomas Judkins


Note: See Thomas - Jarrell, 1769

1772, November 19 - Will of Martha Judkins Probated. Dated January 19, 1767

Daughter, Mary BARHAM

Daughter, Sarah BARHAM

Daughter, Ann Mooring

Granddaughter, Patty Thompson

Charles Judkins

Seven Children - Joseph, Mary BARHAM, Ann Mooring, Sarah BARHAM, Samuel, Jesse and Charles.

Executor: Son, Jesse

Proved by Jno. Davis, Zach. Madera, Nathaniel Davis.

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 172

1772, December 22 - Estate of Benjamin Holt

Administrator: Nicholas Faulcon

Item: Paid Lucy BARHAM 4-19

*Surry WBK 1768/79, p. 262

1772/73 - Elizabeth BARHAM, Orphan of Thomas BARHAM, by Joseph Holt, Guardian.

*Surry Orphan Account Book 1762/83, p. 247

1773, January 36 - Will of James Carrell Probated. Dated December 30, 1772

Elizabeth Ruffin, daughter of friend William Ruffin

Neighbor, Alice Drew

Ann Newsum, daughter of William Newsum of Surry

John Snipes, Lucy Snipes, Silva Snipes

Betsy BARROM, daughter of Peter BARROM when 18

Daughters-in-law Lou Ann Snipes, Sarah BARROM

Molly Waller of Surry

Executor: William Ruffin

Witnesses: Alice Drew, William Newsum, Robert Ward

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 267

1773, February 18 - Richard Jelks, wife Mary, of Southampton County, to Benjamin BARHAM of Southampton.

30L - 133 acres, part in Southampton County, part in Sussex on Hornet Swamp adjacent to Jonas Cornett, Gregory Rawlings, Buckhorn Branch., Rattlesnake Branch. Purchased by Richard Jelk of Jonas Cornett.

No Witnesses

*Sussex DBK E, 1773/79, p. 37

1773, February 18 - Josiah Cornett of Sussex to William BARHAM of Sussex County. 38L - tract on Hornet Swamp - 133 acres conveyed to Josiah by deed of gift from Joel Cornett.

No Witnesses

*Sussex DBK 1773/79, p. 35

1773, May 13 - Estate of John Myrick appraised by James BARHAM, Solomon Deloach, Henry Applewhaite.

*Southampton Book 3, p. 49

1771, September 12 - Will of John Myrick Probated. Dated September 27, 1764

Son, William - land bought of Joseph Harwood

Son, Owen - Plantation on which his grandfather lived

Son, John - land purchased of Thomas Barrow, William Lee and William Lee, Jr.

Son, Howell

Daughter, Sarah Jones

Daughter, Elizabeth Barnes

Daughter, Amy

Loving Wife

Executors: Wife, Sons William and Owen

Witnesses: Joshua Nicholson, Jr., Drewry Parker, Howell Edmunds.

Will presented by Ann Myrick and Owen Myrick

*Southampton Book 2, p 426

Note: see Will of Timothy Thorpe, 1750/51

1773, July 9 - Frances BARHAM born in Yorkhampton Parish, James City County, Virginia. Daughter of Robert BARHAM and Frances Kerby.

*Charles Parish Register

1773, August 23 - Estate of Alexander Boake with William Hay, Administrator.

Received of Joseph BARHAM in full, 3 - 13 - 9 3/4

October 23, 1773 - received of John BARHAM in part of bond - 2 - 4 - ½

Account returned June 1783

*Surry Book 1783/92, p. 6

1773, December 2 - Daniel BARHAM, son of Charles and Mary BARHAM

Sponsors: Thomas BARHAM, Nathan Newsum, Mary Hicks

*Albemarle Parish Register

1774, April 27 - Joseph BARHAM vs. Elizabeth BARHAM, Infant

Elizabeth BARHAM, infant daughter of Thomas BARHAM, dec'd, who was heir of William BARHAM.

Joseph ordered to remain in possession of lands known as "Raylies" which he purchased of William BARHAM who died before he could give possession and when defendant becomes of age she is to convey title to Joseph. Joseph to pay L 21- 10 plus interest from December 5, 1771.

*Surry Order Book 1763/74, p. 448

1774, September 27 - Elizabeth BARHAM, Orphan of Thomas, Joseph Holt, Guardian.

Item: By Joseph BARHAM'S Bond for the land decreed to him, which belonged to the orphan. L 39 - 2 - 7 ½.

*Surry Orphan's Account Book 1762/83, p. 305

1774, October 29 - Polly BARHAM, daughter of Thomas and Betty BARHAM

Sponsors: Elizabeth Moss, Anne Harwood, Lucy Battle

*Albemarle Parish Register

1774, April 11 - Marriage Bond - Sarah Moore, daughter of Thomas Moore, dec'd, ward of David Graves - and Kames Chambliss

*Sussex County

1774, August 11 - James BARHAM appointed Overseer for the Road in room of Joshua Fort.

*Southampton Order Book 1772/78, p. 379

1774, November 8 - Marriage Bond - John BARHAM - Mary Applewhaite

Surety: Henry Applewhaite

Witness: Samuel Kello

*Southampton County

1774, December 7 - Indenture George Marsh, Sussex, to Thomas BARHAM of Sussex - 30 L - all Marsh's interest in 200 acres N. Side of Poplar Swamp bound as by a deed from Frederick Fort and wife Mary, to John Fort, Lucreacy Fort then wife of Holliday Fort, dec'd, and since married to George Marsh, was deeded to Lucreacy for life and then to Robert Fort, son of said Holliday and Lucreacy - Robert Fort is dead and title descended to Elias Fort, his brother.

Witnesses: John Rivers, Thomas Mason, Thomas Stokes, David Mason

(Holliday Fort Will, 1773, Sussex)

*Sussex DBK E, p. 278

1775, January 9 - Benjamin BARHAM to John Mason

One Horse BARHAM lately purchased of Nathaniel Newsum

Witnesses: Rich. Mason, William Mason, Nathaniel Newsum

*Sussex DBK 1772/79, p. 300

1776, January 28 - Thomas BARHAM to Thomas BARHAM, Jr.

One negro girl Alice

Witnesses: Daniel Harwood, Charles BARHAM

*Sussex DBK 1772/79, p. 388

1775, March 9 - Estate of Joseph Childs appraised by Robert Jones, James Jones and Benjamin BARHAM.

*Southampton Book 3, p. 124

1775, May 23 - Joseph BARHAM on Grand Jury

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 7

1775, October 19 - Will of Mary Moss Probated. Dated April 21, 1775

Son, Henry Moss - Negro boy Bird upon condition that he pay his sister, Elizabeth BARHAM, and his brother John Moss, each 1/3rd value of said boy.

Executors: Sons William, John, Henry and Sons-in-law James Battle and Thomas BARHAM

Witnesses: James Barnes, Richard Mason, David Mason

*Sussex Book 1772/85, p. 192

1776, February - BARHAM, Charles, a guard on the James River on this date.

BARHAM, Charles, Captain - James City Militia

*1775-1783 Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution by John H. Gwathmey

1776, 1780 - Bennett Kerby BARHAM, born in James City County, Va. (d. abt 1825) Son of Robert BARHAM and Frances Kerby. Married Jane Whitaker Lee (b. abt 1790 d. ?) Between March 1804 and November 1807.

Issue: William BARHAM, Frances BARHAM, Dorothy BARHAM, Robert BARHAM, Francis BARHAM, Benjamin BARHAM and Susan BARHAM.

1776, February 19 - Anny BARHAM (Amy?), daughter of Charles and Mary BARHAM

Sponsors: James Williams, Jr., Agnes Harwood, Ann Glover

*Albemarle Parish Register

1776, September 3 - Thomas BARHAM to son-in-law Daniel Harwood, One negro girl Agg.

Witnesses: William Longbottom, Thomas BARHAM, Jr., Charles BARHAM

Recorded April 17, 1777

*Sussex DBK E, 1772/79, p. 385

1776, October 22 - Ordered Joseph Holt, John Cocks, Ethelred Lane and Jesse BARHAM to appraise the Estate of Aaron Savidge.

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 26 (Will?)

1776, October 22 - Accounts Current Elizabeth Edwards, with Joel Thompson, Executor.

(1798 W paid William Hart (could he have married Lulu Clark, widow? Or said daughter Fanny Clark???)

Paid Lewis Williams

Paid Anne BARHAM

Paid Ethelred Lane

Paid Mary Edmund's legacy

Paid Jesse BARHAM

Lewis Williams - 1 bed and furniture

Benjamin Edwards - 1 bed and furniture

James Seward - 1 cow

*Surry, p. 446

1777, April 6 - Will of William Baker names as Executors, My Brother, Charles BARHAM and my friend, Robert BARHAM. Will was proved September 15, 1777.

I Give to my loving wife, Elizabeth, etc... Because William Baker's sons were not of age, Charles BARHAM was to have care and management of all monies arising from the Estate.

*York Co., Wills and Inventories 1771-83 Book 22, p. 273

Note: This Will is the basis for the assumption that William Baker's wife was Elizabeth BARHAM, daughter of Charles (3) BARHAM (grandson of Capt. Charles).

1777, February 22 - Eggleston, Joseph - for wood furnished Capt. BARHAM'S Company

*Virginia Historical Magazine Vol. 8, p. 74

1778 - BARHAM, Capt. Charles - for pay forage and rations for James City Militia

*Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 6, p. 281

1778, June 11 - Marriage Bond - John BARHAM - Nancy Moore

Surety: William McEldoe

Witness: Samuel Kello

*Southampton County

Note: William Eldoe inv. Northumberland Co., 1721

1778, June 15 - Ordered that William BARHAM with three tithables be added to the list for Bruton Parish.

*York County Order Book 4 1774-1778, p. 168

1778, August 25 - Indenture Joseph Holt, wife Mary, to Robert MacIntosh of Southampton County.

128 acres whereon Joseph's grandmother now lives' also 34 acres bounded by said Holt, Nicholas Faulcon and Joseph BARHAM, known as Cabin Point Tract. (MacIntosh sold to Nicholas Faulcon December 22, 1778)

*Surry DBK 1778/83, p. 15

Note: Joseph Holt called Son in the Will of Benjamin Holt, 1770. Benjamin Holt called Son in the Will of William Holt, 1753. William Holt's wife was daughter of William Newsum, Will 1751. Joseph Holt's grandmother was Mary (Newsum) Holt, wife of Benjamin. Lucy Holt, sister of Joseph was wife of Thomas BARHAM. See Will of Benjamin Holt, 1770.

1779, March 18 - Thomas BARHAM, wife Sarah, to Charles BARHAM - 100 L, land on which Charles lives - Poplar Swamp, both sides of Cocke's Branch. 200 acres bound by William Tyler, Mary Knight, Daniel Harwood.

Witnesses: Nathaniel Newsum, William Grizzard, William Moore.

*Sussex DBK 1772/79, p. 508

1779, June 10 - Will of Benjamin BARHAM Probated. Dated March 30, 1776

Wife, Mary - Plantation where I live for life, negroes Austin, Stephen, Janey and Cealey.

Son, William - Plantation bought of Joseph Cornett, 133 acres adjacent to said son; negroes Hannah, Phillis, Cealey, Jacob.

Son, John - Plantation where he lives bought of Nathaniel Newsum, 210 acres; negroes Lucy, Chery, Tom and Sam

Son, Benjamin - Plantation after wife's death: negroes Austin, Stephen, Cealey, Andrew, Isaac, Silvia.

Daughter, Lucy - (21 and unmarried) - negroes Judy and London

Daughter, Fanny - (21 and unmarried) - negroes Doll and Esther

Son, Benjamin to see after Daughter Elizabeth during her life.

Executors: Son, William and Son, John.

Witnesses: Henry Taylor, Ridley and Temporance Taylor

*Southampton Book 1772/83, p. 269

Note: Marriage Bond - Fanny BARHAM - Francis Phillips

1779, June 10 - Ordered Arthur Foster, John Fort, Benjamin Lewis and Mark Nicholson, or any three, to appraise Estate of Benjamin BARHAM.

*Southampton Order Book 1778/84, p. 71

1779, October 26 - Accounts Current Estate of William Phillips

"To John BARHAM, ticket 75 lbs. Net 0 - 2 - 6" Dated September 23, 1783

*Surry Book 1783/92, p. 11

1778, July 28 - Will of William Phillips Probated. Dated February 23, 1778

Wife, (not named)

Son, Zach - Plantation where Thomas Turner formerly lived known by the name of Lane.

Son, William - Plantation where I live not interrupting his mother in her 1/3

Son, Robert

Daughter, Elizabeth Phillips

Daughter, Sally Phillips

Witnesses: Edw. Wright, Joseph Bishop, Rebecca Wright, Henry Crafford, Richard Rowell

*Surry Book 1768/79, p. 492

1780, January 17 - Marriage Bond - Hartwell BARHAM - Seesela Freeman (above 21)

Surety: George Bell

Witness: Benjamin Johnson ( Sussex)

1780, June 27 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Frances Phillips (also spelled Philips)

Surety: John Pettway

Witness: Francis Young (Surry)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Sarah Nicholson, Aug. 19, 1786)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Hannah Battle, Oct. 1, 1790)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Mabel Dupree (Duprey) June 11, 1795)

1780, May 23 - Faith BARHAM, Widow of Jesse BARHAM, granted Administration of his Estate.

*Surry Order Book 1775/85, p. 107

1780, July 24 - "Know all men by these Presents that I, Bennett Kerby of York County for and in consideration of the natural love and affection that I have and bear unto Robert BARHAM and Frances, his wife, of James City County have given and granted and by these presents doth give and grant unto the said Robert and Frances, his wife and their heirs these following negroes, viz - Ned and Lucy and the future increase of the said Lucy, as also four head of cattle and two hundred pounds and all other things that I have heretofore given them by my said Will to the said Robert BARHAM and Frances, his wife and their heirs forever to the only proper use and bhoo of them, the said Robert and Frances and their heirs forever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty-fourth day of July 1780.

Bennett Kerby - HIs Mark - X

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of

John Patrick and James Parsons. This deed proved September 18, 1780

*York Co., Va. DBK 6, p. 109

1780, September 18 - Deed from Bennett Kerby to Robert BARHAM and Frances, his wife of James City County.

York Co. Va. DBK 6

1780, November 28 - Jesse BARHAM'S Estate appraised by Thomas Lane, James Davis, James Seward.

*Surry Book 1778/83, p. 168

1780, November 28 - Estate of Jesse BARHAM, Faith BARHAM, Widow and Administrator, appraised by Thomas Lane, James Davis, James Seward. (John Cockes also ordered as an appraiser)

1780, July 7 - John BARHAM was named as a legatee of his maternal grandfather, Bennett Kerby in his Will dated this day. "I give and bequeath to my grandsons, Thomas and John BARHAM, each of them, ten pounds out of my Bonds, to them and their heirs, forever."

*York Co., WBK 23

1780, July 25 - Faith BARHAM appointed Guardian to Mary, Burwell, Rebecca and Benjamin BARHAM, Orphans of Jesse BARHAM.

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 117

1782, October 22 - Surry County Justices vs. Faith BARHAM, Guardian for Mary, Burwell and Benjamin A. Judkins BARHAM for not returning her Guardian Accounts.

*P. 172

1781, March 7 - Thomas BARHAM, Sr., to Sarah BARHAM, wife of Benjamin - 10 L paid by Sarah for herself and four children, Newsome BARHAM, John BARHAM, William BARHAM and Rebeckah BARHAM. - 70 acres S. Side of Cocks' Branch Swamp at Stokes Road adjacent to William Knight.

Witnesses: William Newsum, Archibald Knight, Frederick Fort.

*Sussex DBK 1779/86, p. 81

1781, June 26 - Will of Jesse Judkins Probated. Dated October 25, 1780

To be buried by wife in yard of my mother and father.

Brother, Charles - land my father, John Judkins, gave me.

Brother, Samuel

Brother, John

Sister, Mary BARHAM

Nephews and Nieces, my sister Mary's children

Hannah Moody

Becky Lane

Sister, Ann Mooring

What was due my wife from estate of Capt. Charles Simmons

John Judkins, son of Nicholas Judkins

Sally Lane

Fred Lane's wife, Becky

Witnesses: Carter Seward, Elizabeth Haley

*Surry Book 1778/83, p. 201

1781, August 28 - Benjamin BARHAM recommended to Governor as suitable for 2nd. Lieutenant, Surry Militia.

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 131

1781, December 27 - Marriage Bond - Patty BARHAM - Harmon Magee

Married by the Rev. John Meglamore

Minister's returns, Sussex County

1782 - Census, Surry County, Virginia

Joseph BARHAM 7 White, 4 Black

Faith BARHAM 5 White, 1 Black

John BARHAM 6 White, 0 Black

1782 Census, Sussex County, Virginia

Thomas BARHAM 3 White, 2 Black

Charles BARHAM 8 White, 6 Black

William BARHAM 5 White, 13 Black

John Sands 6 White, 12 Black (listed next to each other)

1782 Census, City of Williamsburg, Virginia

John BARROM 3 White, 3 Black

1782 Census (?) Williamsburg (?)

John BARHAM, son of Robert and Frances BARHAM, born August 21, 1768.

Frances BARHAM, daughter of Robert and Frances BARHAM, born July 9, 1773

*William and Mary Quarterly (1), Vol. 14, p. 156 - "Kerby Family of York and Elizabeth City of Virginia."

Bennett Kerby, d. 1782, son of Robert, 1662 - 1727, Grandson of Thomas, d. 1668., married Frances Parsons, had issue Bennett Kerby, Frances Kerby who married Robert BARHAM and had issue;

Bennett Kerby BARHAM



Frances BARHAM

1782-87, - Virginia Taxpayers ( Augusta B. Fothergill)

James City County Poll Slaves

Charles BARHAM 1 14

Robert BARHAM 2 11

Southampton County

Charles BARHAM 1 32

James BARHAM 1 10

James BARHAM 1 7

Joel BARHAM 1 6

John BARHAM 1 8


Robert BARHAM 1 1

Thomas BARHAM 1 4

York County

Moody BARHAM 1 1

Note: This list compiled from property owned for counties in which census returns were lost or destroyed

1782/1791 - Charles BARHAM charged with 550 acres of land in Yorkhampton Parish, James City County.

*James City County Land Tax Lists

1782, January 22 - Will of William Pyland Probated. Dated September 18, 1780

Brothers, Thomas and John

Mother, Mary Pyland

Children of my Sisters, Lucy Slade and Mary Judkins

Friend, John Wesson to be Executor

John Warren, son of Thomas Warren to be sub-Executor

Brother-in-law, John Judkins

Witnesses: Charles Judkins, John Warren, Jr., Benjamin BARHAM

*Surrey Book p. 207

1777, July 22 - Will of William Pyland (father of above) Probated. Dated December 8, 1776

Wife, (unnamed)

Sons, William, John, Thomas

Daughters, Lucy Slade, Mary

Executors: Wife, Son William and James Davis

Witnesses: Ethelred Lane, Robert Pyland, James Davis

*Surry Book, p. 469

1782, January 22 - Elizabeth BARHAM, Orphan of Thomas BARHAM

"her proportion in Mr. Salter's division, 78 - 10"

*Surry Orphans Account Book 1766/82, p. 469

1782, April 19 - General return of all damages sustained from the french Army at and about the time of the siege of York. Claim made by Mrs. Martha Harwood, York County, Va.

*The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 19, p. 125-126

1782, May 4 - receipts for sundry claims against the French Army paid by Dudley Digges. Martha Harwood, dec'd, by Charles BARHAM, uncle to her children.

*The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 19, p. 125/26

1782, May 4 - Indenture Moody BARHAM and wife, Lucy, of the County of York of the one part and Matthew Moody, Jr. of the other part, 240 pounds current money for land leading from Williamsburg to York and Warwick being part of the tract of land whereon the said Moody BARHAM lives and which was devised to him by his maternal grandfather, Josiah Moody, dec'd.

Witnesses: James Vaughan, Edward Brookes, James Johnson, John Brown.

*York County DBK 6 1777-1791, p. 120

1782, August 19 - On the complaint of Lucy BARHAM, wife of Moody BARHAM, the said Moody with William Ellis and John Ellis, his securities were bound to keep the peace as well as all bound ------------- subject as to his wife, Lucy, for space of one year. BARHAM bound to the sum of forty pounds, current money and each security, the sum of twenty pounds.

1782, August 27 - Balance due Orphan, 800 lbs. Tobacco and L 26 - 5 - 8

Signed, Joseph Holt, Guardian

Surry Book, p. 422

1782, September 2 - Balance due Orphan - L 70 -0 -0

Signed, E.E. Pettway, Guardian

Surry Book, p. 448

1779, March 23 - Will of William Salter Probated. Dated February 17, 1777

Son, William - 250 acres, Negroes Greenwich and Betty

Daughter, Sarah - 20 L

Daughter, Mary and her husband, Joseph Holt - Negro Rose

Son, John - Negroes Alex and Dinah

Anselm Jones - clothes

Witnesses: ?

* Surry Book 1778/83, p. 61

Legacies Paid: William Salter 98-15-8

John Salter 98-15-8

Anselm Jones 118-15-8

Joseph Holt 98-15-8

*P. 45

1782, May 9 - Zadoc Bell petitions Court for leave to erect a water grist mill on North Branch of Racoon Swamp. (Southampton OBK 1778/84, p. 195) Arthur Gilliam voted 25 shillings for acre opposite Zadoc Bell for use in erecting his grist mill. (P. 200) Jury composed of Will Hines, James BARHAM, Howell Harris, Solomon Deloach, James Battle, Richard Johnson, Benjamin Lewis, Benjamin Butts, Miles Cary, John Harper, Richard Marks, Joseph Marks, Randolph Newsum set the value of this acre.

NOTE: James BARHAM, born 1764, died 1865, was substitute for Zadoc Bell in the Revolution. Zadoc Bell a witness to deed from James Rutherford to William BARHAM in Wake Co., N.C. in 1784.

1782, May 28 - Will of John Cocks Probated. Dated September 13, 1773

Wife, Mary

Sons, Benjamin, John, James

Daughter, Ann Holloway

Executors: Wife, Mary and friend, Thomas Lane

Witnesses: Ethelred Lane, Thomas Lane, Joseph BARHAM

Proved by Thomas Lane and Joseph BARHAM

Thomas Lane refused Exe. P. 258

*Surry Book 1778/83, p. 258

1782, May 28 - Ordered Joseph BARHAM and Negro James to add to tithe list

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 145

1782, June 13 - Frank. Frank and Sue belonging to Charles BARHAM, Judah belonging to James BARHAM, exempted from payment of taxes.

*Southampton Order Book 1774/85, p. 202

1782, July 23 - Will of Samuel Judkins Probated. Dated February 1, 1782

Son, William - land bought of Richard Rowell, adjacent to Price's Mill

Son, Samuel - land adjacent to George Pyland, Edw. Hart and William Adams

Son, Joseph - land bought of Robert Pettway at Round Island Swamp

Son, John - land bought of Thomas Binns, 100 acres and 25 acres bought of Benjamin Holt joining Robert MacIntosh, Old Mill Swamp, John Paradise and Mich. Faulcon. Also 100 acres bought of John Judkins joining Jesse BARHAM, Thomas Lane and Mich. Faulcon.

If Son John dies, land bought of Thomas Binns to go to son, Samuel

Daughter, Rebekah Judkins

Granddaughter, Martha Wilkin Judkins

Wife, Martha

Witnesses: Lucy Price, William Adams, James Adams

*Surry Book 1778/83, p. 276

1782, September 24 - Nathaniel Adams, Orphan of Thomas Adams, dec'd, Frances Phillips, Orphan of Benjamin Phillips, dec'd, and Benjamin BARHAM who married with Frances, daughter of said Benjamin (Phillips), all now 21, acknowledge that they have received full satisfaction of Guardian John Pettway.

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p.

1782, October 20 - Elizabeth BARHAM, Orphan of Thomas BARHAM, chose John Pettway as Guardian.

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 171

1782, October 23 - Commonwealth of Virginia against John BARHAM for not listing his taxable property.

*Surry Order Book 1774/85, p. 176

1782, October 21, - Will of Bennett Kerby, Probated Dated July 7, 1780

I, Bennett Kerby of the Parish of Charles and County of Kent.

