My genealogy pages are sections of a very large family album that I've assembled over the past several years. My personal interest, my family's research and the resulting material covers the following families although these surnames are by no means all-encompassing:

Grandmother Carrie Lee Woodard Barham -1895
  • Barham......ancestors and descendents of Captain Charles Barham who came to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1653 and settled in Surry County, across the river from James City County and Jamestown. I find it amazing that most Barhams in America today are descended from Charles Barham.

  • Woodard......ancestors and descendents of William Woodard who came to the colonies in 1724. It is reasonably well-documented that William ran away from his home in Dublin, Ireland, at the age of fourteen, found his way to the colonies and served as an indentured servent on a large plantation for seven years. He then moved to the Piedmont area of the Shenandoah Valley, near present day Sperryville, where he began the Woodard line of Rappahannock County, Virginia.

  • Reichenbach......ancestors and descendents of Frederick Christian Reichenbach, Jr. who immigrated to America from Tilsit, East Prussia. Reichenbachs, before and since, have been involved in music and musical instruments. Frederick and his wife, Catherine, owned a piano store in Washington, DC, for many years.

  • Kamm.....ancestors and descendents of Herman Kamm who immigrated to America from Hessen Darmstadt, Germany, about 1883.

  • Suter.....ancestors and descendents of Johan Nicholas Suter who immigrated to America from Pferdfeld, Germany.

Our family database contains well over 24,000 names. Thanks to my wife Shirley, my brother Billy and my sisters Barbara and Gail for all of the information they've given me and contributions they've made. Billy's Family Tree Maker database is huge and was, in fact, the force that got me interested in genealogy. Barbara's photographs, documentation, notes and anecdotes are excellent and have been invaluable. Shirley has spent hundreds of hours helping me with research and travelling with me. I've been digitizing all of our family photographs and saving them to hard and compact disks. I recently obtained a domain name of my own and went to a web host where I have plenty of space. I've since added my entire database and plan on adding more soon (now that I have the room). You're here so you obviously know the url. Thanks for looking. Please enjoy and return often.

My Photographs

The photographs on the following pages have been taken over many years. I'm very proud of many of them and not as proud of others. I hope you enjoy looking anyway. The archives are a mix of older film-based photos and newer digital photos, many of which I copied from slides and negatives (I use the Acer Scanwit 2720S slide and negative scanner and the Epson 636U Flatbed Scanner). My Minolta D7 digital camera was great and I enjoyed it for several years but I finally went to a Panasonic FX-20 5MP digital camera with image stabilization and a 12X optical zoom lens last year. Perhaps I'll be able to justify a digital SLR in the future but not soon.

My wife, who I've had to drag screaming and kicking into the digital camera world, got a Canon Powershot A520, 4MP digital camera for Christmas and now is a true believer. I doubt that she'll ever use her old Olympus film cameras again she's so taken with the size, the quality and the number of images she gets on a 512MB secure digital memory card. She now realizes that she won't have to waste so many shots, shooting duplicates and triplicates of each image.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your visit. If you're a photographer I'd appreciate hearing your comments regarding my photographs. If you're a Barham and/or a genealogist I'd like to hear your comments about the information herein. Enjoy and drop me a line.

Daniel Barham, Jr.

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