The Short Stories of Daniel Barham, Jr.

I wrote the following short stories during the past four years after I enrolled in a creative writing group and found I loved writing. Many are about the lives and times of my ancestors and others are works of pure fiction. The family stories are generally true and are taken from family and public records, from conversations with family members and from my own recollections. In most cases I've tried to retain the flavor of the story while sprinkling in a liberal dose of fiction to lend interest and to create drama.

The works of fiction range from the dramatic to the whimsical. Two or three are stories from the Bible that I've written with an eye toward finding the humor in a given chapter and verse. I truly hope no one is offended by these stories because they are not meant to be offensive at all but, rather, to lend warmth and humor to God's word (and yes, I do believe that our Lord has a sense of humor).

Anyway, since you came this far into my website you might as well read a couple of these stories. If you find them pleasing or amusing I'm elated and I'd love to hear from you. If you don't...well...go ahead and tell me about it anyway. I have thick skin and can take criticism, although not very well.

Ben Barham & The Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

Matilda & The Yankee Raiders

An American Adventure

The Assassination of Thomas Becket

The True Story of Adam & Eve

Prayers from the Ark

A Visit to Greenhill

Memories of Summers Past

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