Son, William Kerby - The land and Plantation that I now live on, with the horses and my clock, my negro man, Phil, four head of cattle and one feather bed and furniture to him and his heirs forever.

Son, John Kerby - 200 pounds, slaves Will, Nancy and Edith, one bed and furniture, 4 head cattle.

Daughter, Frances BARHAM - 200 pounds, slaves Ned and Lucy, 4 head cattle

Daughter, Mary Hunt - 200 pounds, slaves Lydia and Sarah with their increase, 4 head cattle

Granddaughter, Frances Hunt

Grandson, Bennett Kerby BARHAM - negro boy, Peter

Granddaughter, Mary Kerby, daughter of my son, John Kerby

Grandson, James Kerby -

Grandsons, Thomas and John BARHAM - 10 pounds

Granddaughter, Martha Hunt

Remainder to be equally divided among my four children, William Kerby, John Kerby, Frances BARHAM and Mary Hunt.

Executors: Son, William Kerby

Witnesses: John Kerby, William BARHAM

*York County Will Book 22, 1771-1783

1783 - Benjamin BARHAM sworn as Constable

*Southampton Order Book

1783 - A list of taxable articles in the City of Williamsburg in 1783 for William BARHAM.

William BARHAM (Amy, Jack, Esther and Billy)

1 free male above 21 years.

1 tithable slave

3 slaves under 16 years of age.

*William & Mary Quarterly (1) Vol. 23, p. 133

1783, February 13 - Benjamin BARHAM to Alexander Murray - 5 L - 10 acres on head of Barbycue Swamp adjacent to Alexander Murray, Arthur Waller.

Witnesses: Arthur Doles, Elias Herring, Shadrack Lewis

*Southampton Book 6, p. 114

1783, April 7 - Indenture Joel Newsum to Carter Crafford

98 acres N.C.(?) Of Chippoakes Road, Estate of William Ruffin, land of Elizabeth BARHAM, Sunken Marsh Road. Part of a larger tract that descended to Joel by death of his father, William Newsum, lately deceased.

No Witnesses

*Surry DBK 1783/92, p. 37

Note: This was the same land deeded to Joseph BARHAM by Elizabeth, Orphan of Thomas BARHAM.

1783, June - Estate of Alexander Boake - William Hay Administrator

(August 23, 1773) By cash rec'd of Joseph BARHAM in full 3-13-9 3/4

(October 23, 1773) By cash received of John BARHAM in part of Bond 2-4-91/2

Returned June 1783 (P. 6)

1783, June 24 - Moody BARHAM on Jury in York County Court.

Case of William McClary against Ann May.

*York Co., Va., Order Book 4 1774-1784, p. 350

1783, August 19 - John Kerby against Moody BARHAM and Matthew Moody, Defts. Finds for the plaintiff, 11 pound, 12 shillings and cost for payment - 11 pounds, 10 shillings and interest from June 28, 1783 til payment. Plaintiff agrees to stay execution of this judgement for one month.

*York Co., Va. Order Book 4, p. 372

Note: Moody BARHAM and wife Lucy, appear over and over again in the records of York County. Moody BARHAM'S last appearance is in a petition for a debt due him September 15, 1794. The next reference to either Moody or Lucy is in a deed between Josias Moody and wife, Sarah , and Lucy Barham only. By this it is assumed that Moody BARHAM died in either late 1794, 1795 or early 1796.

Lucy continues to appear in documents until June 21, 1935 when she is shown as receiving a payment from the Estate of John Dickeson.

1783, September 23 - Estate of Benjamin Phillips - Francis Phillips Administrator

(1779, Oct. 26) To John BARHAM - ticket 25 lbs. Nett. 0-12-6

returned September 23, 1783 (p. 11)

1783, December 12 - Ordered James BARHAM, Surveyor of Highway with the hands of his District with Benjamin Butts and the hands under him to open a road from the old one to the South end of Cary's Bridge.

*Southampton Order Book 1774/85, p. 255

1783, December 13 - Upon petition of Joel BARHAM vs. Isham Newsum for 2 L 13 Shillings.

*Southampton Order Book 1778/84, p. 378

1783, December 16 - Peter Moyer to pay William BARHAM for being a witness and coming and returning 12 miles.

*York Co., Va. Order Book 4, 1774-1784, p. 425

1783, December 16 - William BARHAM is appointed Constable in York Co., Va., also Gaoler for the upper precinct of the County. Thereupon, he took oath, etc..

*York Co., Va. Order Book 4, 1774-1784, p. 423

1783, December 24 - William BARHAM, wife Sarah, of Sussex, to BARHAM NEWSUM of Southampton - 247 L - 399 acres on Hornet Swamp adjacent to William Myrick, James Cornet, George Hoguewood, Rattlesnake Branch. (Part in Sussex, part in Southampton)

Witnesses: William Myrick, Joel Newsum, John BARHAM, Howell Harris

Proved by Howell Harris and Joel Newsum

*Sussex DBK F 1779/86, p. 265

1784 - About this date, Bennett Tompkins BARHAM was born in James City County, d. abt 1827 in New Kent County (Barhamsville). He was son of Thomas BARHAM and Mary (Tompkins ?). He married Frances Allen, b. ? d. abt 1851.

Issue: Thomas BARHAM, Martha Moore BARHAM

1784 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

Faith BARHAM 5

Joseph BARHAM 7

Benjamin BARHAM 3

1784, March 11 - Joel BARHAM vs. Isham Newsum and Richard Blow Bond

*Southampton Order Book 1778/84, p. 392

1784, March 11 - Benjamin BARHAM and Simon Johnson sworn as Constables

*Southampton Order Book 1778/84, p. 392

1784, September 16 - Will of Thomas BARHAM Probated. Dated August 17, 1782

Wife, Sarah - cattle, beds, house, etc. - after death to daughter

Daughter, Lucy

Executor: Wife, Sarah

Witnesses: Nathaniel Newsum, Sealey Smith, Susannah Newsum

Proved by Nathaniel Newsum

*Sussex Book 1782/89, p. 252

1784, October 21 - Charles BARHAM, wife Mary, od Sussex to John Massenburg - 120 L , 200 acres N. Side Poplar Swamp bound by William Tyler, John Massenburg, Daniel Harwood and the Poplar Swamp and is the land whereon the said Charles BARHAM now liveth.

No Witnesses

*Sussex DBK F 1779/86, p. 320

1784, December 18 - William BARHAM, Constable & Gaoler paid 805 pounds of tobacco.

*York Co., Va. Order Book %, 1784-1787, p. 57

1785 - Joel BARHAM having obtained an attachment against the Estate of James Battle who had absconded.

*Southampton Order Book

1785 - Faith BARHAM vs. Charles Judkins and John Lane.

*Surry Order Book

1785 - Petition, Benjamin BARHAM vs. Howell Edmunds is dismissed.

*Southampton Order Book

1785 - Dr. the Commonwealth of Virginia to Rich. Cocke for Revenue and Certificate Tax in Surry for 1785 for Insolvents.

John BARHAM Revenue, 6-3 Certificate, 9-3

*Surry Book 15, p. 137

1785, January 13 - Will of Sarah Moore Probated. Dated May 15, 1784

Daughter, Sarah Jarrell - Negro Frank

Daughter, Elizabeth Moore - Negro Cheary

Daughter, Rebecca Moore - Negro Judy

Son, John Moore - Negro Jacob

Friend, John Simmons, Executor

Witnesses: Mary Nicholson, Mary Nicholson, Jr., Sally Applewhaite

*Southampton Book P

(1774 Marriage Bond - Sarah Moore - Thomas Jarrell)

(1786 Marriage Bond - Elizabeth Moore - Richard Harrison)

(1784 Marriage Bond - Rebecca Moore - John Applewhaite)

1785, February 8 - Surry Co., Va. Marriage. Elizabeth BARHAM - James Adams

*1994 Automated Archives

1785, March 5 - Benjamin BARHAM to Mary Murray, 113L-10 shillings - 113 acres S. Side of Cabin Branch joining Benjamin BARHAM, Arthur Waller, Estate of Alexander Murray, Peterson Thorpe.

Witnesses: John Foster, Samuel Smith, Sarah Murray

*Southampton Book 6, p. 373

1785, May 12 - The Last Will and Testament of Thomas BARHAM, dec'd, presented in Court and proved by the oath of John Simmons. On motion of Elizabeth BARHAM, certificate is granted her for Administration with John Simmons her security.

Ordered Mark Nicholson, Henry Westbrook, John Fort and Arthur Turner or any three, to appraise.

*Southampton Order Book 1784/89, p. 66

1785, July 24 - Marriage Bond - Robert BARHAM - Sussanah Winney

Minister, Reverend John Meglamore (Sussex)

1785, September 27 - Indenture Joseph Holt to James Adams

150L, Plantation where Joseph Holt now lives adjacent to Joseph BARHAM, Nichols Faulcon, Cabin Branch, swamp that divides this land from McIntosh, John Judkins, said Adams.

(Joseph Holt's wife is Mary)

*Surry DBK 1783/92, p. 130

1785, October 11 - Marriage Bond - Boaz Booth - Frances Harrison, Spinster.

Security: Moody BARHAM (York County, Virginia)

1786, January 13 - Sussex Co., Va., marriage. Polly BARHAM - Jacob Newsom

*1994 Automated Archives

1786, January 16 - William BARHAM paid as Constable & Gaoler 300 pounds of tobacco.

*York Co., Va. Order Book 5, 1784-1787, p. 270

1786, February 8 - Marriage Bond - Elizabeth BARHAM - James Adams

Security: John Pettway (Surry County)

1786, March 9 - Will of Owen Myrick probated. Dated January 6, 1786

Sons, Harry and Owen to divide equally 1000 acres adjacent Richard Jelks, Hartwell Newsum, John BARHAM and my mother.

Wife, Fanny

Son, John

Daughters, Sarah, Nancey, Fanny, Lucy

Son, Henry (-21)

Brothers, William and Howell Myrick to be Executors

Witnesses: Thomas Peete, Arthur Applewhaite, William Newsum

*Southampton Book 4, p. 725

1771, September 12 - Will of John Myrick Probated. Dated September 27, 1764

Son, William - land bought of Joseph Harwood

Son, OWEN - land on which his grandfather lived

Son, John - land bought of Thomas Barrow

Son, Howell

Daughters, Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Barnes, Amy (Myrick?)

Will presented by Ann Myrick and Owen Myrick

Witnesses: Joshua Nicholson, Jr., Drewry Parker, Howel Edmunds.

(1767 Marriage Bond - Owen Myrick - Fanny Nicholson, Daughter of Sarah)

(1772 Marriage Bond - William Myrick of Sussex County - Lucy Newsum, orphan of David Newsum)

(1773 Marriage Bond - John Myrick - Martha Edmunds)

(1799 Marriage Bond - John Myrick - Betsy Turner)

(1801 Marriage Bond - Owen Myrick - Dolly P. BARHAM, daughter of Benjamin Taylor BARHAM)

( Marriage Bond - John Myrick - Polly BARHAM, security, Benjamin BARHAM, date??)

1786, September 27 - Sussex Co., Va., marriage. Elizabeth BARHAM - Walter Gilliam

*1194 Automated Archives

1786, November 28 - Williamsburg - October 20, 1786 - In obedience to the Surry Court we have appraised negroes in the Estate of Jacob Pate, deceased.

Milly, Hannah, (Joseph age 5, son to Hannah) (Lucy age 3, daughter to Hannah)

There was a woman named Phoeby who went off with the French Army.

Robert Nicholson, James Salt, Benjamin Bucktrout.

*Surry Order Book 1786/89, p. 148

Hugh Hopkins, Sarah BARHAM and Mary Pate, complainants against George Jackson, Administrator with the Will annexed of Jacob Pate, dec'd, ordered Robert Nicholson, James Salt, David Morton and James Hony, pet. Slaves in said bill among the respective complts.

November 28, 1786

*Surry WBK 1783/92, p. 137

1787, August 28 - Hugh Hopkins, Sarah BARHAM by William BARHAM, her next friend and Mary Pate, Complts. Agst. Geo. Jackson, Adms. Of Jacob Pate, dec'd, final decree.

Lucy, the property of Sarah BARHAM by William BARHAM her father and cash, 18-15

Joseph and Mary Pate and cash, 8-15

Milly to Hugh Hopkins 1-5

Hannah and Phoeby to Geo. Jackson to pay 26-5

*Surry Order Book 1786/89, p. 257

1786 - "The Pate Family"

Matthew Pate, Born Gloucester, Virginia - married Ann Reid and had issue;

Jacob, Jeremiah, Matthew, Thomas (b. 1728, d. 1814), Rebecca, Sarah, Rachel.

Rebecca married William BARHAM of Williamsburg and had children by him;

Rachel, who married 1. Mr. Graves and 2. Hugh Hopkins

Nancy, who married George Jackson

William and Mary Quarterly 1, Vol. 12, p. 119 - Family Record Book of Robert Anderson

1786, Benjamin BARHAM, wife Frances, vs. Lewis Edwards and Anne, his wife.

*Surry Order Book 1785/89, p.

1786, January 12 - Thomas BARHAM inventory

Inventory of Thomas BARHAM by Elizabeth BARHAM

No Signers 5 Negroes - names not given

R. 12 January 1786 taken July 1784

*Southampton Book 4, p. 162

1786, January 13 - Marriage Bond - Polly BARHAM - Jacob Newsum

Married by Jno. Meglamore (Sussex Minister's Returns)

(Polly BARHAM, daughter of Thomas and Betty , October 29, 1774

*Albemarle Parish Register.

1786, January 24 - Accounts Current Captain William Seward with William Drew and William Hart, Executors.

(Begin 1772) Item: paid Robert Hunnicutt 21-7-0

Paid John BARHAM'S Exec. 0-5-0

Rec'd of William Holt, John Holt

Signed, William Hart

Audited by Robert Hunnicutt, Samuel Pretlow (p. 93)

(Will dated June 1, 1769; probated August 20, 1771)

Sister, Ann Thomas (husband was Jordan Thomas, Will of William Seward, 1760)

Nephew, William Caufield Seward

Joseph Mays, son of Phillip Mays

Brother-in-law, William Drew

Friend William Hart

Nephews, William Caulfield Seward, John Seward, Edwin Seward, Thomas Seward

Nephew, John Thomas

Niece, Mary Seward

Executors: William Drew, Richard Baker, William Hart

Witnesses: John Salter, Harwood Coman, Samuel Shacklet

*P. 157 Surry

1786, August 19 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Sarah Nicholson

Surety: Jesse Cooper (1994 Automated Archives lists name as Nicolson)

Witness: Samuel Kello

(married August 24th by the Rev. Jno. Meglamore, minister's returns, Southampton County.)

(See Surry County Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Frances Phillips, June 27, 1780)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Hannah Battle, Oct. 1, 1790)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Mabel Dupree (Duprey), June 11, 1795)

1787 - Land Book

Faithy BARHAM taxed with 300 acres

John BARHAM taxed with 75 acres

Joseph BARHAM taxed with 100 acres

*Surry Co., VA

1787 - Land Book Surry County - John BARHAM to William Phillips - 75 acres

Land Book Transfer - No Deed on File

1787, January 3 - Marriage Bond - Fanny BARHAM - Francis Phillips

Married January 30th by the Rev. John Meglamore - Southampton County

1787, March Court

Hartwell BARHAM vs. Nathaniel Newsum - continued August 1787, (p. 264), continued August 1788 Court, (p. 383)

Arbitrators Report - Do not think Hartwell BARHAM ought to sustain any loss from Thomas Poythress Bond and that Nathaniel Newsum pay the said bond.

Signed: Isham Gilliam

*Sussex Order Book 1786/91, p. 186

1787, April 9 - Marriage Bond - Milly BARHAM - Balaam Hutchings

Married April 17th. By the Rev. John Meglamore

Surety: Henry Sosberry

Witness: Walter Gilliam (Sussex County)

1787, October 23 - Will of John BARHAM Probated. Dated December 20, 1785

Wife, Sarah - all property to raise children and school them

Executors: Wife Sarah and Benjamin Waller

(Inventory of John BARHAM'S Estate by Thomas Pyland, Robert Pyland, Nathaniel Berryman. February 26, 1788

(1787/90 Sarah BARHAM, Executor for John BARHAM paid rent to John Judkins)

(1790, Estate of John BARHAM. Accounts audited by John Southall, John Lucas, Nathan Jones)

1788 - Charles BARHAM inherited 218 acres of land in the settlement of the Estate of Col. William Harwood of Warwick County as the husband of Col. Harwood's daughter, whose name was not given. She was born abt. 1760 and died prior to 1780.

*Warwick Co., Order Book in the Virginia State Archives, Richmond, Virginia

1788, February 26 - Estate of Benjamin Waller appraised by Joseph BARHAM, James Adams, Phillip Thompson.

*Surry WBK 1783/92, p. 178 (Will?)

Note: Will of Edmund Waller, 1782 - Sons, Benjamin, William, Thomas. Daughters, Elizabeth, Mary - ? (unmarried) - Wife, Lucy

1789 - Land Book Surry County

Faithy BARHAM - 300 acres

Joseph BARHAM - 100 acres

1789, June 19 - Indenture Theodorick B. Ruffin, wife Susannah, to William Salter.

180L - 350 acres S. Side Pocatink Swamp, land William Ruffin, dec'd, devised Theodorick. Bounded by Henry Crafford, John Pitts, William Boyce, Willis Wright, James Alexander, William Phillips.

Witnesses: Joseph BARHAM, Henry Crafford, James Jones

*Surry DBK 1788/92, p. 98

1788 - Court

Joel BARHAM a witness for Bell at the suit of Parsons is allowed three days attendance and traveling 15 miles and returning.

(Elizabeth Parsons vs. George Bell, Cont.)

*Sussex Order Book 1786/91

1789 - Court

Joel BARHAM a witness Parson vs. Bell is allowed one days attendance and traveling 15 miles. (P.485)

1789, October Court: John BARHAM, William BARHAM and Rebecca BARHAM, Orphans of Benjamin BARHAM, dec'd, appeared in Court and chose William Brown their Guardian

*Sussex Order Book 1786/91, p. 573

(Will of William Brown Probated September 9, 1776. Dated August 19, 1775.

Sons, Henry, William, Benjamin, John, Samuel - Plantation I live on)

Daughters, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Selah, Ann, Silviah

Wife, Sarah

7 children now living with me

Daughter, Sarah, feather bed, furniture, etc.

Executor: Son, Sam who also gets Plantation

Witnesses: Thomas Presson, James Brock, Lydda Smith

*Sussex WBK C, p. 213

1788, April 1 - Henry brown deed to brother William Brown, love and affection, 400 acres bounded by Howell Jones, William Stokes and Nathaniel Holt.

No Witnesses

*DBK J, p. 347

1805, December 18 - William Brown, wife Lucy, to John Green - 468 ½ acres adjacent to Nathaniel Holt, Mary Knight, Howel Jones.

Witnesses: Balaam Freeman, John Brown

*DBK J, p. 437

1781 - Marriage Bond - William Brown, Jr. of Sussex to Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Henry Taylor, Southampton County.

1790 - (no month or day) Marriage Bond - Susannah BARHAM - John Mecom.

Married by the Rev. John Meglamore (Southampton County)

(Legacy paid John Mecom by Estate of James BARHAM, May 21, 1798)

(Will of Mathia Mecom, 1774 - Father, John - Wife, Mary

Executor: William Simmins)

1790, August 11 - Marriage Bond - Burwell BARHAM - Silviah Pyland

Security - Thomas Pyland (Surry)

1790, October 1 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Hannah Brittle

Married by the Rev. Robert Murrell (Southampton_

1790, October 26 - John BARHAM accounts current with Sarah BARHAM

Begin February. 1787

Item: "Paid balance of Bond to John Judkins for rest of 1786"

Ret. October 26, 1790

audited by John Lucas, Nathan Jones

*Surry WBK 1783/92, p. 284

1791 - Indenture John Judkins the Elder to William Judkins, son of late Benjamin Judkins and grandson of said John Judkins.

150 acre tract whereon William Judkins now lives. Bounded by James Seward and Thomas Cockes on East and North; by John Judkins and Green Swamp on West.

*Surry DBK k5, p. 283

Note: This seems to part of the same land John Judkins, Sr. bought in 1717/18 from Thomas Binns. At that time it was near Robert BARHAM

1791, May 12 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Elizabeth Smith

Surety: Edward Fisher

Witness: Jno. D.Haussman

Married by the Rev. Jno. Meglamore, Baptist. (Southampton)

1791 - Surry County Virginia Land Book - BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 200 acres

1791, June 1 - Will of James BARHAM Probated. Dated February 26, 1791

Son, Joel - Negro Fanny

Daughter, Martha Harris - Negro Charlot

Daughter, Sarah, wife of Edward Fisher - Negro Lucy

Daughter, Rebecca, wife of William Holliman - Negro Silvey

Son, James 0 Negro Willis which he has in his possession

Daughter, Susannah Meacom - Negro Rachel

Son, Judkins - Negro Venus

Son, Samuel - Negro Rody

Son, Timothy Thorpe (BARHAM) - Negro Tiller

Son, John - Negro Milley

Granddaughter, Phoebe, daughter of Judkins - Negro Charity

All land to be sold and money divided among sons.

Executors: Sons and Sons-in-law Joel BARHAM, James BARHAM, Samuel BARHAM, Edward Fisher and William B. Holliman

Witnesses: John Simmons, Jr., Moses Foster, William Butts

*Southampton WBK 4, p. 434

James BARHAM'S Estate appraised at L 403-18-6. Includes Negroes Silas, Burrell, Arthur, Mark, Jordan, Anaky..- Dated June 15, 1791, recorded January 10, 1793 (P. 548) Legacies paid Joel, James, Judkins, Samuel, Timothy Thorpe, and John BARHAM; Joel Harris, William Holliman, Bailey Barnes, John Meacom, Edward Fisher. May 21, 1798 (recorded) Book 5, p. 61

1791, June 9 - Will of Charles BARHAM, St. Luke's Parish, Southampton County, Virginia Probated

Dated, September, 17, 1783

Son, Robert - Plantation where he now lives, 250 acres which I gave him February 24, 1772. Negroes Dick, Peter, Sam, Dinah, Lewis, Fanny and Ransom

Granddaughter, Milly BARHAM - bed, furniture, etc.

Daughter, Mary Harris - 20 shillings

Daughter, Lucy Deloach - Negro Toney

Drewry Parker - 3 slaves: Jenny, Poggs and Tom for his lifetime then to the children he had by my daughter, Elizabeth.

Grandson, Joel Newsum - Negro Jeffrey

Grandson, BARHAM Newsum - Negro Abigail

Son, James BARHAM - 420 acres which I gave him February 24, 1772. Also Negroes Frank, Pompey, Abram, Harry, Mingo, York, Cain, Sue, Judah, Venus, Amy, Lyd, Ben, Doll, Frank and Judah and nine others born since that date; David, Willis, Midde?, Charlot, Silvey, Jenny, Fagan, Lucy and Jack.

Executors: Son, James and Grandson, Joel BARHAM

Witnesses: James Battle, Moses Foster, Elizabeth Holding, John Simmons, Sr.

*Southampton WBK 4, p. 432

1791, September 2 - Indenture Richard Edwards, wife Amy, Frederick Williams, wife, Mary, (of 1 part) to Joel Thompson - 51L, - 85 acres beginning at Joel Thompson's line adjacent to Green Swamp, James Seward, John Judkins.

Witnesses: Joseph BARHAM, John Hunnicutt, William Mahone

*Surry DBK 1783/92, p. 337

(1787 Surry Land Book, Amy Edwards and Mary Hutchings owned jointly, 85 acres)

1791, December 7 - Indenture Kinchen Jelks, wife Lucy, Wake Co., N.C. to Benjamin Taylor BARHAM of Southampton Co., VA - 39L- 10 sh, - 140 acres S. Side Nottoway River on Hornet Swamp adjacent to Jelks, Owen Myrick, Drewry Parker.

No Witnesses

* Southampton Book 7, p.

1791, December 8 - Marriage Bond - Mary BARHAM - Bailey Barnes

Surety: Edmund Fisher

Witness: Jno. D. Haussman ( Southampton )

(Legacy paid Bailey Barnes by Estate of James BARHAM, May 21, 1798)

(Legacy paid Bailey Barnes by Estate of Joshua Barnes, 1762)

1791, December 16 - Judkins BARHAM of Southampton County to Edward Fisher to secure 68L - 4 ½ shillings due from Judkins BARHAM to Fisher, 470 acres (no description)

Judkins is to pay on or before December 13, 1792

Witnesses: John Barron, Miles Hunter

*Southampton Book 7, p. 609

1792 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 200 acres

1792, March 27 - This is to certify that whereas Judkins BARHAM, formerly of Southampton County but now of Wake County, N.C. did give Edward Fisher a mortgage on 470 acres of land in Southampton and whereas Judkins BARHAM has exchanged land with Kinchen Jelks of Wake Co., N.C., and the said Jelks has given me a Bond for 75L, I do release the aforesaid land.

Signed: Edward Fisher

Witnesses: John Rogers, Henry Barrow

*Southampton Book 7, p. 647

1792, March 27 - Judkins BARHAM, wife Nancy, of Wake Co., N.C. to Kinchen Jelks, 5sh. (?) 425 acres N. Side Nottoway River beginning at a corner of Joel BARHAM'S land to Moses Foster, Fort's land, Holt's. Thomas Gilliam.

Witnesses: Edward Fisher, John Roger, Henry Barrow, William Chambliss.

*Southampton Book 7, p. 736

1792, July 12 - Mary Murray's Will Probated. Dated January 17, 1791

Daughter, Elizabeth Smith - 113 acres which I bought of Benjamin BARHAM adjacent to said BARHAM. 4 Negroes.

Her son, William Alexander Smith

Balance to be divided between Mary Harwood and Sarah Maget.

*Executors: John Harwood, William Maget, Elizabeth Smith.

Witnesses: Edward Fisher, Benjamin (last name not signed..Should it be a BARHAM??)

*Southampton Book 4, p. 529

1792, July 23 - James Adams, wife Elizabeth to Joseph BARHAM

whereas William BARHAM, heir of Thomas BARHAM, did in his lifetime sell Joseph BARHAM a tract of 100 acres called Raileys' and before William could convey title he dies intestate leaving no issue and the land descended to Elizabeth BARHAM as daughter of Thomas. At a Court held April 7, 1774 Joseph exhibited his bill (of sale). Elizabeth is now 21 and wife of James Adams.

Witnesses: Thomas Lane, Freeman Ward, Archer Holt.

*Surry DBK 1792/99, p. 118

1792, November 19 - Marriage Bond - Mary BARHAM - Robert Phillips

Consent of her mother, Faithy BARHAM. (1994 Automated Archives lists Mary's name as BARNHAM)

Security: Burwell BARHAM (Surry County)

1793, May 25 - Will of John Judkins Probated. Dated August 1, 1790

Son, John - land on Holly Swamp for life, then to Grandson, John Hartwell Judkins.

Son, Jesse - land on Holly Swamp

Daughter, Mary Judkins

Daughter, Faithy BARHAM

Daughter, Selah Davis

Daughter, Silviah Judkins

Grandson, Hartwell Edwards

Witnesses: John Wesson, Thomas Cocks, James Cocks.

*Surry WBK 1792/1804, p. 55

1793, June 25 - Will of John Davis Probated. Dated June 22,1792

Selah Davis, - widow of Nathan

Grandson, John Davis - son of Nathan

Grandsons, Nathan and William Davis; John Davis' widow

Grandson, John - son of James

Granddaughters, Sarah Cocks and Elizabeth Davis

Grandchildren by John Davis - Thomas Davis, Martha Gray, Elizabeth Davis, Polly Davis, Sally Davis.

Witnesses: Jno. Pyland, Burwell BARHAM, Thomas Davis.

*Surry WBK 1792/1804, p. 33

1793, July 29 - This day Mrs. Mary Nicholson and Benjamin BARHAM made the following agreement: To wit - having each of them account against the other, Mrs. Nicholson agrees to give up all account against Benjamin and to accept the hire of Negro Bob, provided Benjamin BARHAM gives up a Negro boy named Lewis for her lifetime, and then by her Will to go to said BARHAM children, Polly BARHAM and Nancy BARHAM.

Witnesses: Jesse Cooper, Edwin Fisher, Joseph Fort, Henry Myrick

*Southampton Book 8, p. 58

1794 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1794, January 28 - Indenture Burwell BARHAM, wife Silviah, to Robert Phillips

60 ½ acres, part of a tract Burwell inherited from his father, Jesse BARHAM, dec'd, adjacent to Nathan and Amos Judkins (formerly John Judkins, Sr., dec'd) Thomas Lane

No Witnesses

*Surry DBK 1792/99, p. 153

1794, February 14 - John BARHAM, orphan of James BARHAM, dec'd, with Samuel BARHAM, Guardian.

1792, Board and Schooling 7L-10S

1793, By his part of the Estate 226-18-1

*Southampton Guardian Book 1776/1808, p. 191

1794, July 11 - Indenture William Judkins to Nathaniel Judkins and Amos Judkins.

150 acres whereon John Judkins grandfather, William, Nathaniel and Amos lived.

Love and affection

land is E. On Green Swamp adjacent to Burwell BARHAM, Thomas Cox, James Cox, William Judkins.

*Surry DBK 1792/99, p.

1794, October 28 - Will of Martha Judkins Probated. Dated March 11, 1794 (see Samuel Judkins - 1782)

Sons, Joseph, John

Daughter, Rebecca Judkins

Granddaughter, Martha Wilkins Judkins

Grandchildren, Robert, John and Ann Lamb Judkins

Witnesses: Nathaniel Adams, William Adams, John Lane

*Surry Book 1792/1804, p. 75

1795 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1795 - Burwell BARHAM appointed Assistant Inspector of Tobacco

*Surry Order Book 1794/1800, p.

1795, February 8 - Edward Fisher to Thomas Ridley

225L - 325 acres adjacent to Benjamin Lewis, Hornet Swamp. Richard Markes, William Myrick, Richard Blow, the said Ridley's other land purchased of the Estate of James BARHAM, dec'd.

Witnesses: Samuel BARHAM, Timothy T. BARHAM, Sterling Capel, William Hollaman.

*Southampton Book 8, p. 184

Note: No deed on file from Estate of James BARHAM to Ridley

1795, February 12 - Will of Ann Applewhaite Probated. Dated February 3, 1795

Son, William - three negroes, George, Will and Isabell until son, Thomas is 21; Thomas is to pay 100L for negroes and the money is to be divided between;

Daughter, Mary BARHAM

Sons, John, Hardy, and William and the four children of Jesse Cooper.

Eleven children - John, Hardy, Benjamin, William and Thomas Applewhaite. Mary BARHAM, Sally Dashiel, Priscilla Jordan, Jean, Rebecca and Nancy Applewhaite.

Executor: Son, John

'Witnesses: Thomas Peete, Josiah Dashiel, Lucy Waller.

*Southampton Book 4, p. 673

(1774 - Marriage Bond - John BARHAM - Mary Applewhaite)

(1786 - Marriage Bond - Jesse Cooper - Sarah Applewhaite)

(1784 - Marriage Bond - John Applewhaite - Rebecca Moore)

(1783 - Marriage Bond - Hardy Applewhaite - Charlotte Clifton)

(1790 - Marriage Bond - Priscilla Applewhaite - Thomas Jordan)

1795, April 9 - Marriage Bond - Peggy BARHAM - Wilkinson Capell. Peggy is the daughter of Joel BARHAM.

Surety: William Holliman

Witness: Samuel Kello (Southampton County)

1795, April 9 - Will of Robert Bittle Probated. Dated February 14, 1795

Son, Henry

Son, Kirby

Daughter, Mary Lanier

Henry BARHAM, my grandson, two negro girls now in the possession of his father, Benjamin BARHAM, Patience and Darcus.

Son, John

Daughter, Mildred Turner

Grandson, Benjamin Bittle

Granddaughter, Elizabeth Bittle

Son, William

Executors: Sons, Henry and William

Witnesses: Will Edmunds, Jacob Summerell, Thomas Holladay

*Southampton Book 4, p. 677

(1790 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Hannah Bittle)

(1775 - Marriage Bond - Kirby Bittle - Lucy Westbrook, daughter of Henry)

(1783 - Marriage Bond - Mille Bittle - Jacob Turner)

1795, June 11 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin Taylor BARHAM - Mabel Duprey

Surety: John Barlow, Jr.

Witness: Jno. D. Haussman (Southampton County)

(See Surry Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Frances Phillips, June 27, 1790)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Sarah Nicholson, August 19, 1786)

(See Southampton Marriage Bond, Benjamin BARHAM - Hannah Bittle, Oct. 1, 1790)

1795, October 8 - Will of Mary Nicholson Probated. Dated September 23, 1795

Son, Charles Briggs Nicholson

All my children and likewise one equal part be drawn and divided between Polly and Nancy BARHAM; I also give Polly and Nancy BARHAM my negro boy, Lewis.

Executors: Son, Charles and Bird Lundy

Witnesses: John Mecom, James Mecom, Janey Myrick

*Southampton Book 4, p. 710

(1786 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Sarah Nicholson)

(1794 - Marriage Bond - Byrd Lundy - Lucy Nicholson, Daughter of Mary)

(1804 - Marriage Bond - Capt. Byrd Lundy - Mary Turner, Daughter of Thomas)

1796 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1796/97 - Robert BARHAM died on or about this date in James City County, Virginia. His residence was Martin's Hundred, James City County. So of William BARHAM and Elizabeth (Kerby?). Married Frances Kerby, (date unknown) and had issue:

Thomas BARHAM, John BARHAM, Frances BARHAM and Bennett Kerby BARHAM.

*York County Order Book 6, p. 164

Note: Frances BARHAM was Adm. Of Robert's Will and she shows up in York County documents as such starting in May of 1797.

1796/97 - William BARHAM died on or about this day. Son of William BARHAM and Elizabeth Kerby. Married Rebecca Pate, dtr. Of Jacob Pate and Zilla Broach and had issue: Sarah BARHAM

NOTE: William BARHAM was sometimes recorded under the name of William BARROM. In the references of this William, from 1764 to 1793, the name and spelling BARHAM will be used exclusively.

1796/97 - Thomas BARHAM of Martin's Hundred died on or about this date in James City County. (b. Unknown).. Son of Robert BARHAM and Frances Kerby. Married (date unknown) Mary (Thompkins?) And had issue: Bennett Tompkins BARHAM, John BARHAM.

1796, February 23 - Will of Mary Lane Probated. Dated April 27, 1794

Granddaughter, Elizabeth Whitaker Lane - bed, furniture

Granddaughter, Mary Haynes Rogers - buffet

Granddaughter, Sally Lane - cloak

Daughter, Sally BARHAM and

Daughter-in-law, Lucy Lane to give balance of clothing

Granddaughter, Mary Anne BARHAM - bed and furniture

Grandson, Thomas Lane - my mare and three head of cattle

Daughter-in-law, Lucy Lane - my side saddle

Son, Thomas Lane - ½ of my pewter; the other half to be divided between

Peggy Lane

Martha Lane

Lucy Lane, my granddaughters

Granddaughter, Martha Lane - my pine chest

Son, Thomas Lane and Daughter-in-law, Lucy Lane to divide bed clothes after beds are furnished that I have given away.

Daughter, Sally BARHAM - one cow and calf

Son, Thomas - the remainder of my Estate

Executor: So, Thomas

Witnesses: Wil Salter, Henry Crafford

*Surry WBK 1792/1804, p. 134

Will of Thomas Lane - Surry WBK 1768/79, p. 139

Wife, Mary - Negroes Peter and Sarah; 1/3rd of 100 acres I live on for life and after her death, negro Sarah to daughter Sally Lane and Peter to be divided equally between two sons, Ethelred and Thomas.

Son, Ethelred - 100 acres purchased of my brother, John; bed and furniture

Son, Thomas - 100 acres, the same being the other part I now live on, bed

Daughter, Sally Lane - bed, furniture, etc.

Wife and Ethelred to be Executors

Witnesses: Thomas Bailey, John Bailey, William Bailey.

Dated March 5, 1770 and Probated March 19, 1771

Ethelred Lane's Will, 1782 -

Wife, Lucy - "all my children"

Witnesses: Jesse Cocks, Phillip Thompson, Thomas Pyland

(1795 - Surry Marriage Bond - Elizabeth Whitaker Lane - Randolph Harris )

(1797 - Surry Marriage Bond - Mary Ann BARHAM - Batts Lane )

(1793 - Sussex Marriage Bond - Mary H. Lane - Allen Rogers)

(1806 - Southampton Marriage Bond - Martha Lane - John Norris)

(1801 - Southampton Marriage Bond - Mary H. Rogers - Edwin Travis)

Thomas Lane added to tithe list in 1782 - (grandson?)

See deed 1818, Lucy Lane to Joseph BARHAM

(1802 - Surry Marriage Bond - Sally Lane (+21) - James Davis)

1796, April 19 - Indenture Nicholas and Edw. Faulconer, Executors of Nicholas Faulcon to James A. Bradby - two tracts

(1) 341 acres "Mill Neck" of Benjamin Holt adjacent to Widow Pyland land, Col. Benjamin Cocke, dec'd, bought of John Lamb (?). Roger Delk, Robert BARHAM, Benjamin Holt.

(2) 34 acres purchased of Robert McIntosh adjacent to Cabin Branch, Joseph BARHAM, Nicholas Faulcon, Jr., Mill Swamp.

Witness: Robert McIntosh

*Surry DBK 1792/1804, p. 550

1796, August 24 - James Baird, surviving partner of John Hay and Co., vs. Joseph BARHAM, survivor of obliger of John BARHAM, dec'd. Debt Judgement for 18L-8S-9P +5% interest from August 1, 1772.

*Surry Order Book 1795/1800, p. 110

1797 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM - 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM - 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM - 139 ½ acres

1797 - Thomas Lane, Executor of Mary Lane, dec'd, Petition against Joseph BARHAM, defendant.

The parties being fully heard it is considered by the Court that this suit is dismissed.

*Surry Order Book 1795/1800, p. 199

1797 - Court ordered Thomas Lane, Executor for Mary Lane, dec'd, to pay Mary Anne Lane for six days attendance as witness for him in a petition against Joseph BARHAM.

*Surry Order Book 1794/1800, p.

1797, March 28 - William Adams, Burwell BARHAM, Joseph BARHAM and James Adams - Bond for $4,000.00. William Adams and Burwell BARHAM to be Inspectors of Tobacco.

*Surry Order Book 1794/1800, p. 465

1797, May 2 - Surry Co., Va. Marriage. Batts Lane - Mary Ann BARHAM

*1994 Automated Archive

1797, May 15 - Will of Robert BARHAM Probated. Dated March 20, 1792

Wife, Hannah - Plantation where I live for life, one negro, Dick

Daughter, Peggy BARHAM - 1 bed, etc..

Daughter, Charlot BARHAM, 1 bed, etc.

Daughter, Sally BARHAM - 1 bed, etc.

Son, Howel - Plantation after my wife's death

Daughter, Mary Cooper - 4 shillings

Mt children - Milly Hutchings, Patsy Gilliam, Betsy Gilliam, Peggy BARHAM, Charlot BARHAM, Sally BARHAM and Howel BARHAM

Executors: John Simmons and Joel BARHAM

Witnesses: John Simmons, Sr., Levi Rochell, Joel BARHAM, Peter Manry.

Accounts Current Robert BARHAM with Joel BARHAM, Executor.

Paid - Howell BARHAM

Paid - Margaret BARHAM

Paid - Sally BARHAM

Paid - Walter Gilliam

Paid - John Gilliam

Paid - Balaam Hutchings

*Southampton Book 5, p. 318

1797, May 25 - Joel BARHAM to Samuel (J ?) BARHAM, Guardian of Joel BARHAM, slaves Cain, Henry, Jordan and Tempy - for 200 L.

Witness: John Myrick

*Southampton Book 8, p. 529

1797, November 28 - Faithy BARHAM, Burwell BARHAM, and wife, Silvia of Surry to John Pyland.

40L 8s - part of land Faithy, Burwell and Silvia now live on. 58 acres adjacent to James G.. Bradby

No Witnesses

*Surry County New Book 1, p. 532

1797, December 18 - Marriage Bond - Samuel BARHAM - Elizabeth Fort

Surety: Benjamin Hines

Witness: Samuel Kello (Southampton County)

1797, December 20 - Benjamin BARHAM to Richard Rose and Joseph Wrenn of Sussex, negro woman Patience and child, 90L

Witnesses: Jack Cornet, William Chambliss, Peter Simmons.

*Southampton Book 8, p. 627

1797/1801 - William BARHAM'S Estate charged with land in James City County, Virginia.

*James City Co., Va. Land Tax Lists

1798 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM - 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM - 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM - 139 ½ acres

1798, January 22, Brunswick Co., Va. Marriage. BARHAM Newsom - Elizabeth Howard

*1994 Automated Archives

1798, May 21 - The Estate of James BARHAM, dec'd, in Accounts Current with Executor.

Paid Richard Blow's Bond vs. Estate 4-10-10 By amt. Of sales 1088-1-7

Paid Wm. Holliman's Bond vs. Estate 5-16-2 ½ By amt. Of Exec. Vs. Patrick & Rogers 10-5-9

Paid John Meacom's Bond vs. Estate 6-14-6 By amt. Wm. Newsum's Bond 10-0-0

Paid Miles Cary's acct. vs. Estate 1-10-0

Paid Lucy Deloache's Acct. vs. Estate 4-4-0

Paid Randolph Newsum's Acct. Vs. Estate 0-12-0 By amt. Of shoemakingdone for R.Blow 1-3

Col. Jn. Simmons Sheriff Taxes 89/90 12-12-6 ½ 1137-2-11 ½1010-5-3 1/4

Robert Goodwyn Taxes 87/88 1-18-3

Clerks Fees 1-18-1 ½

Robert BARHAM'S acct. Vs. Estate 0-11-0

Drewry Acct. Vs. Estate 1-12-8

Jas. Fort amt. Taxes year 91' 7-14-11

Thos. Cullman's acct. Vs. Estate 0-2-0

John Key's acct. Vs. Estate 0-8-6

Bal. Of Bond due E. Fisher 6-11-1 3/4

Dr. Thos. Peets acct. Vs. Estate 0-17-0

Paid Ben Draw Tax writ 0-3-0

Paid Wm. Chambliss acct. Vs. Estate 1-15-0

Exec. Comm. 56-17-0

Clerk for recording 0-9-0

Paid Joel BARHAM'S legacy 257-12-1 1/4

Paid James BARHAM'S legacy "

Paid Judkins BARHAM'S legacy "

Paid Samuel BARHAM'S legacy "

Paid Timothy BARHAM'S legacy "

Paid Joel Harris' legacy "

Paid Wm. Holliman's legacy "

Paid Bailey Barnes' legacy "

Paid John Meacom's legacy "

Paid Edward Fisher's legacy "

Signed: John Simmons, Sr., Thomas Turner, Mark Nicholson.

*Southampton Book 5, p. 61

1798, May 25 - Accounts Current Estate of Charles BARHAM, dec'd, in account current with Edward Fisher, Administrator.

Paid Col. Thomas Redley 1-14-5 By the amt. Of the acc't.

Paid Randolph Newsum 1-12-0 Of sales 1067-2-7

acct. Vs. Estate 34-2-11

Adm. For his troubles 1032-19-2

and expenses 32-7-6

Recording Account 0-9-0


Signed: James Simmons, Sr., Thomas Turner, Mark Nicholson.

*Southampton Book 5, p. 58

1798, July 2 - Marriage Bond - Howell BARHAM - Anna Long

Surety: David Long (Sussex County)

1798, August 31 - Thomas Lane and Ann, his wife, late Ann BARHAM, petitions against Joseph BARHAM, defendant.

Debt petition recover L7-16s, together with interest at 5% from last of October, 1777 plus damages of 1 (one) penny.

*Surry Order Book 1795/1800, p. 281

1799 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM - 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM - 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM - 139 ½ acres

1799, April 23 - Will of Phillip Thompson Probated. Dated September 8, 1792

Wife, all my children

Executors: Son, William E. Thompson, Jesse Warren, Freeman Ward

Witnesses: Joseph BARHAM, Thomas Lane

*Surry Book 1792/1804, p. 322

Son qualified as Executor. Thomas Lane and Joseph BARHAM as Securities.

Estate appraised by John Mallicote and Joseph BARHAM

Will of Ann Thompson, Dated September 9, 1792 and Probated October 23, 1792

Daughter, Ann Cock Maddera

three children; Rebecca Clinch, Nathaniel Thompson, and William Edloe Thompson.

Executors: Son-in-law William Clinch and friend, Thomas Spratley

Witnesses: Henry Moring, William Collier

*Surry Book 1792/1804, p. 14

1799, December 9 - Marriage Bond - Nancy BARHAM - Nathaniel Davis

Daughter of John BARHAM. Surety: Owen Myrick

Witness: Samuel Kello, Jr. (Southampton County)

1800 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM - 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM - 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM - 117 ½ acres

1800, January 20 - Marriage Bond - Rebecca BARHAM, daughter of John, - Ethelred Evans

Witnesses: Sally Evans, Lucy BARHAM (Southampton County)

1800, May 20 - On the motion of John BARHAM of James City County., for John Crutchfield against Josias Moody, it is ordered that the said John Crutchfield pay to him $2.71 for attending Court three days and traveling seven miles twice and returning.

*York Co., Order Book 7 1790-1803, p. 400

1800, August 18 - On the motion of John BARHAM, a witness from James City County for John Crutchfield against Josias Moody, it is ordered that the said John Crutchfield pay him $1.09 for attending Court one day and traveling seven miles and returning.

*York Co., Order Book 7 1790-1803, p. 412

1800, November 15 - John BARHAM, wife Mary, to John Prince of Sussex

$900.00 - 219 acres on Hornet Swamp in Sussex and Southampton adjoining William Myrick, Jogn Myrick.

Witnesses: Lee Mason, William Myrick, John Myrick, Joseph Prince.

*Southampton Book 9, p. 329

1801 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1801-1813, - John BARHAM with personal property in James City County, Virginia

*James City County Personal Property Tax Lists, 1801-1813

1801, August 28 - Marriage Bond - Elizabeth Moore, daughter of BARHAM MOORE - John Green. Surety: John Green (Sussex County)

1801, October 27 - Marriage Bond - Dolly P. BARHAM, daughter of Benjamin Taylor BARHAM, - Owen Myrick.

Surety: Howell Harper

Witness: Samuel Kello (Southampton)

(1767 Marriage Bond - Owen Myrick - Fanny Nicholson)

1801, November 24 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin BARHAM - Sally Rochell, daughter of Hinchia Rochell. Surety: Edward Pennington (Sussex)

1801, December 21 - Hannah BARHAM, Widow of Robert BARHAM, relinquishes her right of administration on the Estate of Robert BARHAM to John BARHAM.

OBK 1799/1803, p. 24

Ordered Frederick Parke, Levi Rochelle, Kinchen Jelks and Robert Nichols to settle Estate of Robert BARHAM. (P. 247)

1802 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1802, January - Inventory and appraisal Estate of Joel BARHAM

Negroes - Peter, Jordan, Fanny, Tempy, Sam, Caty.

Signed: William Chambliss, Richard P. Clements, Levy Rochell.

*Southampton WBK 6, p. 315

Accounts Current Joel BARHAM with John BARHAM, Adm. (P. 316)

1802, January 18 - Capell and wife, vs. BARHAM Children

Heard on the Bill and decreed that Robert Nicholls, Frederick Parkes, William Chambliss and Levi Rochelle, or any three, report to the next Court the value of the land whereof Joel BARHAM died sized and possessed.

*Southampton Order Book 1799/1803, p. 24

1802, February 15 - Estate Robert BARHAM accounts current with Joel BARHAM, Executor.

Cash Paid Howell BARHAM 58-5-8

Cash Paid Margaret BARHAM 55-0-9 ½

Cash Paid Sally BARHAM 55-0-9 ½

Cash Paid Walter Gilliam 50-9-0

Cash Paid Balaam Hutchings 58-1-5

Cash Paid John Gilliam 61-8-3 ½

Cash Paid Robert Mabry 1-13-5 ½

Cash Paid George Mason 1-8-10

Cash Paid Charles Holt 0-10-0

Amt. Of sale of Peter 12-0-0

examined by Levy Rochelle, Robert Nicholson, Frederick Parkes.

*Southampton Book 5, p. 318

1802, June 25 - Nicholas BARHAM, Orphan of Joel BARHAM, chose Sally BARHAM for Guardian.

Sally BARHAM is appointed Guardian to Jenny, James and Benjamin BARHAM, Orphans of Joel BARHAM.

*Southampton Order Book 1799/1803, p. 285

1803 - Sarah Ann BARHAM born in Williamsburg, Virginia. (d. ?) Daughter of John BARHAM and ?????... Married Micajah Mangum of Richmond on June 4, 1829

*Virginia Marriage Bonds compiled by Anne Waller Eddy and Andrew Lewis Riffe, IV.

1803 - John BARHAM, Overseer at William Waller's Plantation, paid 50 pounds a year. His wife (not named) was a weaver.

*Colonial Williamsburg Card File

1803, August 5 - Will of William Holloman Probated. Dated June 3, 1799

Wife, Rebecca - negroes Lydia, Jerry, Jack and Sam

Sons, Micajah, James, William

Daughters, Polly, Lucy

Executors: Wife, Rebecca and friends Samuel and Benjamin BARHAM

Witnesses: Edward Fisher, Joseph Atkinson, Priscilla Atkinson

Proved by Joseph Atkinson who said Edward Fisher was dead at time of Probate.

*Southampton Book 5, p. 441

1803, December 19 - On motion of John BARHAM, Administrator, granted him on Estate of John Gilliam.

Randolph Newsum and Wilkinson Capell, Securities

*Southampton Order Book 1803/05, p. 14 (Married Patsy BARHAM, dtr. Of Robert. Will of 1797)

1803, December 19 - Marriage Bond - Polly BARHAM - John Myrick, "of Owen".

Surety: Benjamin BARHAM (Southampton County)

1804 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1804, March 21 - John BARHAM, assignee of Lucy Myrick vs. Arthur Turner, debt. Plaintiff awarded judgement with interest from July 21, 1798.

*Southampton Order Book 1803/05, p. 103

1804, June 10 - Charles BARHAM, Columbia Co., GA to John Barlow

$100.00 - 50 acres on branch of Racoon Swamp adjacent to Nathaniel BARHAM, Wilkinson Capell - my dividend of land of Joel BARHAM

Witnesses: Arthur Foster, Thomas Parkes, John Foster.

*Southampton Book 10, p. 424

1804, August 20 - Will of Hannah BARHAM Probated. Dated. March 4, 1804

Son, Peter Manry

Daughter, Marget

Executor: Nathaniel Marks

Witnesses: Mildred Hutchings, Martha Gilliam, (dtrs. Of Robert BARHAM, d. 1797)

*Southampton Book 5, p. 528

(February 13, 1787 - Marriage Bond - Peter Manry - Martha Cornet, dtr. of Martha Cornet

Surety: Henry Hogwood (Sussex)

(December 7, 1809 - Marriage Bond - Howell Bass - Silviah Manry, dtr. of Peter Manry

Surety: David Newsum (Sussex)

1804, September 17 - Marriage Bond - River Barker - Polly Holleman, dtr. Of Rebecca Holleman.

Security: John BARHAM

Witness: Benjamin Cobb (Southampton County)

1804, September 18 - Samuel BARHAM paid by County of Southampton for (upkeep or repairs) Racoon Bridge. $13.50

Buckhorn Bridge. $11.34

*Southampton Order Book 1803/05, p. 253

1804, October 6 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin Judkins BARHAM - Rebecca Lane, dtr. Of William Lane, dec'd. Henry Lane consents (Surry County)

16, 1798)

1805 - Bennett Tompkins BARHAM first listed on the personal property tax list, James City County - Tithable with two horses

*James City Co., Tax list 1805

1805 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 139 ½ acres

1805, July 23 - Agreement between Burwell BARHAM and Sally BARHAM, Widow of John BARHAM. Burwell agrees to lease Sally land for 5 years. Sally is to build a log house and at end of 5 years is to renew. Two neighbors to set terms. During 5 years Sally is to have land free.

Witness: Benjamin J. BARHAM, Rebekah BARHAM

*Surry New Book 3, p. 73

1805, December 21 - Arthur Turner (1) Benjamin BARHAM (2) Spratley Williams (3)

Benjamin is security for Turner

*Southampton Book 11, p. 179

1805, February 18 - On motion of John BARHAM for administration with the Will annex of Hannah BARHAM, Nathan Marks refusing to qualify, the same is granted. Peter Simmons and David Myrick to be his securities. Court ordered Kinchen Jelks, Wilkonson Capell, Thomas Chambliss and Levi Rochelle to appraise.

*Southampton Order Book 1803/05, p. 386

1806, July 22 - Will of Robert Phillips Probated. Dated January 1, 1806

Wife, Mary - all lands for Widowhood

Son, Wyatt

Daughter, Keziah

Wife Mary, John Judkins and John Pyland to be Executors

Witnesses: Amos Judkins, Nathaniel Judkins, Benjamin J. BARHAM

*Surry WBK 1804/15, p. 112

1806, October 30 - Marriage Bond - Elizabeth BARHAM (of age), daughter of Joseph BARHAM - Robert B. Hunnicutt.

Security: Joseph BARHAM, Jr., James BARHAM

(Surry County)

1806, December 12 - Brunswick Co., Va., marriage. BARHAM Newsom - Catherine Penn

(see Brunswick Co., marriage - Barham Newsom - Elizabeth Howard, Jan. 22, 1798)

*1994 Automated Archives

1807 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

1807 - Estate of Benjamin J. BARHAM, Rebecca BARHAM, Administrator. Appraised by Nathaniel Davis, Burwell BARHAM, Thomas Lane.

*Surry Book 1792/1804

1807, November 6 - Marriage Bond - Margaret BARHAM - William H. Sullivan

Surety: Howl BARHAM (Southampton County)

*1994 Automated Archives gives date of November 16, 1807

1807, December 21 - Howell BARHAM, wife Ann, to Peter Manry

40 acres - $80.00, on Racoon Swamp adjacent to Levi Rochell, Sands.

Witnesses: Samuel BARHAM, Robert Nicholson, David Westbrook

*Southampton Book 11, p. 538

1808, January 4 - Benjamin BARHAM, wife Faithy, to Edwin Reese

350L - 298 acres South Side Nottoway River in Parish of St. Luke's, bounded by Drewry Waller, said BARHAM, Cabin Branch, Benjamin W. Johnston, Mary Jarrell and Indian Branch

Witnesses: Drewry Waller, James Hallcome, Jack Freeman

*Southampton Book 11, p. 479

1808, January 25 - Trust Deed. Stephen BARHAM (1) Samuel Wallace (2) Benjamin Cob (3) Stephen BARHAM indebted to Wallace

Witnesses: James Rochell, James Whitehead, Zeb Washington

*Southampton Book 11, p. 397

1808, January 30 - Marriage Bond - Polly BARHAM - Thomas Dunn

Surety: Grey Dunn

Witness: Samuel Kello (Southampton County)

1808, October 15 - Howel BARHAM, wife Anne, to Fanny Chevas

42L - 35 acres adjacent to said BARHAM on Rackoon Swamp

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 11, p. 538

1808, December 19 - Marriage Bond - John BARHAM - Rebecca Clements

Surety: Samuel Blunt

Witnesses: Benjamin Cobb, James Harrison (Southampton County)

1809 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Buwell BARHAM 14 acres

1809-1813 - John BARHAM charged with land in James City County, Virginia.

*James City County Land Tax Lists, 1809-1813 inclusive

1809, January 2 - John BARHAM, Wife Rebecca, to John Urquhart

3 tracts devised by Benjamin Clements, dec'd, the father of Francis Clements, to his three sons, Thomas, Francis and John, the land lately sold by Richard W. Byrd, Trustee, which was conveyed to said Byrd to satisfy a debt due Urquhart. The land is on the North side of Nottoway River, 1/3rd of said land is held by John BARHAM and Rebecca, his wife, in right of dower by her former marriage with Francis Clements.


Witnesses: J. Fort, Peter Blow, A. Simmons

*Southampton Book 11, p. 572

(Will of Francis Clements Probated May, 1808 and Dated December 1807)

Wife, Rebecca - Plantation where I live for life, negroes Giddian, Tom, Jeffrey, Simon, Stephen, Airy and Clary, for life, then to

Son, Francis - Plantation where I live

Daughter, Elizabeth - Plantation where my father lived, 950 acres, 9 negroes

Son, John - Plantation where my Grandfather lived, 1000 acres, 11 negroes

Daughter, Nancy - Plantation called Coxes. Negroes

Witnesses: John Reese, Joseph Stevenson, Nathaniel Felts

*Southampton Book 6, p. 553

1810 - Census - Southampton County, Virginia

Head of Family Males Females Slaves

Samuel BARHAM 3 (-10)

1 (10-16)

1 (26-45) 1 13

Benjamin BARHAM 1 (10-16) 1

1 (45 up) 1 10

John BARHAM 2 (-10) 1

1 (26-45) 1 34 <

Howell BARHAM 1 (-10) 3

1 (10-16)

1 (26-45) 1 1 (illegible)

Ben (Benjamin?) BARHAM 5 (-10) 1

1 (10-16)

1 (45 up) 2

Stephen BARHAM (2 "all others" - (not citizens) are they mulatto's?)

1810 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

Head of Family Males Females Slaves

BARHAM, Burwell 2 (-10) 1

1 (10-16) 2

(16-26) 1

1 (26-45)

BARHAM, Faithy (16-26) 1

(45 up) 1 1

BARHAM, Joseph (-10) 1

1 (10-16)

3 (16-26)

(26-45) 1

1 (45 up) 1 11

State Population: 877, 683

1810 - List of Taxable Property, Surry County Tax Book

Free Men (over 16) Slaves

Thomas L. BARHAM 1 0

Burwell BARHAM 2 0

James BARHAM 1 1

Faithy BARHAM 0 3

Joseph BARHAM 2 15

1810 - Thomas BARHAM born in James City County, Virginia. (d. ?).

. Son of John BARHAM and Frances Charles. Married (1) Susan ( ) Kimbrough, November 19, 1834 in Richmond, Va., and had issue: Frances BARHAM and Catherine BARHAM.

Married (2) Sarah Jane Hubbard of Charles City, Va., November 16, 1870 in Charles City County and had issue: None

Married (3) Lucy Christian of New Kent Co., Va., January 11, 1883 in Charles City County and had issue: None

1810 - Rebecca C. BARHAM born in York County, Virginia (d. 1966) Daughter of John BARHAM and ?????.. Married -------Jones (date unknown)

1811 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

1811 - Marriage Bond - Willis BARHAM - Martha Savedge (over21). Daughter of Josiah Savedge, dec'd, and Ann Savedge. (1994 Automated Archives lists the date as September 1, 1811)

Security: Robert Moring (Surry County)

1812 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

1812, June 15 - Benjamin BARHAM to sons Wyatt and John BARHAM, negro woman Darkest (darkus), man George, 6 head of cattle, two beds, etc.

Witnesses: Thomas Ridley, Benjamin BARHAM

*Southampton Book 13, p. 262

1812, August 22 - Howell BARHAM, Wife Anny, to Stephen Manre

$147.38 - tract adjacent to Rochell - no acres - no witnesses

*Southampton Book 12, p. 439

1812, August 22 - Howell BARHAM to Wilkerison Copill (Capell)

20L - 23 acres

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 12, p. 445

1812, August 22 - Howell BARHAM, wife Anne, to Benjamin Jelks

$5.00 - 10 acres South side Racoon Swamp adjacent to Benjamin Wren, Peter Mannes.

Witnesses: Kinchen Jelks, Micajah Hollaman, James A. BARHAM

*Southampton Book 12, p. 439

1813 - Frances R.K. BARHAM (b. abt 1813 d. March 17, 1861) of James City County, Virginia. Son of John BARHAM the younger and Frances Charles. She married, by 1828, Joseph L. Harwood.

1813, February/October,1814 - Bennett Tompkins BARHAM served in the War of 1812. He was a corporal in Capt. Robert Saunder's Troop of Cavalry of the Virginia Militia in the 4th Regiment from the State of Virginia.

*from notes on the War of 1812, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

1813 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

1813 - On or about this date Robert BARHAM was born in Warwick County, Virginia. (d. ?). Son of Bennett Kerby BARHAM and Jane Whitaker Lee. Married Nancy Wood (date unknown) of Warwick County and had issue:

Bennett BARHAM, Helen BARHAM.

Note: in 1850, three children, Robert BARHAM, aged 8 years; Mary BARHAM, aged 6 years and Frances BARHAM, aged 5 years were in the household of Robert BARHAM and his wife, Nancy. They were listed as paupers and it is likely that they were the children of a deceased brother (possibly Benjamin BARHAM) Mary, at the time she received her marriage license gave Robert and Nancy as her parents. No further data had been found on Benjamin at this time.

1813, 1814 - Bennett Kerby BARHAM charged with 86 3/4 acres of land in James City County.

*James City County Land Tax Lists, 1813-1814

1814-1827 - John BARHAM'S Estate charged with land in James City County, Virginia.

*James City County Land Tax Lists, 1814-1827 inclusive

1814 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Benjamin BARHAM, in right of Wife, N. Carolina 200 acres Pigeon Swamp adjacent to Est. J. Smith

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres

1814 - Francis and Nancy Clements, Orphans of Francis Clements, with John BARHAM, Guardian

*Southampton Co., Orphans Book P, p. 74/75

1814, August 15 - Marriage Bond - Nathaniel H. BARHAM - Nancy Butts

Security: Wilkinson Capell (Southampton County)

1814, October 29 - Bennett Tompkins BARHAM, 3rd Corporal in Capt. Robert Saunder's Company, of the 68th Regiment of Virginia Militia, under the command of Lieut. William McCandlish. He furnished his own horse.

*War of 1812 p. 375

1815 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent Nathaniel Berriman and Elizabeth Adams

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

1815, February 4 - James A. BARHAM of Southampton Co., to Nathaniel BARHAM

$130.00 - 30 acres South Side of Benjamin Wrenn's mill pond, bounded by Seally BARHAM, Benjamin Wrenn.

Witnesses: Nathaniel Knight, Alex. Hutchings, William L. Rochelle

*Southampton Book 14, p. 184

Note: Seally or Sally?

1815, February 15 - Bennett Kerby BARHAM made a purchase from the Estate sale of William Lee, dec'd.

*York Co., WBK 10, p. 194

1815, March 22 - Inventory and appraisal of Estate of Sally BARHAM by Chismon Nicholson, Benjamin Wrenn, Benjamin Jelks (returned January 20, 1817)

Items: "Bailey Barnes' note - 117.36

Wilkinson Capell's - 7.41

Wm. Newsum's Bond- 121.12

*Southampton WBK 8, p. 289

1815, July - Francis Clements, Orphan of Francis Clements in Account with John BARHAM, his Guardian. Accounts begin 1814. Returned July 1815.

*Southampton Guardian Account Book 1810/1836, p. 74

Note: Marriage Bond - 1808 - John BARHAM - Rebecca Clements. Also Marriage Bond - September 22, 1794, in Sussex County, Francis Clements - Rebecca Parker, daughter of Mary Parker with Robert Goodwyn, Surety and Henry Parker as witness.

1815, July 25 - Benjamin Wrenn, Robert Nicholson and Chaseman Nicholson, Commissioners appointed by the Court, To James BARHAM.

$396.26 - 120 acres bounded by Benjamin Wrenn, Wilkinson Capell, Samuel BARHAM

Witnesses: Benjamin Jelks, Burwell Rawlings, Willie Magee, Nathaniel BARHAM, Wilkinson Capell

*Southampton Book 14, p. 380

1815, November 20 - Nathaniel BARHAM, wife Nancy, and Benjamin Wrenn

$250.00 - 60 acres bounded by James BARHAM, Benjamin Wrenn and Wilkinson Capell.

Witnesses: Joseph Clanton, Robert Nicholson, Stephen Manry

*Southampton Book 15, p. 73

1815, November 20 - Nathaniel BARHAM to Etheldred Vassor

Mgt tract BARHAM bought of Vassor

*Southampton Book 14, p. 316

1815, December 15 - James Dunn, wife Julia (daughter of Benjamin BARHAM of Southampton County) of Franklin Co., N.C. to Benjamin BARHAM, all rights (1/4th part) of Murray tract containing 230 acres.

Witnesses: Drewry Waller, Stith Nicholson, Joseph Capell

*Southampton Book 15, p. 99

1816 - about this date Francis BARHAM, of Williamsburg Va. was born. He was son of Bennett Kerby BARHAM and Jane Whitaker Lee. Married on January 19. 1839 to Mary Lammerson. They resided in Page Co., Va. Francis died October 10, 1877 at Mauk's Mill, Page County.

Issue: Martha J. BARHAM, Mary E. BARHAM, Benjamin Franklin BARHAM, William S. BARHAM, Thomas Henry BARHAM, Charles Russell BARHAM, Margaret "Maggie" BARHAM.

*Page County Marriage Register

**Page County Personal Property Tax List

1816 - Thomas BARHAM 1 male slave above 16

Burwell BARHAM 2 " " " "

James BARHAM 1 " " " "

Faithy BARHAM 1 " " " "

Joseph BARHAM 14 " " " "

*Surry Tax Book

1816 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres adjacent Thomas Pyland

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent Nathaniel Berriman

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres S.E. Green Swamp adjacent Faithy BARHAM

1816, October 13 - Indenture Lucy Lane, Widow and relict of Ethelred Lane, dec'd, Lucy Lane the younger, Edwin Travis, wife Mary, the late Mary Lane, daughters and co-heirs of the said Ethelred Lane, dec'd, of the one part, and Joseph BARHAM, Jr., of the other; Consideration of $160.00 to Joseph BARHAM, Jr., all that tract of land in Surry County whereof the said Ethelred Lane died seized..........100 acres bounded by most known and reputed bounds of Thomas Lane, Sr. , the lands of Joseph BARHAM, Nathaniel Berriman, John Faulson and John P. Judkins.

Witnesses: James Holt, Micajah Holt, Rebecca Gwaltny

*Surry DBK 5, (new) p. 312

1816, December 4 - Marriage Bond - Nancy BARHAM - Edw. M. Jones

Security: Brittain Barnes, A. Middleton

Minister: Benjamin Devanry

(Southampton County)

1816, December 10 - Marriage Bond - Jane BARHAM - Theophilus Joyner

Security: Jordan Barnes, A. Middleton

Minister: Benjamin Barnes

(Southampton County)

1817 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres on edge Green Swamp adjacent to Thomas Lane 2 ½ S.E.

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres on S.E. edge Green Swamp adjacent to Thomas Pyland 1 ½ S.E.

Joseph BARHAM, Sr. 100 acres on Stage Road adjoining Elizabeth Adams 2 ½ E by S

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres S.E. side Green Swamp adjoining Faithy 1 1/4 E by S

1817, October 17 - Estate of Thomas Edwards, dec'd, Martha Edwards, Admix.

Item: Paid Thomas Newsum's Bond

Paid James BARHAM'S Account

*Surry Book 1815/24, p. 275

1818 - Surry Land Book

Joseph BARHAM, Jr. - 100 acres SE side of Green Swamp against Thomas Lane, 2 ½ miles SE of Courthouse.

Joseph BARHAM, Sr., - 100 acres on Stage Road adjoining Elizabeth Adams, 2 ½ miles E by S from Courthouse

Estate of Benjamin BARHAM - 127 acres

Faith BARHAM 42 acres

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres adjoining Faith BARHAM

1818, January 7 - James A. BARHAM - Louisa Womble, Willis Womble is father.

Security: Nancy Maget.

Minister, Benjamin Barnes (Southampton County)

1818, January 14 - Thomas Dunn, wife Polly, of Franklin County, N.C., to Benjamin A. BARHAM of Wake Co., N.C.

$200.00 - 1/4th of land where Benjamin BARHAM, Sr. lives N side Buckhorn Swamp adjacent to Samuel Blunt, Peter Blow, Drewry Waller. Said 1/4th part contains 100 acres being proportion conveyed to them by Alex Murray, dec'd.

*Southampton Book 15, p. 481

1818, February 26 - Benjamin BARHAM, wife, Faithy, to Nathaniel Simmons

400 acres, Murray Tract

*Southampton Book 15, p. 437

1818, September 15 - Benjamin BARHAM, #37720, a Private in Capt. Jno. Walker's Company, Colonel Lawson's Virginia Regiment for 2 years. Applied for pension September 15, 1818 as a resident of Southampton Co., Virginia. Age, 64 years (born then, 1754)

(Bureau of Archives, Wash., D.C.)

( a piece of paper, same file........Benjamin BARHAM, 1st. LT. Rev. Army had a pension. Deceased in 1822. Left a Widow and 7 children. Could this latter Benjamin be in Sussex 1820 Census?)

1818, December 7 - Inventory BARHAM Moore

Signed: Solomon Graves, Fielding Rose, Jesse Lee

1819 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Joseph BARHAM, Jr. 100 acres Adjacent Thomas Lane 2 ½ miles SE of Courthouse

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres adjacent Edwin James on Green Swamp 1 ½ miles SE

Joseph BARHAM, Sr. 100 acres on Stage Road adjacent to Elizabeth Adams 2 ½ miles EbyS

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres adjacent Faithy BARHAM 1 1/4 SE

1819, January - Distribution of Estate of Robert Hunnicutt, Sr.

James Wheadon 303-93 ½

William Hunnicutt 303-93 ½

Mary H. Hunnicutt 303-93 ½

Guardian to Austin 303-93 ½

Guardian to Nancy 303-93 ½

Robert Hunnicutt, Jr. 303-93 ½

Own Proportion 303-93 ½

Witness: Joseph BARHAM

Signed: John Hunnicutt, Executor

*Surry WBK 1815/24, p. 351

1819, January 18 - John BARHAM, wife Rebecca, love and affection, to our three sons John, Timothy and Joseph, infants at our death all the land whereon we now live in St. Luke's Parish bounded beginning at the main run of the 3 Creeks, George Ivey, Robbins Branch, Arthur Williams' land known as Atkinson tract, David Westbrook, George's Branch, Purley Barnes, Rose's Meadow, Jesse Holt. (No acreage given)

Witnesses: George Ivey, John Ivey, J. Harris

*Southampton Book 16, p. 222

1819, February 22 - Surry Co., Va. Marriage. BARHAM Atkinson - Sally Davis

*1994 Automated Archives

1819, February 24 - Benjamin BARHAM, wife Mabel, to William Peters of Sussex Co., Va.

250 acres beginning at Saro BARHAM adjacent William Peters, Benjamin BARHAM.

Witnesses: Thomas Ridley, Sprathy Williams, Francis Ridley

*Southampton Book 18, p. 126

1819, September 17 - Indenture of emancipation between Thomas Harwood, Bennett K. BARHAM, Dorothy Harwood, Jane BARHAM and Margaret Harwood lee of the one part and a slave, Polly of the other part was proved as to William Lee by the oath of William Power and as to Margaret H. Lee by the oath of Frederick Bryan, witnesses thereto.

*York Co., Judgements and Orders 9, 1815 - 1819, p. 440

1819, November 15 - John Dunn, wife Julia, Wake Co., N.C., to Benjamin BARHAM of Wake Co., N.C..

$1000.00 - 1/4th undivided interest in land in Southampton Co., Va., now occupied by Nathaniel Simmons; formerly known as Murray Tract. North side of Buckhorn Swamp bounded by Drewry Waller, Dr. Samuel Blunt and Peter Blow.

400 acres., 1/4th of which descended to Julia Dunn

NO Witnesses

*Southampton Book 17, p. 1

1819, December 4 - Benjamin BARHAM, Wake Co., N.C. to Nathaniel Simmons of Southampton Co., Va. $450.00 - 100 acres in Southampton, 1/4 part of land bought in 1817 by Simmons of said Benjamin BARHAM, he not then having a fee simple. As for boundaries refer to other deed. Benjamin BARHAM has acquired fee simple reference being had to John Dunn and wife deed.

Witnesses: Henry Gurley, Thomas E. Cosby, James Rochelle

*Southampton Book 17, p. 40

1820 - Census - James City County, Virginia

Males Females Slaves

BARHAM, Bennett H. 3 (-10) 0

1 (10-16) 1

0 (16-26) 2

0 (26-45) 0

1 (+45) 1 7

BARHAM, John 3 (-10) 0

0 (10-16) 1

0 (16-26) 0

0 (26-45) 0

1 (+45) 0 8

BARHAM, Mary 0 (26-45) 1

0 (+45) 1 9

1820 - Census - Southampton County, Virginia

BARHAM, Samuel 1 (10-16) 0

1 (16-18) 0

3 (16-26) 0

1 (+45) 1 18

BARHAM, John 3 (-10) 1

1 (16-26) 0

0 (26-45) 1

1 (+45) 0 35

BARHAM, Benjamin 3 (-10) 0

2 (10-16) 0

1 (16-18) 0

2 (16-26) 0

1 (+45) 1 3

BARHAM, James 0 (5-10) 1

0 (16-26) 1

1 (26-45) 0 2

BARHAM, Wyatt 2 (-10) 0

0 (16-26) 1

1 (26-45) 0 5

1820 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

Males Females Slaves

BARHAM, Rebecca 1 (-10) 0

2 (10-16) 2

0 (26-45) 1

BARHAM, Faithy 0 (26-45) 1

0 (+45) 1 1

BARHAM, Robert 2 (16-26) 0

0 (26-45) 1

BARHAM, Joseph 0 (-10) 1

1 (10-16) 0

1 (16-26) 1

3 (26-45) 1

1 (+45) 1 15

1820 - Census - Sussex County, Virginia

BARHAM, Benjamin 2 (-10) 2

1 (10-16) 1

1 (+45) 1


BARHAM, Littleton 3 (-10) 0

0 (10-16) 1

0 (16-26) 1

1 (+45) 1 1

BARHAM, Charles 2 (-10) 2

1 (16-26) 1

1 (+45) 1 2

1820 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres adjacent Thomas R. Pyland and B. BARHAM

Joseph BARHAM, Sr. 100 acres on Stage Road adjacent to Elizabeth Adams

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres adjacent Faithy BARHAM

Joseph BARHAM Trustee for Robert Bage, 50 acres adjacent White Marsh and Sam Wilson, 9 miles NW.

Rebecca BARHAM For Widowhood, 117 acres adjacent Estate of John Pyland

Joseph BARHAM Trustee for James W. Wheadon, 175 ½ acres adjacent William Hunnicutt andHy Blow.

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent Thomas Lane on Green Swamp.

1820, January 14 - Trust Indenture. William Hunnicutt, Sr., (1) James Wheadon (2) Joseph BARHAM

(3) William H. Secures Wheadon.

Personal property

Witnesses: Jonathan Ellis, William Hunnicutt, August W. Hunnicutt.

*Book 6, p. 132

1820, February 23 - Benjamin Blunt to John BARHAM

$1044.00 - 313 1/4 acres on the road from Jerusalem to Belfield, adjacent to Kinchen Williams, Estate of Allen Jones, Hargraves Swamp, Polly Thorpe.

Witnesses: John Blunt, Benjamin Blunt, Thomas Harrison.

*Southampton Book 18, p. 41

1820, March 7 - Surry Co., Va. Marriage. Martha BARHAM - James Jones

*1994 Automated Archive

1820, March 15 - Indenture John Hunnicutt and Hannah Judkins, his wife, to William Hunnicutt - 37 ½ acres bounded by White Marsh Road, John Hunnicutt, Henry Blow, Blanks Moody.

Witnesses: James Bell, Jonathin Ellis, Joseph BARHAM.

*Surry Book 6, p. 126

1820, March 4 - Marriage Bond - Martha Barham - James Jones

Security: Joseph Barren. (Surry County)

1820, September 2 - James A. BARHAM, wife Louisa, - Theophilus Joyner, wife Jane, (1) to Lewis Worrel. All our interest in the lands Nathaniel BARHAM; it being land allotted to Nancy BARHAM, wife of Nathaniel, dec'd, as her dower land of Nathaniel BARHAM.

Witness: Nathan Edwards, Thomas Worrel, D. Forgason.

*Southampton Book 17, p. 249

1820, November 23 - Marriage Bond - Rebecca BARHAM (+21) - William Judkins

Security: Joseph BARHAM, Nathaniel Davis (Surry County)

(also see marriage bond, 1804, - Benjamin Judkins BARHAM - Rebecca LANE)

1821 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Joseph BARHAM, Jr. 100 acres adjacent Thomas Lane on Green Swamp

Faithy BARHAM 42 acres

Joseph BARHAM, Sr. 100 acres

Burwell BARHAM 14 acres

Joseph, trustee for Robert Bage 50 acres

Joseph, trustee for Jane Wheadon 138 acres

1821 - Thomas BARHAM born in Warwick County, Virginia. (d. Dec. 14, 1896) Son of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Frances Allen. Married Susan Van Buren Liggan of Richmond, January 31, 1867 and had issue. Bennett Tompkins BARHAM, Frances Allen BARHAM, Thomas BARHAM, Susan BARHAM, Martha BARHAM, Lucy BARHAM, Rosebud BARHAM, Robert BARHAM.

*New Kent Co., Marriage Register

1821, March 13 - Trust Indenture

Robert B. Hunnicutt (1) James Simpson (2) William Ruffin (3)

Robert B. Hunnicutt secures Ruffin for $150.00

100 acres adjacent William Jones, William E. Thompson and Elizabeth Adams.

Witnesses: William Randolph, Joseph BARHAM, Thomas Ruffin

*Surry (new) Book 6, p. 286

1821, March 22 - Bennett K. BARHAM, Executor of John BARHAM, dec'd, against Thomas Harwood, obliger with William Lee, dec'd, deft. - in debt.

*York County Order Book 10, p. 96

1821, July 11 - James A. BARHAM, wife Louisa, to Lewis Worrel

$150.00 - 35 acres adjacent to Brittain Williams, George Hobbs.

Witness: George G. Gurley, Peter J. Pierce, Dixson Forgason.

*Southampton Book 18, p. 198

1821, November 19 - Bennett K. BARHAM, Executor of Estate of John BARHAM, dec'd, against Thomas Harwood, obliger with William Lee, dec'd, deft., in debt.

*York Co., Order Book 10, p. 96

Note: Same action again on March 22, 1822. P. 121

1821, November 25 - Will of Robert Nicholson Probated December 16, 1821

Samuel BARHAM a witness

*Southampton Book 9, p. 120

1822, January 2 - Indenture William Hunnicutt to Henry Blow

41 acres beginning at Stage Road in John Hunnicutt's line to Henry Blow to Church and Stage Road.

Witnesses: James Wheadon, Joseph BARHAM, Ruffin Hargrove.

Book 6, p. 357

1822, February 25 - Trust Indenture

William Hunnicutt (1) Ann C. Hunnicutt (2) Joseph BARHAM (3)

William owes Ann C. $510.69 deeds 5 negroes in trust.

Witnesses: James Wheadon, Henry Blow.

P. 461

1822, February 25 - Indenture Thomas L. BARHAM and Hannah J. Hunnicutt whereas John Hunnicutt to secure Ann C. Hunnicutt for 392.18

*Surry DBK 7, p. 382

1822, February 25 - Trust Indenture

John Hunnicutt, Jr, wife Hannah (1) Ann C. Hunnicutt (2) Joseph BARHAM (3)

John owes Ann C. $392.18

Deeds 138 acres adjacent Henry Blow, Blanks Moody, Aug. William Hunnicutt

It being all land owned by John H. Jr.

Witnesses: James Wheadon, Henry Blow.

P. 462

1822 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Burwell BARHAM 56 acres

Joseph, trustee for Bage 50 acres

Joseph, trustee for Elvira Wesson 71 ½ acres

Joseph, trustee for A. Goodrich 96 acres

Joseph, trustee for Ann C. Hunnicutt 138 acres adjacent Henry Blow

Thomas L. BARHAM fee in wife, 70 3/4 on Gray's Creek.

*Surry Land Book

1822, May 21 - William P. Wellons, wife Sally, to Joseph BARHAM

92 acres to secure $66.53 Wellons owes Thomas Savidge of Surry Co., Mortgages land adjacent to Willis Wellons, Thomas Gray and John Booth.

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 19, p. 41

Note: Joseph BARHAM, Trustee, sells above land to Herrard Burt. Book 19, p. 137

1822, November 4 - Marriage Bond - Nancy BARHAM - Haley Foster

Security: Norrington Ellis, A. Middleton, W.D. Powell, Mason Joyner. (Southampton County)

1823 - It was about this time that Bennett Tompkins BARHAM moved to new Kent County from Richmond. His daughter, Martha Moore BARHAM was born in New Kent County on July 18, 1824. He was listed as a merchant in New Kent and at his decease, his widow also had a merchant's license. The Village of BARHAMSVILLE got its name from this family, as they served the area as the U.S. Post Office which had been moved from Hickory Neck to New Kent

1823, March 5 - Marriage Bond - Thomas L. BARHAM - Nancy Adams

Security: Joseph BARHAM, Patrick H. Adams (Surry County)

1823, March 17 - The Court this day appointed John BARHAM, Guardian of his children, Thomas, Frances R.K., Bennett T., and John H. BARHAM, whereupon the said John BARHAM appeared in Court and together with Bennett Kerby, his security, entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of one thousand dollars conditioned for the security of the said infants' estates and indemnifying the court.

*York County Order Book 10 1820-1825, p. 184

1823, July 14 - John BARHAM, wife Rebecca, to Francis Clements

$1400.00 - Tract known as Worrells Plantation, 313 1/4 acres.

*Southampton Book 19, p. 150

1824 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Burwell BARHAM 56 acres

Joseph BARHAM, Trustee for Ann C. Hunnicutt, 138 acres

Thomas L. BARHAM - fee in wife, 70 3/4 acres

Sally BARHAM, for life, 33 acres

1824, February 16 - William K. Charles, Kemp Charles, Jr., John Charles, Mary Farthing, who was Mary Charles.

Margaret Hubbard, who was Margaret Charles

John Brooks and Maria, his wife, who was Maria Charles.

Lewis S. Charles, who hath survived his late wife, who was Martha T. Charles and Lewis S. And Thomas Charles, infant children of Lewis S. And Martha T. Charles, the late wife by the said Lewis S. Charles, their father and next friend.

John Moreland, who hath survived his late wife, who was Frances S. Charles and has also survived Dianna T. Moreland, an infant child by his late wife.

John BARHAM, who hath survived his late wife, who was Frances S. Charles and Thomas, Bennett T., Frances R.K., and John H. BARHAM, infant children of John BARHAM and his late wife, Frances S. By the said John BARHAM, their father and next friend.

Against: Henry H. Charles, Administrator, Commission of with Will annexed of Henry Charles, dec'd, - suit regarding the sale of Real Estate of the decedent.

*York County Order Book 10 1820-1825, p. 274

1824, March 23 - Will of John Hunnicutt, Jr., Probated. Dated August 29, 1821

Son, Robert B.

Daughter, Ann B, Proctor, wife of Jeremiah

Wife, Lucy

Son, John N.

Grandson, William H. Proctor

Granddaughter, Margaret W. Hunnicutt, daughter of my deceased son, Thomas.

Granddaughter, Rebecca T. Hunnicutt

Executor: Son, John

Witnesses: Jonathan Ellis, Richard Cary, Thomas M. Hare, Joseph BARHAM

*Book 1822, p. 248

1824, May 11 - Trust Indenture

Robert B. Hunnicutt (1) Joseph BARHAM (2) Jeremiah Proctor and Ann B., his wife, late Ann B. Holt, Admix. Of Rowland Holt, dec'd.

Robert owes Jeremiah (for Ann B.) $209.38

100 acres in trust adjacent W.S. Thompson, William Jones, John Mallicote

*DBK 7, p. 161

1824, June - Joseph BARHAM and Ann C., his wife, formerly Ann C. Hunnicutt vs. John H. Bell, Administrator with the Will annexed of John Hunnicutt, Jr., dec'd, and Hannah J. Hunnicutt, Widow of said John and John Hunnicutt, Jr., infant.

*Surry Order Book 1823/25, p. 315

1824, July 18 - Martha Moore BARHAM born in Barhamsville, New Kent Co., Virginia (d. April 12. 1873

Bible record). Daughter of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Frances Allen. Married Wyatt Smith Woodward of Barhamsville, October 22, 1840.

*Woodward Family Bible

1824, August 21 - Indenture, Thomas L. BARHAM, Trustee appointed by the Court in 1824 and Joseph BARHAM and Ann C., his wife, formerly Ann C. Hunnicutt, complainant against John H. Bell, Administrator with the Will annexed of John Hunnicutt, Jr. and an infant friend especially appointed by the Court in consideration of $100.00.

85 acres adjacent to Henry Blow, the Estate of William Hunnicutt, Jr., dec'd, being part of lands John Hunnicutt, Jr., died seized.

*Surry DBK 7, p. 202

1824, August 21 - Thomas L. BARHAM, Trustee to William Williams, 30 ½ acres.

*Surry DBK 7, p. 283

1823, November 4 - Will of Joseph BARHAM

Wife, Sally - for life, 1/3rd of land. Negroes Ben and Ceally, bed, furniture, etc. Negro Rose.

Son, Joseph - all land after death of wife. Also Negroes Ben, Ceally, Reuben.

Son, James - Negroes Will and Ted, bed, furniture, etc.

Son, Charles - Negroes Henry and Alfred, bed, furniture, etc.

Son, Thomas - Negroes Washington and Mike, bed, furniture, etc.

Daughter, Mary Lane - Negroes Norman and Lucy.

Daughter, Nancy BARHAM - Negroes Sue and Bob, bed, furniture, etc.

Granddaughter, Eliza Ann BARHAM - Negro Beck

Grandchildren, John A. Hunnicutt, Charles H. Hunnicutt, Thomas B. Hunnicutt, Sally B. Hunnicutt, Negro Pete.

Rest of Estate to be divided between 4 sons, Joseph, James, Thomas and Charles.

Executor: Son, Joseph

1825, April 6 - Surry Co., Va. Marriage. Allen P. Binns - Eliza Ann BARHAM

*1994 Automated Archives

1825, May 4 - Edwin G. Tucker to Mary Ann BARHAM, orphan of John BARHAM.

*Richmond City Marriage Bonds, Vol. 1 by Eddy & Riffe IV.

1825, September 16 - Hartwell BARHAM, service # 41418, enlisted February 1776 or 1777. Discharged February 11, 1779.

Allowed pension on application executed September 16, 1825 while a resident of Stokes County, N.C., aged 66. Application referred to his wife and step-daughter, aged 66. Names not given.

*Bureau of Archives, Washington, D.C. Revolutionary War Records

Note: Born 1759 (Marriage Bond - January 17, 1780 - Hartwell BARHAM - Seesela Freeman - Sussex Co., Va.)

1825, October 24 - Will of Charles BARHAM Probated. Dated August 18, 1825

Mother, Sally

Brother, Joseph

Brother, Thomas

Sister, Nancy

Executor: Brother, Joseph

Witness: Thomas Rowell

*Surry Book......p.......

1825, December 1 - Administration granted Thomas J. Pyland on Estate of Thomas L. BARHAM, dec'd, with John P. Hopkins, James Adams, and John W. Judkins, Securities.

Ordered Nathaniel Berriman, Joseph Judkins, Jonathan Ellis and John Bennett, or any three, to appraise.

*Surry Orders Book 1823/25, p. 315

1825 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Joseph BARHAM, Jr. 100 acres

Joseph BARHAM, Jr. 67 acres adjacent to Sally BARHAM

Joseph BARHAM, Jr. 85 acres adjacent to Henry Blow

Sally BARHAM For life, 33 acres

Burwell BARHAM 56 acres

1826 - John BARHAM charged with 112 acres of land, which he had inherited from his dec'd father, Thomas BARHAM, after the death of his mother, Mary. He inherited one moiety of the land and was deeded (either by gift or purchase) from his brother, Bennett T. BARHAM, as noted on the land tax list.

James City County Land Tax Lists - 1826

1826, January 2 - Marriage Bond - Mary E. BARHAM - Joel Judkins. Mary is daughter of Burwell BARHAM.

Security: Thomas BARHAM (Surry County)

1826, May 22 - Will of Burwell BARHAM Probated. Dated 1824

Son, Robert

Son, Thomas

Daughter, Sally BARHAM

Daughter, Nancy BARHAM

Executor: --

Witnesses: --

(Marriage Bond - 1790 - Burwell BARHAM - Silviah Pyland)

(Marriage Bond - 1835 - Thomas BARHAM - Rebecca Bell)

(Marriage Bond - 1830 - Robert BARHAM - Emily Gwaltney

1826, June 26 - Robert BARHAM to Phillip Smith


"Bolting Mill" conveyed to Robert BARHAM by Phillip Smith and Martha Ann, his wife, June 25, 1826 subject to reversionary interest of Susan E. Price, Widow of David Price.

Witnesses: Drury Stith, Richard H. Edwards

*Surry DBK 7, p. 478

1826, October 10 - Samuel BARHAM, BARHAM Wrenn and Lucy Manery. Court order September, 1826, 74 1/4 acres adjacent to Levi Rochell

*Southampton Book 20, p. 162

1826 - Thomas L. BARHAM

Accounts Current, Thomas L. BARHAM, dec'd, Thomas J. Pyland, Administrator. Paid $5.00 Attorney's fee for Will of Joseph BARHAM.

Surry Book

(Marriage Bond - 1823 - Thomas L. BARHAM - Nancy Adams)

1817 - Bennett Tompkins and John BARHAM inherited land in James City County from their father, Thomas BARHAM, at the death of their mother, Mary. Bennett sold his moiety of the land to his brother, John.

*James City County Land Tax Lists - 1827

1827, January 1 - Estate of Sally BARHAM, dec'd, in account with Joseph BARHAM, Administrator.

By sale of descendants Estate 131.34

Paid Sheriff of Surry tax of last year 2.52

Lucy Lane, her account 3.75

My own account 187.37

By one month's hire of Hale 3.00

By cash of William Adams 2.25

By cash of Mrs. Patsy Scammell 2.00

Paid Batts Lane's account 6.00

Paid Stephen A. Hopkin's account 3.00

Paid Thomas J. Pyland's account 1.34

Returned June 15, 1829

*Surry WBK 1827/30, p. 477

1827, August 20 - Frances BARHAM - infant orphan of Bennett K. BARHAM, dec'd, with the consent and approbation of the Court, chose William H. Farthing for her guardian, etc.

*York Co., Order Book 11, p. 272-273

Note: Virginia law stated that you had to be at least 14 years of age in order to choose a guardian. Because of this, infant is a curious choice of words unless it means, in this case, youngest.

1827, August 20 - York County Marriage

James Finney to Frances BARHAM by Rev. Cyrus B. James

*Virginia Magazine Vol. XXV, p. 421

1828 - Bennett Tompkins BARHAM charged with 82 ½ acres in James City County. 70 acres from Bennett Kerby BARHAM Estate and 12 ½ acres from John BARHAM'S Estate. This land continued to be so charged until 1834, when it was sold to John Bailey.

*James City County Land Tax Lists - 1828 - 1834

1828 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Nancy BARHAM 70 acres both sides Gray's Creek, 2 ½ miles N. From Court House

Joseph BARHAM 37 ½ acres adjacent to Mary Smalley (her lifetime)

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent to Thomas Lane

Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent to Elizabeth Adams

Joseph BARHAM 91 acres adjacent to Thomas Lane

Joseph BARHAM 104 ½ acres adjacent to Henry Blow

Robert and Thomas BARHAM - 56 acres on Green Swamp adjacent to Samuel Rowell

1828, June - Will of John BARHAM Probated. Dated March 29, 1828

Wife, Rebecca - until son John becomes 21, then divide between wife and 4 children, John, Timothy, Joseph and daughter Martha T. BARHAM.

Son, Timothy

Son, Joseph

Daughter, Martha T.

Grandson, Francis Clements

Executor: Joseph Harris

Witnesses: Martha R. BARHAM, Edward Reese, Rives Barker, Francis Clements.

*Southampton Book 10, p. 108

1828, July 3 - Marriage Bond - Nicholas J. BARHAM - Priscilla B. Holmes

Security: Lewis N. Branch

Minister: Burwell Barret

*Southampton County

1828 - Will of Levy Rochelle Probated.. Dated July 8, 1826

Son, William - land purchased of James Battle

Son, Nathaniel - land purchased of Howell BARHAM and Alex Hutchings

Witness: Cuthbert BARHAM

*Southampton Book 10, p. 83

1829 - Robert BARHAM born in James City County, Virginia.(d. bet. 1865-1870) Son of John BARHAM and Dorithy BARHAM (1st cousins) Married Missouri Moody of Surry County December 12, 1853 and had issue:

Robert H. BARHAM, Thomas P. BARHAM and Virginia BARHAM

Robert BARHAM was a wheelwright and resided in Williamsburg.

(1852-1856, Robert Barham (Jr.) , wheelwright living in Richmond with his brother, Thomas and where he carried on his trade.)

*Surry Co., Va. Marriage Register

** James City Co., Va. Land Tax Lists 1838-1840

1829, June 4 - Virginia marriage, unknown county, Micajah Mangum - Sarah A. BARHAM.

*1994 Automated Archives

(Marriage took place in Richmond, Virginia.)

1829, November 25 - Indenture,

James Derring, alias James D. Long and Rebecca T., late Rebecca T. Hunnicutt (1st part) and Joseph BARHAM and Allen P. Binns.

$120.00 - 109 acres by land of Charles H. Binns, Orphan of William Binns, James Rowell, Thomas Rowell, the Estate of Samuel Rowell and others, known by the name of Binn's Pocoson, being land James Derring came into by marrying his present wife, Rebecca T. Hunnicutt who inherited the same from her Uncle John N. Hunnicutt.

No Witnesses

*Surry Book 8, p. 566

1829, November 26 - James F. BARHAM to John Allen

$115.00 - .........acres

1830 - Census - James City County, Virginia

Males Females Slaves

John BARHAM 1 (-5) 0

1 (5-10) 0

1 (10-15) 1

1 (+45) 0

1830 - Census - Southampton County, Virginia

Samuel BARHAM 2 (20-30) 1 18

1 (60-70) 1

John BARHAM 2 (15-20) 1 28

2 (20-30) 0

0 (30-40) 1

0 (50-60) 1

Mabel BARHAM 1 (5-10) 0 4

3 (20-30) 1

0 (50-60) 1

Nicholas BARHAM 1 (-5) 0 52

2 (5-10) 0

1 (20-30) 0

0 (30-40) 2

1830 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

Males Females Slaves

Robert BARHAM 0 (15-20) 2 2

2 (20-30) 0

Joseph BARHAM 2 (-5) 1 16

0 (15-20) 2

0 (20-30) 1

0 (40-50) 0

1 (50-60)

James BARHAM 1 (30-40) 2

1830 - Census - Sussex County, Virginia


1830, April 30 - Marriage Bond - John BARHAM - Mary F. Jackson, daughter of Mary Jackson.

*Brunswick County, Virginia

1830, November 22 - Marriage Bond - Robert BARHAM - Emily J. Gwaltney

Security: Thomas BARHAM. Emily id daughter of Elizabeth Gwaltney who is Guardian.

Witness: Acrill Savedge

*Surry County

1831, October 24 - Pursuant to a Court Order dates June 28, 1824, Hannah J. Hunnicutt was assigned 1/3rd part of land of John Hunnicutt's bounded by Joseph BARHAM, August W. Hunnicutt, and Henry Blow. It being understood to be same land allotted John Hunnicutt, dec'd, as proportion of Mother's dower in his father's land.

*Surry p. 157

1832, January 16 - Will of Rebecca BARHAM Probated.. Dated December 17, 1831

Daughter, Nancy Reese

Daughter, Martha T.

Son, John

Son, Timothy T.

Son, Joseph

Granddaughter, Amorell C. Reese

Executors: William A. Jones, Benjamin Williamson, Thomas P. Smith

Witnesses: Elizabeth Harwood, Lewis Harris, James N. Simons

*Southampton Book 10, p. 355

1832, April 16 - Marriage Bond - Cuthbert BARHAM - Martha R. Myrick, daughter of Temperance Myrick.

Security: Solomon D. Parker

*Southampton County

.1831, October 15 - Marriage Bond - George A.C. BARHAM - Hannah M. Judkins

Security: William Judkins (Southampton County)

1832, October 15 - Marriage Bond - John L. BARHAM - Judith C. Butts

Security: Joseph Browne

Minister: Green Adams (Southampton County)

1833, January 21 - Marriage Bond - Benjamin W. BARHAM - Lucinda Doyle

Sarah Doyle is Mother.

Security: Jesse I. Porter (Southampton County)

1833, January 21 - Marriage Bond - Joseph A. BARHAM - Sarah J. Butts

(Minister's returns, Joseph H. BARHAM)

Security: John L. BARHAM, Alex. Hutchings

Minister: Benjamin Devanry (Southampton County)

1833, February - Circuit Court of Law and Chancery held for James City and the City of Williamsburg - Thomas Wage, Administrator of the Estate of Bennett Kerby BARHAM, etc..

Heirs of Bennett Kerby BARHAM are:

William BARHAM

James Finney and Frances (BARHAM), his wife

John BARHAM and Dorothy (BARHAM), his wife


Francis BARHAM

Benjamin BARHAM


The last three infants by their guardian, James Cabuness

*Southall Papers, Folder 184 - William & Mary's Swem Library, Archives.

1833, February 8 - Thomas Wade, Adm. Of Bennett K. BARHAM, dec'd, against the heirs of Bennett K. BARHAM, dec'd.

William BARHAM was one of the said heirs of Bennett Kerby BARHAM, dec'd.

*Southall Papers, Folder 184, William & Mary Archives

1833, April 15 - Marriage Bond - Timothy T. BARHAM - Clarinda L. Luton

Security: John Ivy

Minister: Green Adams

*Southampton County

1833, June 17 - Marriage Bond - Martha T. BARHAM - John W. Reese

Minister: Green Adams (Southampton County)

1833, December 18 - Estate of Thomas L. BARHAM additional accounts current, Thomas J. Pyland, Administrator.

By cash to Nancy BARHAM the Widow

as guardian of -----BARHAM, Orphan

*Surry WBK 1830/34, p. 586

1834, March 18 - William Charles, Will BARHAM and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Charles, Pltfs. Against Absalom Charles, infant of tender years, etc.. In Chancery.

*York Co., Va. Order Book 12, 1829-1835, p. 258

1834, May 3 - Marriage Bond - Samuel H. BARHAM - Martha A.P. Judkins

William Judkins is father of Martha

Security: Robert Ridley

*Southampton County

1834, July 3 - Marriage Bond - Jesse S. BARHAM - Mariah P. Luter

Security: Thomas C. Jones

Minister: Benjamin Devanry

*Southampton County

1834 - Joseph BARHAM, Jr. died without a Will

*Surry Book 7, 1834/40, p. 375

(Bible Entry: Joseph BARHAM died August 2, 1834)

1834, November 19 - Estate of Joseph BARHAM in account with John C. Crump, Administrator.

(Account begin November 19, 1834)

Paid Surry Tax and Levies 1833

Paid note and interest to Nancy BARHAM, $29.86

Paid Thomas J. BARHAM'S account $22.12

To A.C. BARHAM (the widow?) For old Ben put up to the lowest bid for life and bid off by said Ann C. BARHAM for $200.00.

*Surry WBK 1834/40, p. 375

1834, November 19 - Thomas BARHAM and Susan Kimbrough were married on this day in Richmond, Virginia.

*Virginia Marriage Bonds, City of Richmond. Comp. By Eddy & Riffe, IV

1835 - Marriage Bond - Thomas J. BARHAM - Mary Ann Cocke

Security: Patrick H. Lane

*Surry County

1835, February 14 - Marriage Bond - John BARHAM - Louisa Pope

Security: William D. Clarke

Minister: Robert S. Barnes

*Southampton County

1835, September - On motion of Batts Lane, ordered John C. Crump, Administrator of Joseph BARHAM do lay before the Commissioner said BARHAM'S accounts as Administrator of Sally BARHAM, dec'd.

Surry Order Book 1833/38, p. 254

1835, October 3 - Marriage Bond - John L. BARHAM - Martha D. Newsum

Minister is Green Adams of Southampton Co., Methodist, Episcopal

*Sussex County

1835, October 26 - Will of James BARHAM, Probated. Dated August 20, 1835

Nephew, Thomas B. Hunnicutt - all my Estate both real and personal

Witnesses: Nathaniel Berriman, Thomas Rowell

*Surry WBK 1834/40, p. 164

1835, December 18 - Marriage Bond - Thomas BARHAM (son of Burwell) Rebecca P. Bell (daughter of Sarah Bell)

*Surry County

1836 - About this date Helen BARHAM of Warwick County, Virginia was born. Daughter of Robert BARHAM and Nancy Wood. Married October 21, 1856 to John Potts of Orange County, N.Y.

1836, December 19 - Marriage Bond - William BARHAM - Amaza A. Griffin

*Brunswick Co., Virginia

1837 - John BARHAM, died about this date. Born in James City County (b. ?) To Thomas BARHAM and Mary (Tompkins?). Married (1) Frances Charles (unknown date) of York County and had issue: Thomas BARHAM, b. 1810, Frances BARHAM, b. Abt. 1813, Bennett T. BARHAM, b. ? , and John H. BARHAM, b. Prior to 1837. Married (2) Dorothy BARHAM (unknown date)(John's first cousin), daughter of Bennett Kerby BARHAM and Jane Whitaker Lee and had issue: Charles BARHAM b.?, Robert BARHAM, b. Abt. 1829. Married (3) Julia Ann Kind (unknown date). No issue.

1837, March 20 - Nicholas J. BARHAM, Alfred J. Brittle and Jesse S. Bailey, Commissioners appointed to sell the land of Benjamin Carrell, to Herbert Lanier.

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 24, p. 75

1838 - 112 acres of land, which had been charged to John BARHAM, now charged to his children, Thomas, Bennett, Charles and Robert and Frances R.K. Harwood, by deed.

James City Co., Land Tax Lists 1838-1840

1838, August 1 - Frances BARHAM (dtr. of Thomas Barham and Susan Kimbrough), aged 8 months was buried in Shockoe Hill.

*Shockoe Hill Cemetery Records, Richmond, Virginia

1839 - Catherine V. BARHAM, born in Richmond, Va. Daughter of Thomas BARHAM and Susan

( ) Kimbrough. Married Frederick H. Hableston of Richmond, March 26, 1857.

1839 - Surry County BARHAM owned land

Nancy BARHAM 70 acres both sides of Gray's Creek at Drury Stith's, 2 ½ miles from Court House.

Nancy BARHAM 250 acres adjacent to Patrick H. Adams, 2 ½ miles South

Robert & Thomas BARHAM 56 acres adjacent to Thomas Lane, Sr., 1/4 miles SE on Green Swamp and Nathaniel B. Rowell.

Robert BARHAM 30 acres adjacent to Thomas J. Pyland, 3/4 miles SE

Estate of Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent Nathaniel Berriman, 2 ½ miles SE

Estate of Joseph BARHAM 100 acres adjacent Nathaniel Berriman, 2 ½ miles SE

Estate of Joseph BARHAM 91 acres adjacent Thomas Lane, Sr., 2 ½ mile E by ?

Estate of Joseph BARHAM 199 acres adjacent Patrick H. Adams, 2 miles E

Estate of Joseph BARHAM 35 1/4 acres adjacent Blanks Moody, 8 miles ESE

Thomas BARHAM Fee in wife, 45 acres adjacent Sally Bell, 9 miles S by E

Thomas BARHAM Fee in wife, 20 ½ acres adjacent Polly K. Warren, 8 miles S

1840 - Census - James City County, Virginia


1840 - Census- Southampton County, Virginia

Males Females Slaves

BARHAM, Solomon J. 1 (20-30) 0 1

BARHAM, Nicholas J. 0 (-5) 1 26

1 (5-10) 0

1 (10-15) 0

1 (15-20) 0

1 (40-50) 0

1 (50-60) 1

BARHAM, Hannah M. 1 (to 5) 1 9

1 (5-10) 0

0 (20-30) 3

BARHAM, Samuel H. 1 (to 5) 1 10

0 (5-10) 1

1 (30-40) 1

BARHAM, Samuel 0 (to 5) 1 15

0 (5-10) 1

0 (10-15) 1

1 (20-30) 0

1 (70-80) 1

BARHAM, John L. 0 (to 5) 2 7

0 (10-15) 2

0 (20-30) 1

1 (30-40) 0

BARHAM, Timothy 0 (to 5) 1 8

0 (5-10) 1

0 (15-20) 1

1 (20-30) 1

1840 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

BARHAM, Thomas 1 (-5) 0 1

1 (20-30) 1

1 (30-40) 2

BARHAM, Benjamin A. 1 (10-15) 0

1 (15-20) 1

1 (30-40) 0

0 (50-60) 1

BARHAM, Ann C. 1 (5-10) 0 6

1 (10-15) 1

1 (15-20) 0

0 (40-50) 1

BARHAM, Robert 2 (-5) 0 5

1 (5-10) 0

1 (15-20) 0

1 (20-30) 1

1 (30-40) 0

1840 - Census - Sussex County, Virginia

BARHAM, Nicholas, Estate 25

BARHAM, Benjamin 1 (10-15) 0

0 (20-30) 2

1 (50-60) 0

0 (60-70) 1

1840, May 9 - Marriage Bond - Charles W. BARHAM - Amanda Barker

River Barker is father of Amanda

Security: Josiah Manry, L.R. Edwards

Minister: B. Devanry

*Southampton County

1840, December 21 - Will of John BARHAM Probated... Dated November 22, 1840

Wife, not named

Children, Susannah and Georgeannah

Brothers, Goodson BARHAM, William BARHAM

Executor, Wife

(wife refused Executor, David Grizzard became Exec.)

*Southampton Book 12, p. 447

1841 - William BARHAM died on or about this day. Born ?, in James City County, Virginia. Son of Bennett Kerby BARHAM and Jane Whitaker Lee. Married Margaret Charles of York County, Virginia prior to 1835 and had issue: William B. BARHAM and Dolly BARHAM.

1841, January 9 - Marriage Bond - Dr. Cuthbert BARHAM - Mary Jane Pope (over 21)

Security: Benjamin E. Pope, H.T. Pope, L.R. Edwards

Minister: B. Devanry

*Southampton County

1841, April 8 - To the Clerk of York County, Virginia.

"I, Julia BARHAM, widow of John BARHAM, dec'd, do hereby certify that I am perfectly willing to marry Mr. Edwin J. Bishop with a license from under your hand according to law."

Signed: Julia A. BARHAM

*York County Marriage Bonds 1772-1849, p. 416

1841, April 17 - Mary E. BARHAM born in Page County, Virginia. (d. Dec. 27, 1873) Daughter of Francis BARHAM and Mary Lammerson. Married John R. McCullough of Page County, November 13, 1860.

*Page County Marriage Register and U.S. Census' for 1850 and 1880

1841, July 28 - Benjamin William BARHAM (1) Thomas Ridley (2) Joseph H. BARHAM (3)

Said Benjamin William BARHAM owes Joseph BARHAM $51.00 and Joseph has become security

for said Benjamin William on the following bonds:

Administration of Mrs. Newitt Harris - $45.00

Jno. M. Gurley, Executor of Jno Anderton - $110.00

Sterling H. Lanier - $85.00

Davy Grizzard, Executor of John L. BARHAM, dec'd, - $71.25

Samuel Blunt - $30.00

Benjamin William BARHAM conveys in trust to Ridley, livestock, crops, etc..

No Witnesses

*Southampton Book 25, p. 188

1841, August 17 - The Nise Rule heretofore made against Bennett Kerby and William BARHAM, to show cause, why they should not be fined for not attending a former term of Court, as witnesses for John Bailey, Jr., at the suit of Benjamin H. Kerby. As to the said WILLIAM BARHAM, abates by his death, etc..

*York County Order Book 13, 1835-1842, p. 443

1841, October 18 - Accounts Current Estate of George A.C. BARHAM, with William Judkins, Adm.

Items: By Jno. L. BARHAM

E. Manry

R. Nicholson

B. Magee

D. Newsum

Accounts begin in September, 1837

*Southampton Book 12, p. 547

1841, December 11 - Marriage Bond - Solomon J. BARHAM - Sarah J. Millikin

Security: Augustus W. Hurt, Mary E. Nicholson

Minister: B. Devanry

*Southampton County

1841/1842 - William BARHAM, father of two children, William Bennett and Dolly.

*York Co., Va. Census - 1850

296/396 Finney, William 40 W M Laborer Born in Virginia

Margaret 35 W F "

Moody, Sarah 67 W F

Finney, Jane 16 W F

John 10 W M

Barham, Dolly 8 W F

Note: From the above it is seen that Margaret (Charles ) BARHAM, Widow, married as her 2nd husband, William Finney, a Widower with two children.

1841/1842 - William Bennett BARHAM, born in York County, Virginia. (d. Prior to 1891) Son of William BARHAM and Margaret Charles. Married Emily O. Gilliam of James City County on March 16, 1870 and had issue: William B. BARHAM, Abram BARHAM, Robert B, BARHAM, Edward C. BARHAM and Henry Clifford BARHAM.

* James City Co., Va, Vital Statistics

1842 - Estate of Caroline V. BARHAM

Distributed to Ann C. BARHAM, Mother

Allen C. BARHAM, Brother

Claudius A. BARHAM, Brother

Joseph A.S. BARHAM, Brother

*Surry Book ??

(Bible Entry - Caroline V. BARHAM was born December 7, 1830 and departed this life September 15, 1842.)

1842, December 3 - Indenture James BARHAM, (1) Joseph Graves, H. Moore and Co. And John Moore (2) and James M. Rogers (3)

BARHAM indebted to Graves, $48.54

BARHAM indebted to Moore, $14.66

Personal Property Mortgage

1842, December 9 - Indenture James BARHAM, wife Rebecca (1), James M. Rogers (2) - William H. Bardarn, Henry Harrison, Williamsom Howell, William D. Taylor (3)

James indebted 36.53, 9.00, 6.75, 19.54., gives mortgage on land in Brunswick and Greenville Counties bounded on North by William Holloway, W ans S by John Spencer and E by James Hall and Haly Wells - 143 ½ acres.

*Sussex Book T, p. 148/149

1844 - Mary BARHAM born in Warwick County, Virginia on or about this date. Daughter of Robert BARHAM and Nancy (?). Married John B. Jones of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, February 13, 1862.

*James City County Marriage Register

(1850 - Mary BARHAM, aged 6 years, born in Warwick County, a pauper, was living in the household of Robert BARHAM (her uncle??)

*U.S. Census for Warwick County, 1850

Note: 1860 - Mary BARRAM (Barham) was living in the household of Elizabeth Lucas in Warwick County.

Mary was 16 years of age and Mrs. Lucas was 66 (possibly the grandmother of Mary?)

Note: Mary BARHAM was living in the household of Robert and Nancy BARHAM in 1850. She was listed as a pauper, indicating that her parents were deceased. In 1854, Nancy Wood BARHAM died and it appears that Mary then made her home in 1860 with Mrs. Lucas. Shortly after 1860, Mary evidently moved to James City County, where in 1862 she married John Jones. Mary BARHAM gave the names of her parents at the time her marriage license was issued as Robert and Nancy BARHAM.

1844, February 22 - Marriage Bond - Hannah M. BARHAM - Micajah B. Coles

Security: W.B. Jarrard, L.R. Edwards

Minister: James Delk

*Southampton County

1844, March 15 - Benjamin Franklin BARHAM, born in Page Co., Va. d. Nov. 18, 1919 in Washington, D.C. He was the son of Francis BARHAM and Mary Lammerson. Married (1) Mary Catherine Ruffner ( b. Jan. 8, 1843 d. Nov. 1892), in Licking Co., Ohio in 1870.

Issue: Everett, Wylie, Louella, Earnest, Hubert, Asa, Francis A.

*U.S. Census for Page Co., Va. 1850 and 1880

Benjamin Franklin BARHAM married (2) Carrie Lee Woodard (b. Mar. 24, 1877 d. Sep. 13, 1974) of Sperryville, Va., June 2, 1895 (June 18) in Washington, D.C. (They eloped)

Issue: May Agnes, Elmer Lee, Mary Virginia, Daniel, Raymond, Lucy O'Neal, William Hayward, Margaret. (William and Margaret were twins who died at birth.)

Note: Benjamin Franklin Barham Of Page County was a member of Company K., 10th Light Artillery, Page County Volunteers. He enlisted from Luray, Virginia on May 4, 1861 as a private and was detailed to attend wounded in August 1862. Taken as a P.O.W. at Spotsylvania Courthouse, 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness. Sent to prison camp at Point Lookout, Maryland, May 1864 and Elmira, N.Y. in August of 1864. Released under Oath of Allegiance, June 22, 1865.

*10th Virginia Infantry, by Terence V. Murphy.

1844, May 13 - Mary M. BARHAM died.

*Newsome BARHAM (Jr.) Family Bible Records (verified)

1844, September 9 - Sarah E. BARHAM died.

*Newsome BARHAM (Jr.) Family Bible Records (verified)

1845, March 4 - Marriage Bond - Timothy T. BARHAM - Mary Ann Luter

Mother is Jane Luter

Security: James H. Luter, Benjamin P. Felts, L.R. Edwards

*Southampton County (Is this a 2nd marriage?)

1846, November 23 - Marriage Bond - Thomas BARHAM - Martha L. Warren

Security: Robert J. Mooring

*Surry County

1848, February 29, Inventory Benjamin A. BARHAM, returned by Travis W. Taylor, John Mallicote, Thomas B. Seward. July 24, 1854

(taken February 29, 1848)

*Surry WBK 1852/63, p. 147

1848, July - William Stanley BARHAM, born in Page County, Virginia (d. ?) And residing in Licking County, Ohio and Shenandoah Co., Va. Son of Francis BARHAM and Mary Lammerson. Married Annie Elizabeth Ruffner of Licking Co., Ohio in 1885 and had issue: Mary Marand BARHAM and William Stanley BARHAM, Jr.

Note: William Stanley BARHAM was brother to Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and they married sisters, Annie Elizabeth and Mary Catherine Ruffner, respectively.

1848, November 13 - Allen C. BARHAM (1) Walter S. Booth (2) William B. Graves (3).

BARHAM mortgages all stock in his store at Cabin Point and Negro boy Osborne, age about 16. Also his interest in 554 acres his father died seized of for $413.79

*Surry DBK 13, p. 117

Account of sale made by Walter S. Booth, Trustee for William B. Graves, November 19, 1849 under a trust agreement executed by Allen C. BARHAM, negro boy Osborne, $599.00

*Surry DBK 15, p. 296

1849, July 6 - Allen C. BARHAM (1) William Underwood (2) and Joseph H. Jarrard, John J. Deal, William G. Birchett, Patrick H. Booth, J.A.S. BARHAM, Samuel Wilson (3)

Allen BARHAM owes Jarrard $75.00

Deal $67.00

Birchett $200.00

Booth $67.00

J.A.S. BARHAM $130.00

Wilson $27.00

Mortgages one horse, negro man in which he has 1/3rd interest at death of mother, Ann C. BARHAM, negro boy Osborne, etc.

*Surry DBK 13, p. 117

1850 - Census - James City County, Virginia


1850 - Census - Southampton County, Virginia

Charles W. BARHAM 41 Farmer Born in Virginia

Amanda M.F. BARHAM 31 "

Nicholas S. BARHAM 9 "

George A.C. BARHAM 5 "

Laoderick BARHAM 3 "

Frances A. BARHAM 3 "

Adeline R. BARHAM 1 "

Martha W. Jelks 17 "

Augt. P.G. BARHAM, 13, in household of Micajah and Hannah (BARHAM) Cole

Samuel H. BARHAM 45 Farmer Born in Virginia

Martha A.P. BARHAM 40 "

Elizabeth M. BARHAM 15 "

Ada V. BARHAM 12 "

George A.C. BARHAM 10 "

Sarah J.F. BARHAM 8 "

Waverly BARHAM 5 "

William S. BARHAM 2 "

Nathaniel J. BARHAM, 17, in household of Edmund and Callinia Bailey

Martha J. BARHAM, 36, in household of John and Lucy Williams

Timothy T. BARHAM 38 Born in Virginia

Mary A. BARHAM 22 Born in North Carolina

Mary A. BARHAM 14 Born in Virginia

Frances R. BARHAM 10 "

John BARHAM 8 "

Lunda BARHAM 31 "

William R. BARHAM 5 "

Joseph H. BARHAM 43 Farmer "

Sarah BARHAM 43 "

Thomas H. BARHAM 17 "

Rainor F. BARHAM 15 "

Elizabeth F. BARHAM 13 "

Margaret L. BARHAM 8 "

Rosa E. BARHAM 6 "

John BARHAM 40 Sheriff Born in Virginia

Louisa N. BARHAM 38 "

Martha R. BARHAM 11 "

Frances L. BARHAM 9 "

Joseph BARHAM 4 "

Mary A.D. Taylor 30

1850 - Census - Southampton County, Virginia (con't.)

Cuthbert D. BARHAM 42 Physician "

Martha J. BARHAM 31 "

Virginia E. BARHAM 17 "

Roscoe G. BARHAM 15 "

Ellen M. BARHAM 13 "

Owen G. BARHAM 47 Farmer Born in Virginia

Jane A. BARHAM 44 Born in North Carolina

Martha A. BARHAM 18 Born in Virginia

Robert T. BARHAM 17 "

John H. BARHAM 7 "

Jesse S. BARHAM 45 Merchant "

Maria BARHAM 35 Born in Tennessee

Assolem (?) BARHAM 7 Born in Virginia

1850 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

Thomas BARHAM 44 Robert BARHAM 52

Martha T. BARHAM 38 Emily BARHAM 34

Sidney B. BARHAM 12 George BARHAM 15

Nancy BARHAM 50 William BARHAM 12

Elizabeth BARHAM 48 James BARHAM 10

Ann C. BARHAM 49 Joseph BARHAM 7

Joseph A.S. BARHAM 23 Elizabeth BARHAM 5

Claudius A.W. BARHAM 18 Rebecca 3

Cherry BARHAM 70

(Family of Nancy Price)

Nancy BARHAM 50

William T. BARHAM 25

Mary F. BARHAM 21

1850 - Census - Sussex County, Virginia

Benjamin BARHAM 70 Farmer Born in Virginia

Sarah BARHAM 68 "

Jemima BARHAM 38 "

Elizabeth BARHAM 30 "

John BARHAM 29 "

Georgiana BARHAM, 14, in household of George and Elizabeth Bailey

1850, May 25 - Marriage Bond - William T. BARHAM of Surry County - Mary F. Blunt

Security: Richard B. Spratley

*Isle of Wight County, Virginia

1851, June 23 - Will of Patsy Warren, Probated.. Dated May 12, 1851

Daughter, Martha T. BARHAM - 5 negroes (no heirs at time of Will)

Son, Edwin S. Warren

Granddaughter, Martha A. Warren

*Surry WBK 1845/52, p. 530

1852 - Thomas Henry BARHAM, born in Page County, Virginia. (d. Aug. 17, 1932) Son od Francis BARHAM and Mary Lammerson. Married Mary Judd on May 29, 1879 and had issue: Robert Franklin BARHAM, Ann S. BARHAM, Samuel Roscoe BARHAM, Henry Keller "Doc" BARHAM, Thomas Thurman BARHAM, Alma O. BARHAM, Lena M. BARHAM, Mary E. BARHAM and Elise BARHAM.

*Page Co., Va. Marriage Register, Book 2, 1865-1906

1852, February 23 - John Deal to Joseph A.S. BARHAM

$160.00 - All interest owned by Allen C. BARHAM in 554 acres which Joseph BARHAM died seized of, adjacent to John A. Williams, dec'd, and others.

*Surry DBK 13, p. 361

1852, September 1 - Jno R. BARHAM to Robert F. Parker

One horse, cart, etc.. To secure William D. Taylor & Son

Witnesses: E.H. Basdarn, William B.R. Glover

*Sussex Book V, p. 146

1852, November 6 - William W. Parsons, wife Martha Ann, (formerly Martha Ann Clarke)

to Joseph A.S. BARHAM. Consideration of $400.00

175 ½ acres - "Chestnut Hill" adjacent John Hankins and others

No Witnesses

*Surry DBK 13, p. 458

1852 - Thomas BARHAM, resident at Marshall between Madison and Monroe, Richmond, Va.

A Wheelwright at Broad and Adams Streets. Brother, Robert BARHAM with him.

Richmond City Directory - 1852

1853 - Marriage Bond - Joseph A.S. BARHAM - Pamela J. Howle

*Sussex County

1853, February 21 - Will of Samuel BARHAM, Probated... Dated April 27, 1852

Son, Willis F. - Land - 2 negroes Hal and Charlotte 1/3rd (no issue at time)

George A.C. BARHAM'S children 1/7th part to be divided equally

Son, Samuel Hiram

Son, Cuthbert David

William Judkins and M.B. Cole shall not share in George A.C. BARHAM'S children part

Executor: Cuthbert

Witnesses: Benjamin C. Everette, A.G. News, Thomas J. Wrenn

*Southampton Book 15, p. 63

1853, June 13 - Joseph A.S. BARHAM to William R. Harkins

175 ½ acres "Chestnut Hill".

*Surry DBK 13, p. 459

1853, December 12 - Marriage Bond - Robert BARHAM - Missouri J. Moody

Robert, son of John and Dorothy BARHAM, born in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1829.

Missouri is daughter of Blanks and Rebecca Moody, born in 1832. (At the time of this license, John stated he was 24 years of age and was born in Williamsburg)

*Surry County

1854, April 24 - William T. BARHAM to William Underwood

2 Negroes, Nelson and David in trust to secure James S. Wilson for $475.00

*Surry DBK 13, p. 524

1854 - Sale of Assets of William T. BARHAM

C.A.W. BARHAM Bay Horse $157.50

Nancy BARHAM Gold Watch $50.00

Joseph A.S. BARHAM Tester Bed $40.50

*Surry County, Virginia

1854, May 4 - John R. BARHAM, wife Lucy, to Jno D. Williams both of Sussex.

$35.00 - All right on dower int. devised Lucy by her former husband, Littleton Adams, dec'd. 40 acres adjacent Williams' Mill, Romulus Magee, Estate of Anthony Carter, Stokes Rd.

No Witnesses

*Sussex Book V, p. 286

1854, June 19 - Charles Russell BARHAM, born in Luray, Virginia. Son of Francis BARHAM and Mary Lammerson. Married Ida Jane Hutcheson (b. Aug. 18, 1860) of Edinburg, Va., on December 11, 1879 in Strasburg, Va.

Issue: John Cletus BARHAM, Harry Samuel BARHAM, Milton Addison BARHAM, Annie May BARHAM, Mary Frances BARHAM, Grover Cleveland BARHAM, Irene BARHAM, Ada BARHAM, Laura BARHAM.

*Shenandoah Co., Marriage Register

**History of the Descendants of John Hottel - 1930

***U.S. Census for Shenandoah County - 1900

1854, July 24 - Names of Negroes loaned to my wife by Patsy Warren, dec'd.

Signed: Thomas BARHAM

*Surry DBK 1852/63, p. 142

Note: (1869 ? Thomas BARHAM claims benefit of Homestead in lands (his wifes portion) formerly her father's, Samuel Warren, dec'd)

1854, December 28 - Surry Co., N.C., marriage. Mary BARHAM - James V. Mitchell

*1994 Automated Archives

1855, January 1 - Appraisement of Estate William T. BARHAM, by Joseph A.S. BARHAM,

John J. McAllister, R.W.Taylor

Slaves - Washington, Ned, Peter, Dick (old and worthless), Nelson, David, Rose, Phillis, Thomas.

*Surry WBK 1852/63, p. 179

1856 - Estate of Willis F. BARHAM, C.D. BARHAM, Administrator.

Items: Received of John BARHAM $56.50

Joseph BARHAM $.3.90

Paid John BARHAM $9.00

Paid R.G. BARHAM $9.00

Received of Samuel H. BARHAM $410.42

*Southampton Book 16, p. 82

1857 - Samuel H. BARHAM in Account with C.D. BARHAM, Administrator of Willis F. BARHAM.

Willis F. BARHAM by his father, Samuel H. BARHAM

Theophilus G. BARHAM in account with C.D. BARHAM, Adm. Of Willis F.

Paul G. BARHAM in account with C.D. BARHAM, Adm. Of Willis F.

Georgeanna BARHAM in account with C.D. BARHAM, Adm. Of Willis F.

C.D. BARHAM in account with C.D. BARHAM, Adm. Of Willis F.

Signed: C.D. BARHAM

*Southampton Book 16, p. 82

1857 - Sale of Samuel BARHAM

Purchasers Samuel H. BARHAM, Willis F. BARHAM, C.D. BARHAM, Thomas G. BARHAM

(Thos. G. Or Theo. G. ?)

Accounts Current

Paid T.G. BARHAM account $30.00

Paid John BARHAM Bond $9.07

Paid W.F. BARHAM Bond $13.80

Paid W.F. BARHAM Bond $1491.75

Paid Jesse L. BARHAM account $7.26

*Southampton County

1857, September - Margaret "Maggie" BARHAM born in Page Co., Virginia. (d. ?) Daughter of Francis BARHAM and Mary Lammerson. Married Jacob S. Williams in Page County January 10, 1878.

1857, September 21 - Rockingham Co., N.C., marriage. Andrew BARHAM - Mary Jane Liles

*1994 Automated Archives

1860 - Census - James City County, Virginia

Robert BARHAM 31 Mechanic Born in James City County

M.I. BARHAM 26 Born in Surry County

Thomas P. BARHAM 5 Born in Williamsburg, Virginia

Robert H. BARHAM 3 "

1860 - Census - Southampton County, Virginia - West Side Nottoway River, Post Office, Jerusalem

James H. Harder 31 Born in North Carolina

Elizabeth V. Harder 36 Born in Tennessee

Jennins H. BARHAM 23 Born in Southampton County

Romulus BARHAM 19 "

Owen G. BARHAM 59 "

John H. BARHAM 18 "

Peggy Turner (colored)

Ann Turner (colored)

Joseph H. BARHAM 53

Sallie BARHAM 55

Rana F. BARHAM 24

Elizabeth 22

Margaret 18

Roast 15

Henry T. BARHAM 25

Samuel H. BARHAM 55

Martha A.P. BARHAM 50

Elizabeth M. BARHAM 24

Ada V. BARHAM 21

Sarah J.F. BARHAM 18

Waverly BARHAM 14

John W. BARHAM 6

Jesse S. BARHAM 55

Mariah P. BARHAM 45

M. Lou Bryant 28

Samuel BARHAM 14

East Side of Nottoway River, Post Office, Jerusalem

Nat. Jas. BARHAM 27

Martha BARHAM 22

And. Jackson BARHAM 6


Benjamin BARHAM 6 mos.


L. BARHAM 48 female

M. BARHAM 20 "

F. BARHAM 18 "

J. BARHAM 14 male

W. BARHAM 8 male

1860, November 13 - Mary E. BARHAM - John R. McCullough

Page County, Virginia Marriage

*1994 Automated Archive

1861, March 17 - Died suddenly March 17th, 1861, Mrs. Frances (BARHAM), wife of Joseph L. Harwood pf Warwick Co., Va. In the 50th year of her age. She was an affectionate wife, mother, sister and a kind wife. She had been a consistent member of the Baptist Church. She leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her loss.

*Religious Herald of April 11, 1861

1861, July 14 - John A. BARHAM died.

*Newsome BARHAM (Jr.) Family Bible records (verified)

1862, August 28 - Benjamin Franklin BARHAM in Battle Line - C.S.A.

*Short History of Page County by Harry M. Strickler

1862, October 18 - Indenture John K. Waller, wife Lucy, to John R. BARHAM and his wife, Lucy.

$100.00 - 20 acres a portion of land purchased by said Waller from Elizabeth Magee.

*Sussex Book W, p.183

1862, October 20 - Middy Johnson of Petersburg to John R. BARHAM of Sussex.

$50.00 - Tract bounded by Thomas J. Wrenn, Estate of Littleton Adams, John R. BARHAM. 48 acres.

Land Willed Middy by Tom Moore

Witnesses: H.M. Magee

*p. 184

1862, November 23 - Allen C. BARHAM, age 38 (33?), Virginia A. Crittendon, Widow, daughter of John and Lucy Bennett. Allen is son of Joseph and Ann C. BARHAM.

*Surry Marriage Register

1863, February 15 - Sidney B. BARHAM, age 24 - Hannah A. Davis, age 22

Sidney is son of Thomas and Rebecca BARHAM, Hannah is daughter of John and Sarah Davis.

*Surry Marriage Register

1863, February 16 - Will of John BARHAM, Probated...Dated March 20, 1844

Eldest Child, Elizabeth A. BARHAM - now living with her grandmother, Mary Jackson.

Wife, Louisa W. BARHAM - if she should marry before either of my children (except Elizabeth A.) Marry or reach 21. (Children not named)

Executor: Benjamin E. Pope

Witnesses: Richard Darden, Oswald Pope, John C. Pope

*Southampton Book 17, p. 601

Note: Marriage Bond - 1835 - John BARHAM - Louisa Pope - Southampton County.

Marriage Bond - 1830 - John BARHAM - Mary F. Jackson - Brunswick County.

1863, June 24 - Whereas by a decree of the Circuit Court of Surry County, dated October 26, 1860 under style of Parr vs Faulcon et. Al, Joseph A. Graves and Robert H. Whitfield were appointed commissioners to make sale of certain tracts of which John N. Faulcon died seized, and in accordance therewith on December 24, 1860 sold "Cherryton" or "Judkins", 223 ½ acres adjacent to the land of Nancy BARHAM and others at which sale Ann C. BARHAM became the purchaser for $1701.00, giving Bonds due in one and two years. William Underwood was appointed special commissioner to collect these Bonds and now on June 24, 1863, has entered into this deed with Ann C. BARHAM for $189.74, being principal plus interest, which was paid in Confederate money by Ann C. BARHAM.

*Surry Book 14, p. 408

1863, June 25 - Ann C. BARHAM to C.A. W. BARHAM, "Cherryton" or "Judkins".

$1891.74 223 ½ acres

*Surry Book 14, p. 409

1863, August 19 - Thomas BARHAM, (son of Bennett Thompkins Barham and Susan Barham) enlisted with the Pamunkey Artillery at Chafin's Bluff by Major R.C. Taylor for the duration of the "War Between the States". He served as a private in the Q.M. Dept. He was wounded and captured at Saylor's Creek. Took oath of Allegiance to the U.S.A and was admitted to the Lincoln U.S.A. Hospital. He was released August 7, 1865. His records gave this information - Res: New Kent County, Va.; Complexion - light; hair - brown; eyes - blue.

*Civil War Records, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

1863, September 26 - John K. Waller to John R. BARHAM

20 acres

*Sussex P. 243

1863, December 4 - William S. Williams, wife Emily - John Mason, wife Susan, ans William T. Taylor, wife Lucy Ann, to John R. BARHAM. $1000.00 - 200 acres. Land on which BARHAM resides and of which Littleton Adams died seized.

*Sussex P. 263

1864, February 5 - John R. BARHAM, wife Mary W., to John Spain

$885.00 - 68 acres bounded by Spain, Thomas Wrenn and BARHAM

*Sussex P. 271

1866, January 11 - Elizabeth S. BARHAM, age 22 - S.C. Gwaltney, age 22

Elizabeth is daughter of Robert and Emily; S.C. is son of Joseph and Sarah.

*Surry Marriage Register

1867, January 25 - Joseph H. BARHAM, age 24 - Fannie D. Bell, age 22

Son of Robert and Emily; Daughter of Jimmy and Nancy

*Surry Marriage Register

1867, December 7 - John R. BARHAM, wife Mary, to Alfred E. Lundy

$125.00 - 55 acres bounded by BARHAM and Estate of John Spain

*Sussex Book Y, p. 220

1868, August 18 - Lundy and wife, Elizabeth S., deed same land back to BARHAM for $125.00

1868, June - Bennett Tompkins BARHAM (grandson of Bennett Tompkins Barham) born in New Kent Courthouse, Va. (d. Dec. 1896). He was son of Thomas BARHAM and Susan Van Buren Liggan. Married (1) Mary Lucy Ball ( b. Aug. 20, 1867) on April 23, 1893 in Washington, D.C., and had no issue. He married (2) Annie Laurie Phaup (b. Sep. 1869 d. Apr. 26, 1935) of Chesterfield, Va. Marriage date is not known.

Issue: Annie Bronson BARHAM, Thomas Joseph BARHAM, Gladys BARHAM, Oneta BARHAM, Paul Maxwell BARHAM, Hazel Virginia BARHAM, Robert Carlos "Edward" BARHAM, Christie Elizabeth "Kitty" BARHAM, Dwight Thelbert BARHAM and Woodrow Tucker BARHAM.

1869, February 26 - C.A.W. BARHAM, wife A.G. BARHAM, County of Wayne, N.C., to George T. Woodward of Hillsborough County, N.H.

$1000.00 - 220 acres adjacent to John Bennett and others known as "Judkins" or "Cherryton".

Signed: C.A.W. BARHAM, Alexine G. BARHAM

Witness: John B. Griswald

*Surry DBK 15, p. 301

1869, May 11 - Mrs. Susan (Kimbrough) BARHAM was buried in this day at age 68 years.

*Shockoe Hill Cemetery Records, Richmond, Virginia

1870 - Everett BARHAM, born in Licking County, Ohio. Son of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Mary Catherine Ruffner. Married Vi Allen.

Issue: Elizabeth BARHAM, Louella BARHAM, Alvin BARHAM

1870, March 14 - William B. BARHAM, white , aged 28 years, born in York Co. And residing in James City Co., Va., son of William BARHAM and Margaret Charles married Emily O. Gilliam, white, aged 23 years, of James City Co. And residing in York Co., Va., dtr. Of Overton Gilliam and Susan A.

*James City Co., Va. Vital Statistics - Births

Note: The City Directories of Richmond show that William B. Barham was deceased by 1891 as his wife, Emily Barham was designated as the widow of Wm. B. Barham.

1870, April 2 - Frances Allen "Fannie" BARHAM (d. Sep. 12, 1942) born in New Kent Courthouse, Va.

Daughter of Thomas BARHAM and Susan Van Buren Liggan. Married Douglas Christian of new Kent County on July 23, 1890.

1870, November 16 - Thomas BARHAM, 60, widower, resident of Charles City County, Son of John BARHAM and Frances, a farmer by trade was married by George C. Vanderslice to Sarah Jane Hubbard, 34, single, born in Charles City County and the daughter of R. Charles Hubbard and N.H.

*Charles City Marriage Register 2, p. 9

1870 - Census - Surry County, Virginia

BARHAM, Allen 45 Farmer BARHAM, Henry (colored) 60

BARHAM, Virginia 35 BARHAM, Lavinia " 45

BARHAM, Caroline 72 BARHAM, Sarah " 30

BARHAM, Joseph 28 Farmer BARHAM, Nancy " 40

BARHAM, Fanny 29 BARHAM, Henry 54

BARHAM, Emma 2

BARHAM, Sidney 32 Physician

BARHAM, Hannah 31

BARHAM, Thomas 6

BARHAM, Virginia 4

BARHAM, Thomas 66 Farmer

BARHAM, Martha 58

BARHAM, Elizabeth 70

1870 - Census - Surry County, Virginia (Con't)

BARHAM, Joseph 42 Farmer


BARHAM, Joseph Jr. 15

BARHAM, Claude 9

BARHAM, Allen 6

BARHAM, Joshua 3

1871, April 1 - Birth of William B. BARHAM, Jr. recorded as taking place on this day in James City County, Virginia. Birth was reported by his father. His father was William Bennett BARHAM and his mother was Emily O.(Gilliam) BARHAM, who were married March 14, 1870.

*James City Co., Va. Vital Statistics - Births

1871, April 10 - John R. BARHAM, wife Mary, to Williamson Tyus

$200.00 - 120 acres by Spain Estate and John A. BARHAM

*Sussex Book Z, p. 31

1872, January 1 - John R. BARHAM, wife Mary, (formerly Mary Tyus) to Thomas Smith

$60.00 - 31 acres

*Sussex Book Z, p. 402

1872, March 4 - Thomas "Tucky" BARHAM, Jr, born in New Kent Courthouse, Virginia. (d. Feb. 3, 1930) Son of Thomas BARHAM, Sr. and Susan Van Buren Liggan. Married Cordelia Campbell "Cammie" Chandler of "Chestnut Grove", New Kent County., on January 14, 1909 in Norfolk, Va. And had issue: Annie Virginia BARHAM, Thomas Chandler BARHAM, Marius Randolph BARHAM, Susie Rebecca BARHAM, Kathryn Hope BARHAM.

1872, April 9 - Nathan B. Birdsong to J.Q.A. BARHAM in trust for benefit of W.G. Holmes to secure $140.00.

Witness: Benjamin W. Sibrell

*Sussex Book Z, p. 307

1872, June 23 - Elizabeth BARHAM born. Daughter of Romulus S. BARHAM and Adrianna (Williams) BARHAM. Died December 24, 1959. Married William Joseph Ballantine, b. June 20, 1876, d. June 28, 1956. Issue: Margaret

1872, August 1 - Estate of Rebecca Jones, dec'd, in account with William Lee, Adm.

Mrs. Rebecca Jones, whose maiden name was Rebecca BARHAM died intestate and has collateral heirs, which are as follows, to wit:

Ann B. Kellam, who was Ann B. BARHAM, now residing in Ohio, sister of own blood.

Sarah Ann Mangum, who was Sarah Ann BARHAM - own sister

Sarah Frances Tucker, daughter and only child of Mary Tucker, who was Mary BARHAM, own sister of Rebecca Jones.

Sarah Frances Lee, daughter and only heir of Frances BARHAM, who intermarried with William H. Lee and was the sister of Rebecca Jones.

*Williamsburg WB 1, p. 204-206

1873, April 25 - Appraised Estate of Nancy BARHAM by J.J. McAllister, E.T. Edwards, James R. Seward.

*Surry WBK 1864/75, p. 355

1873, November 27 - Louella BARHAM born in Licking County, Ohio.(d. May 26, 1946). Daughter of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Mary Catherine Ruffner. Married Oscar Lee Dodson of Rockingham Co., Va, January 26, 1893.

1873 - Estate of Nancy BARHAM distributed:

1/4 A.J. Cofer in right of wife, Molly

1/4 A.W. Warren in right of wife, Frances

1/4 Rebecca Moody

1/16 W.H. Pyland

1/16 M.A. Judkins

1/16 L.F. Bain

1/64 Sallie Pyland

1/64 J.R. Berryman in right of wife, Patty

1/64 G.T. Seward in right of wife, Rebecca

1/64 J. L. Seward in right of wife, Lucy

*Fiduciary Account Book 2, p. 86/87

1874, January 28 - Julia BARHAM born. Daughter of Romulus S. BARHAM and Adrianna (Williams) BARHAM. Died July 20 , 1956. Married William Wyatt Davis, b. February 21, 1869, d. August 5, 1935.

1874 - Earnest BARHAM, ( d. ?) born in Licking County, Ohio. Son of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Mary Catherine Ruffner. Married Jessie Young of Cumberland, Maryland in 1897.

Issue: Virginia BARHAM, Phoebe BARHAM, George BARHAM.

1874, May 9 - Susan BARHAM born in New Kent Courthouse, Virginia. (d. May 23, 1960) Daughter of Thomas BARHAM. Sr. and Susan Van Buren Liggan. Married Horace Oliver Gates of Richmond on June 28, 1922

*Norfolk Virginia Marriage Register and Oakwood Cemetery Records, Richmond.

1876, January 6 - J.B. Prince, trustee to Joseph H. BARHAM

$348.00 - 348 acres in Sussex adjacent Branch D. Cuthbert, William A. Deed, Jno E. Rive.

*Sussex Book AC, p. 39

1876, January 17 - Will of Cuthbert David BARHAM, Probated...Dated November 29, 1875

Wife, Martha J. - Mansion house and land on south side od road leading to Boykin's Depot.

Children of deceased daughter Virginia Joyner

Daughter, Ellen Simmons (Simms ?)

Son, Roscoe G. BARHAM

Witnesses: David H. Kindred, Peleg Carow

(Marriage Bind - 1841 - Cuthbert D. BARHAM - Martha J. Pope)

(Marriage Bond - 1832 - Cuthbert D. BARHAM - Martha Y. Myrick)

1876, July 21 - Roscoe Lee BARHAM born. Son of Romulus S. BARHAM and Adrianna (Williams) BARHAM. Died 1927.

1877, June 30 - This deed dated as aforesaid, Thomas BARHAM and Susan, his wife, of the County of New Kent and the State of Virginia of the first part and James W. Otey of the County of Henrico and State of Virginia of the second part witnesseth that the said Thomas BARHAM and Susan V., his wife, in consideration of the sum of eighteen thousand and thirty-four dollars and sixty cents do hereby grant with special warranty unto the said James W. Otey all that certain place, parcel or tract of land situate lying and being in the County of new Kent containing four hundred and seventy three acres and two poles,, adjoining the land belonging to the estate of James Chandler, dec'd, called and known as "Old Town", the lands called and known as "Criss-Cross", formerly the property of Thomas H. Terrell, dec'd, the lands of William Holt Richardson and others, also one piece, tract or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the said County of New Kent containing fifty acres, three rods and fourteen poles, adjoining the lands of William Holt Richardson, Mahlen Cottrell and others. A survey and plot of both of said tracts of land made by James C. Williams is of record or to be recorded in the Clerk's's Office of the County Court of New Kent County, which said land hereby conveyed was conveyed to the said Thomas BARHAM by the said James W. Otey, Administrator with the said Will of Isaac Otey, dec'd, by Deed bearing even date herewith and to be recorded in the Clerk's Office of the County Court of New Kent County. Reference to which hereby specially made. Witness the following signatures and seals. Thomas BARHAM, Susan V. BARHAM.

*New Kent Co., Va. DBK 2, p. 547

Witness the following signatures and seals, Thomas BARHAM, Susan V. BARHAM

1878, October - Francis A. "Frank" BARHAM born in Page Co., VA. Son of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Mary Catherine Ruffer. Married January 17, 1909 to Vera Mae Foltz in Stanley, Virginia. Francis died in 1935.

Issue: Francis A. BARHAM, Haskell BARHAM and Ruth J. BARHAM.

1880/82, March - Henry Clifton BARHAM born in Richmond, Virginia. He was son of William B. BARHAM and Emily O. Gilliam. Married July 5, 1906 to Maude C. Roby of Charles Co., MD.

Henry died in February 1947.

Issue: Clifton O. BARHAM, Ida Emily BARHAM

1880, March 7 - Robert Franklin BARHAM born in Mill Creek, Page Co., Va. (d. July 6, 1945) Son of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Judd. Married (1) Effie P. Burner of Page County on June 11, 1902.

Issue: Senora BARHAM, Virgil Leroy BARHAM

Robert married (2) Mary Susan Painter of Newport, Virginia on July 24, 1918 and had issue:

Lonzora Loring BARHAM, Ethel Christina BARHAM, Arlene Virginia BARHAM, Charlotte Marguerite BARHAM, Ruby Lorraine BARHAM, Robert Franklin BARHAM, Hazel Jeanette BARHAM and Essie Coleen BARHAM

*Page County Register of Births 1865-1885

**Page Co., Va. Marriage Register

***Page Co., Va. Marriage Register Book 3, p. 37

1880, September 9 - John Cletus BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia (d.?) Son of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married Katie Arrington of Stafford Co., Va. On May 3, 1909 and had issue: Louise A. BARHAM

1881, July 1 - On this day, Thomas BARHAM and Susan V., his wife, of the first part and Mahlon Cottrell and Harriet, his wife, of the second part, all of the County of New Kent and State of Virginia, etc. Whereas the said Thomas BARHAM and Mahlon Cottrell, having equal shares of a certain parcel of land did by mutual consent divide the said land.

That portion of the land hereby granted to the said Thomas BARHAM was bounded as follows: On the East by the said main Road leading from New Kent Courthouse to Providence Forge, on the South by the lands of the said Mahlon Cottrell, on the East by the land of Mahlon Cottrell and Co., and on the North by the lands of Robert S. Taylor containing by estimation eighty-four acres, be the same more or less.

Witness the following signatures and seals.

Thomas BARHAM, Susan V. BARHAM, Mahlon Cottrell and Harriet Cottrell.

*New Kent Co., Va. DBK 4, p. 540

1882, January 11 - Thomas BARHAM, 72 and a widower, son of John and Frances BARHAM residing in Charles City County, Occupation, Farmer, was married by Samuel C. Clopton to Lucy Christian, age 36 years, born in New Kent County and residing in Charles City County, daughter of John H. Christian.

*Charles City Co., Va. Marriage Register 2, p. 28

Note: Tombstone of Lucy (Christian) BARHAM, b. July 12, 1847 - d. January 30, 1928

Greenlawn Cemetery, Newport News, Virginia

1882, April - Anna BARHAM born in Page Co., Va. Daughter of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Ann Judd. Married Samuel Huffman of Page County.

*U.S. Census for Page Co., Va. 1900

1882, October 28 - Harry Samuel BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia. Son of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married November 19, 1925 to Lydia Sue Wolfe of mt. Jackson, Virginia. No Issue.

1882, August 21 - Will of Joseph BARHAM, Probated... Dated September 27, 1877

Son, Henry Thomas BARHAM - lands bought of Dr. Thomas H. Urquhart

Son, R.F. BARHAM - land, then to his son, Eugene Percy

Daughter, Elizabeth F. Simmons, Widow, land near Carey's Bridge

Daughter, Margaret Louise Applewhaite

Daughter, Rosa Ellen Turner

Joseph Prince to be Guardian to Elizabeth Simmins' children

Executor: Son, H.T. BARHAM

Witnesses: Benjamin E. Worrell, H.B. Kindred *Southampton Book 21, p. 626

1883, May 14 - Rosebud BARHAM born in New Kent Courthouse, Virginia. (d. June 1, 1952) Daughter of Thomas BARHAM, Sr. and Susan Van Buren Liggan. Married David Bonnot Blackwood of Norfolk on June 20, 1906.

1883, December - Robert Carlos BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. (d. Aug. 26, 1941) Son of Thomas BARHAM. Sr. and Susan Van Buren Liggan. Married Elnora Burton of Essex County, June 28, 1906.

Issue: Louise Tilden BARHAM

Note: Robert Carlos BARHAM had a nephew, named for him, the son of his youngest brother, Bennett Tompkins BARHAM. However, the younger Robert Carlos BARHAM was always called Edward.

1884, June - Samuel Roscoe BARHAM born in Page County, Virginia (d. Oct. 15, 1910) Son of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Judd. Married Blanche O. ?????... and had issue: Shirley BARHAM, Roscoe BARHAM.

1885, April 4 - Milton Addison BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia. Son of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married (1) Lillie Chisolm, June 15, 1907 see notes below.. Married (2) Hannah Flamm, 1919 in Dillon, Montana.

Note: Milton Addison BARHAM married first, Lillie Chisolm, by whom there were four children. He was a plasterer by trade, as was his father. It is not known when he left Shenandoah County, but prior to 1919, confronted by some family problems, he went west, leaving his family behind. In 1919, he married a second wife, Hannah Flamm. For years, he told Hannah nothing about his life in Virginia or his family back there. Consequently, his second family was unaware that their father had another family or where they lived. A few months prior to his decease, he told his wife that he was born Milton Addison BARHAM instead of John William McCray. He died in Sacramento, California in 1967. His wife, sometime after his death, told the children who their father really was and what he had related to her. One of the sons contacted the Postmaster in Edinburg, Virginia and he located his father's youngest sister. In the spring of 1985 or there about, he visited the area which had been the early home of his father and did a lot of cemetery searching to see where members of the family were buried.

*Communicated to a member of the family by a son of the second group of children.

The children from the first marriage are not known but the issue of Milton Addison BARHAM, alias John William McCray and Hannah Flamm are:

Ruby McCray, Elvin Lee McCray, Warren F. McCray, Lyle McCray, Dewain McCray, Mona McCray and Elvin Lee McCray (2)...

1886, July 10 - Henry Keller "Doc" BARHAM born in Hamburg, Page Co., Va. Son of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary E. Judd. Married Ida Belle Sealock of Front Royal, Virginia (date unknown).

Henry died November 13, 1950

Issue: Ruth BARHAM, Esther E. BARHAM, Marion Markwood BARHAM, Lucien BARHAM, Paul BARHAM and Keller K. BARHAM.

1887 - BARHAM, Grace Bell, b. April 6, 1887, d. November 5, 1973

John Darrell, b. August 15, 1883, d. January 17, 1976

Rhoda J., 1855 - 1936

Darrell, 1855 1936

Moses (footstone) 1886 - 1936

1888, July - Thomas Thurmas BARHAM, born in Page Co., Va. (d. 1953) Son of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Jane Judd. Married Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Strickler. (Date unknown)

Issue: James Loring BARHAM, Dorothy Page BARHAM, Douglas Thurman BARHAM, Alice Jean BARHAM.

1888, October 18 - Annie May BARHAM, born in Edinburg, Va. - daughter of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hetcheson (Hutchinson) Married October 18, 1910 to Roscoe C. Haga in Lacey Spring, Va.

*U.S. Census for Shenandoah Co., Va. 1900

**History of the Descendants of John Hottel - 1930

1889, October 15 - Thomas BARHAM and his wife, Susan V. BARHAM deeded to E.E. Jackson and Co., the eighty four acres named in a July 1, 1881 deed, for the sum of thirteen hundred and seventy five dollars, etc.

*New Kent Co., Va. DBK 5, p. 108

1890, May - Alma O. BARHAM - born in Page Co, Va. Daughter of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Ann Judd. Married Lester Kibler (no dates)

*U.S. Census for Page Co., Va. 1900

1890, December 7 - Mary Frances BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia. (d.?) Daughter of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married Jacob Hollar (or Holler), December 3, 1911 in Mt. Jackson, Virginia.

*Marriages in Shenandoah Co., Va. 1882-1915

1891, October 27 - Lena M. BARHAM born in Page County, Virginia (d. July 3, 1980). Daughter of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Jane Judd. Married Thomas Strickland in Shenandoah County, Virginia. (Date unknown)

1893, March 18 - Grover Cleveland BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia. Daughter of Charles Robert BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married June 28, 1916 to Alverta V. Askins of Ashburn, Virginia.

1893, December - Mary E. BARHAM born in Page County, Virginia. (d. ?) Daughter of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Jane Judd. Married C.B. Mauck (date unknown)

1894, June 9 - Thomas BARHAM appointed "our true and lawful attorney" by O.O. Alexander and George P. Haw, to deliver to Jno. Harris, Clerk of the Circuit Court of New Kent County, a Bond required of said Alexander by an order of the Judge of the Circuit Court.

*New Kent Co., Va. Deed Book 6, p. 129

1894 - Annie Bronson BARHAM - born in New Kent Co., Va. Daughter of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Died November 6, 1973 in Norfolk. Va,. and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Married Jonathon Llewellyn Martin b. 1895 in Norfolk Co., Va.

*U.S. Census for Norfolk, 1900, Norfolk City Directories, 1908,14,15,16., The Virginia Pilot - Feb.6, 1966.

1895/6, September 7 - Thomas Joseph "Joe" BARHAM, born in Norfolk. Va. (d. Nov. 1, 1977) Residence - White Plains, N.Y. Son of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married (1) Louisa Hofmeister of England, in 1922 in New York City and had issue:

Thomas Edward BARHAM and Wilbur Dwight BARHAM.

Married (2) Unknown

Married (3) Kay Gilbert, October 3, 1964

1896, May 17 - May Agnes BARHAM born in Sperryville, Virginia. (d. April 18, 1979) Daughter of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Carrie Lee Woodard. Married Milford Cleveland, April 10, 1918.

*Barham/Woodard Family Bible

1896, June 17 - Irene BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia. Daughter of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married November 30, 1918, James Albert Miller of Woodstock, Va.

1896, July - Elise BARHAM, born in Page County, Virginia. Daughter of Thomas Henry BARHAM and Mary Jane Judd.

*U.S. Census for Page Co., Va. - 1900

1896, December 14 - Thomas BARHAM, died on this date. He was 76 years of age and was a married white male. Died of heart failure - C.F. Newbill, M.D. He was born in Virginia, the son of Bennett T. BARHAM and Frances BARHAM.

*Norfolk Virginia Register of Deaths, 1892-1897, p. 135

1897, January 16 - Susan V. BARHAM died on this date. She was 55 years of age and was a widow. She died of natural causes - C.L. Charberd, M.D. She was born in Virginia, the daughter of Robert and Susan Liggan.

Norfolk Register of Deaths, 1892-1897, p. 167

1897, January 19 - Mrs. Susan V. BARHAM died suddenly Sunday afternoon at the home of her son, B.T. BARHAM, on Avenue A., aged fifty-five years. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at the grave in Elmwood Cemetery, the services being conducted by the Rev. R.A. Robinson of the Colley Memorial Presbyterian Church. The deceased was the widow of Thomas BARHAM, who died suddenly in the same house about a month ago.

*Norfolk Landmark, Tuesday Morning, January 19, 1897

1898, October 14 - Oneta Campbell BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. (d. May 1, 1958) Daughter of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married Harry W. Dewey (date unknown)

*Tombstone: Forest Lawn cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia

1899, June 7 - Ada BARHAM - born in Edinburg, Virginia. Daughter of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson (Hutchinson)

(married November 23, 1923 to John W. Weaver b. April 8, 1891 in Luray, Va. Resided in Mt.Ranier, MD where Mr. Weaver was a carpenter. They had one daughter, Jane Grey Weaver, b. May 6, 1925)

*1910 U.S. Census for Shenandoah Co., Va.

1900, October 22 - Paul Maxwell BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. (d. Apr. 17, 1969) Son of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married Carrie White of North Carolina, July 3, 1920.

Issue: Paul Maxwell BARHAM, Jr., George Wesley BARHAM, Carolyn BARHAM.

*Virginia Pilot, 1968 and Forest Lawn Cemetery Tombstone

1901, June 25 - Mary Virginia BARHAM born in Sperryville, Virginia. (d. Sep. 5, 1987) Daughter of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Carrie Lee Woodard. Married William Denham, August 13, 1923.

*Barham/Woodard Family Bible

1902, October 28 - Laura Elizabeth BARHAM born in Edinburg, Virginia. Daughter of Charles Russell BARHAM and Ida Jane Hutcheson. Married George Hooverof Woodstock, Virginia, December 22, 1922.

1903, March 8 - Hazel Virginia BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. Daughter of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married February 19, 1921 to Henry W. Rodgerson of Jamesville, N.C.

1903, December 19 - Daniel BARHAM, Sr. (d. Oct. 7, 1966) born in Washington, D.C. Son of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Carrie Lee Woodard. Married Madolin Louise Reichenbach (b. Apr. 3, 1913 - d. Apr. 5, 1987) on May 28, 1932.

Issue: Barbara Lee BARHAM, Daniel BARHAM, Jr., Bonita Lou BARHAM, Gail Elizabeth BARHAM, William Hayward BARHAM and Donald Richard BARHAM.

*The BARHAM Family Bible of Benjamin Barham and his wife, Carrie Lee Woodard

**Letters of Barbara (Barham) Jones of Riva, MD.

1904, October 25 - Virgil Conrad BARHAM, born. Son of Robert Franklin BARHAM and Effie P. Burner. Married (1) Frances Lorraine Kretzer of Hagerstown, MD on October 18, 1924 and had issue:

Conrad Leroy BARHAM, Donald Earl BARHAM.

Married (2) Julia ?? (date unknown) and had issue. Jean BARHAM, born in North Carolina.

1904 - Mary Edna BARHAM born in Richmond, Virginia. (d. ?) Daughter of William B. BARHAM

and Elizabeth (?). Married Claude L. Cray, July 12, 1926.

*Henrico County Marriage Register

1905, December 26 - Christie Elizabeth "Kitty" BARHAM, born in Norfolk, Virginia. Daughter of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married (1) Samuel Lowry and (2) J.E. McBride. Christie died July 4, 1984

1906, August 27 - Robert Carlos "Edward" BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. (d. Feb. 4, 1970). Son, of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married Elsie Louise Williams of Petersburg, Virginia, October 13, 1928 and had issue:

Jane Claire BARHAM, Robert Carlos BARHAM, Dorothy Lene BARHAM.

*Norfolk City Marriage Register - 1928

**Norfolk Virginia Pilot - 1928

***Tombstones - Park Lawn Cemetery, Hampton, Virginia

1907, September 19 - Lucy O'Neal BARHAM born in Washington, D.C. (d. July 4, 1980) Daughter of Benjamin Franklin BARHAM and Carrie Lee Woodard. Married Charles Gordon February 7, 1925.

*Barham/Woodard Family Bible

1908, November 18 - Clifton O. BARHAM, (d. April 29, 1980) born in Washington, D.C. Son of Henry Clifton BARHAM and Maude Raby. Married Enola Catherine Elliott of Macon, Georgia on October 15, 1932.

Issue: Richard Elliott BARHAM, Catherine Ann BARHAM

*Richmond Times Dispatch - 1980

1909, January 14 - Thomas BARHAM, Jr., white male aged 34 years, residing in Richmond, Va., Occupation, Clerk., Son of Thomas BARHAM, Sr. and Susan Van Buren Liggan., married Cordelia Campbell Chandler, white female aged 22 years, born at Chestnut Grove in New Kent Co., Va., and residing in New Kent Co., Va., daughter of Oliver Marius Chandler and Ann Farlie Smith.

New Kent Co., Va. Marriage Register - New Kent Courthouse, Virginia

1909, October 23 - Francis A. BARHAM, Jr. was born in Stanley, Virginia. He was the son of Francis A. BARHAM, Sr. and Vera Mae Foltz.

1910, March 9 - Annie Virginia BARHAM, born in Norfolk, Va. Daughter of Thomas BARHAM, Jr. and Cordelia Campbell (Cammie) Chandler. Married in Norfolk November 10, 1934 to Ovan Drenna Gardner, b. October 3, 1907 in Willis, Va. And d. Dec. 9, 1979

*City of Norfolk, Va., Marriage Register - 1934

**Virginia Pilot and Norfolk Landmark, Sunday Nov. 11, 1934 (Wedding Announcement)

1910, November 2 - Woodrow Tucker BARHAM, born in Norfolk, Virginia. (d. March 1981). Son of Bennett Tompkins BARHAM and Annie Laurie Phaup. Married Nellie Lee Hopkins of Norfolk on July 5, 1930 and had issue: Randolph B.T. BARHAM

1911, November 27 - Thomas Chandler BARHAM, born in Norfolk, Virginia. Son of Thomas BARHAM, jr. And Cordelia Campbell Chandler. Married Hallie May Shumate of Atlanta, Georgia on September 27, 1933 and had issue: Merle Elizabeth BARHAM

*City of Norfolk, Va., Marriage register, 1933

1912, December 18 - Will of R. Frank BARHAM, Probated... Dated October 4, 1906

Wife, Jennie Green BARHAM

Daughter, Bettie F. Dameron

Son, E. Percy BARHAM - ½ interest in Judkin's grist Mill, His Grandfather Joseph H. BARHAM gave him land.

Son, Paul F. BARHAM - The Simmons Farm

Daughter, Mabel C. Vaughan - Land East of Cary's Bridge and Courtland Road.

Daughter, Irene M. Jolly

*Southampton Book 22, p. 238

1914, March 24 - Marius Randolph BARHAM born in Pine Beach, Norfolk County, Virginia. (d. March 23, 1994) Son of Thomas BARHAM. Jr. and Cordelia Campbell BARHAM. Married Nellie Caroline McLane of Highland Park, Norfolk, Virginia December 31, 1935.

1919, November 12 - Kathryn Hope BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. (d. Aug. 18, 1989) Daughter of Thomas BARHAM, Jr. and Cordelia Campbell "Cammie" Chandler. Married Robert L. Wright of Albertville, Alabama December 28, 1938.

*Norfolk Virginia Pilot, December 1938

1922, May 27 - Ethel Christine BARHAM, born in Winchester, Virginia. Daughter of Robert Franklin BARHAM and Mary Susan Painter. Married Roy Leonard Rudolph of Zepp, Virginia on December 24, 1942 in Hagerstown, MD.

1923, February 20 - Will of Mrs. Virginia Green BARHAM, Probated.. Dated January 3, 1913.

Sister, Mrs. James Monroe Howell - Everything left to me by my husband, R.F. BARHAM

*Southampton Book 23, p. 25

1923, September 24 - Arlene Virginia BARHAM, born in Winchester, Frederick Co., Va. Daughter of Robert Franklin BARHAM and Mary Susan Painter. Married December 23, 1939 to Edward Lee Butler.

*Nellie Barham and Senora (BARHAM) Foltz correspondences - 1977

1925 - Alice Jean BARHAM - born in Page County, Va. Daughter of Thomas Thurman BARHAM and Mary Elizabeth Strickler. Married Granville Herndon Moyer, March 16, 1943 in Luray, Va.

*Page Co., Marriage Book #4, 1935-1948

1926, August 27 - Susan Rebecca BARHAM - born in Norfolk, Virginia. Daughter of Thomas BARHAM, Jr. and Cordelia Campbell Chandler. Married Nicholas Buonopane (Bupane) of East Saugus, Mass. On November 9, 1940

*Norfolk Virginia Marriage Register, City of Norfolk # 14

1926, December 26 - Charlotte Marguerite BARHAM, born in Winchester, Frederick Co., VA. Daughter of Robert Franklin BARHAM and Mary Susan Painter. Married William Denson Alexander, Jr., on December 25, 1946.

*Communicated by Senora (Barham) Foltz to Nellie Barham.

1927, January 15 - Donald Earl BARHAM, (d. Apr. 24, 1971) born in Hagerstown, MD. Son of Virgil Conrad (or Leroy) BARHAM and Frances Lorraine Kretzer. Married (1) Lora Jean Whealton of Pamlico Co., N.C. on June 9, 1948.

Issue: Davis E. BARHAM, Donna Jean BARHAM, Duane Edward BARHAM, Darlene Francis BARHAM, Debra Ann BARHAM, Darrell BARHAM, Donald Earl BARHAM, Jr., Dale Lynn BARHAM.

Married (2) Sherri Hawthorne

Issue: Sheridan Earl BARHAM, Betty Renee BARHAM

1928, August 1 - George Wesley BARHAM born in Norfolk, Virginia. Son of Paul Wesley BARHAM and Carrie White. Married April 15, 1949 to Batty Jean Stone of Lynchburg, Va.

Issue: George Wesley BARHAM, Cindy BARHAM.

1930, December 4 - Carolyn Virginia BARHAM, born in Norfolk, Va. Daughter of Paul Maxwell BARHAM and Carrie White. Married Wilbur Ray Jernigan of Charlotte, N.C., January 19, 1949.

Issue: Don Jernigan

*City of Norfolk Marriage Register

1932, May 22 - Hazel Jeanette BARHAM born in Carper's Valley, Frederick Co., Va. Daughter of Robert Franklin BARHAM and Mary Susan Painter. Married March 1, 1952 to Ralph Eugene Fletcher.

1933, March 23 - Essie Coleen BARHAM, born in Carper's Valley, Frederick Co., Va. Daughter of Robert Franklin BARHAM and Mary Susan Painter. Married David Henry Sunderlin of Milan, West Virginia., on December 28, 1952.

1933, December 23 - Estate of Lula BARHAM, also known as Mrs. James M. BARHAM

James M. BARHAM, Zunia, Virginia qualified as Executor

James H. BARHAM, husband, age 70

Witness: Paul BARHAM

*Southampton Book 23, p. 428

1934, April 20 - Barbara Lee BARHAM, born in Washington, D.C. daughter of Daniel BARHAM, Sr., and Madolin Louise Reichenbach. Married (1) William H. O'Day,(div.) Nov. 14, 1953 in Davidsonville, MD and (2) Richard Augustus Jones, Jr., Dec.13, 1957 at Edwards's Chapel in Annapolis, MD.

1935, March 14 - Will of J.T. BARHAM, Probated... Dated March 1, 1932

Wife, Eula D.

Son, D.D.

Daughters, Nell and Clara BARHAM

*Southampton Book 23, p. 478

1936, April 2 - Will of E.P. BARHAM, Probated... Dated September 12, 1930

Divides among my three children

Executor: Daughter, Elizabeth BARHAM King


Elizabeth BARHAM King, dtr., Franklin, Virginia, age 41

William Judkins BARHAM, son., Ivor, Virginia, age 33

1937, September 5 - Daniel BARHAM, Jr., born in Washington, D.C.. Son of Daniel BARHAM and Madolin Louise Reichenbach. Married Shirley A. Bennett on September 27, 1959.

Issue: Daniel BARHAM III

1937, November 3 - Cordelia Ridgely BARHAM, born in Newport News, Va. Daughter of Marius Randolph BARHAM and Nellie Caroline McLane. Married (1) John Christopher Drake (2) Glenn Ray Pyle (3) Paul Shimek (4) Arthur Charles Waldvogel

1938, November 20 - Bonita Lou "Bonnie" BARHAM born in Washington, D.C. daughter of Daniel BARHAM, Jr. and Madolin Louise Reichenbach. Married (1) Robert Frederick White, no issue, and (2)

Maxie Joseph Marinelli, Jr. of Edgewater, Maryland.

Issue: Lisa Ann Marinelli, b. March 24, 1968

1940, April 21 - Gail Elizabeth BARHAM born in Washington, D.C. Daughter of Daniel BARHAM, Sr and Madolin Louise Reichenbach. Marries (1) Robert Lester Ross in 1957 and (2) Anthony Kirkland, Feb. 14, 1988.

1949, October 10 - Will of Dasland D. BARHAM, Sr. of Capron, Virginia Dated October 7, 1946

Son, Dashland D. BARHAM, Jr. - 143 acres - Lonnis Williams' tract

69 acres - Joyner Place

75 acres - Minoch Brown Place

160 acres - Turner tract

100 acres - Nelms tract

81 acres - Indian Town tract

137 acres - Indian Town tract West of Nottoway River

Son, Ira BARHAM - 310 acres - Frank BARHAM farm

70 acres - Kelly farm

42 acres - Henry Taylor, or Vaughan tract

110 acres - W.E. Myrick tract

Executors: Sons, D.D. and Ira

(his father was J.T. BARHAM, speaks of him)

*Southampton Book 25, p. 164

1954, October 1 - Will of Eula D. BARHAM, Probated... Dated September 16, 1953

D.D. BARHAM - for life, then to Joe N. BARHAM

Daughter, Clara H. BARHAM

Daughter, Nell B. Marks

Daughter-in-law, Nancy G. BARHAM

Grandson, D.D. BARHAM, Jr.

Granddaughter, Catherine Chilton

Grandson, Ira BARHAM

Granddaughter-in-law, Mabel BARHAM

Great Grandson, Joe N. BARHAM

Great Grandson, BARHAM Pierce

List of Heirs:

Clara H. BARHAM - Daughter, age 53

Nell B. Marks - Daughter, age 65

D.D. BARHAM, Jr. - Grandson, age 42

Catherine Chilton - Granddaughter, age 39 - Lancaster, Virginia

John T. BARHAM - Grandson - New York City

Ira BARHAM - Grandson, age 28 - Capron, Virginia

(Husband - J.T. BARHAM. Will, 1935)

1952, March 20 - Donald Richard BARHAM, born in Takoma Park, Maryland. Son of Daniel BARHAM, Sr. and Madolin Louise Reichenbach. Married (1) Donna Rae Dean of Northeast, MD.

Issue: Brandy Rae BARHAM

married (2) Leah Ann ?____, and had one daughter, Kelly Ann BARHAM

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